Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ashley & Ross's Engagement Story

Not all engagements go as planned....just read Ashley's story

On Wednesday July 18th, I had decided to go eat at Scotty’s on the way home from work with a few of my team members. While we were waiting on our food and others to join, I received a text message from Ross. I opened my cell phone and saw the message, “I am proposing to Ashley on Saturday.” My mouth dropped, I did not move for what seemed like 10 minutes, and I showed the girls from work my phone. I wasn’t exactly sure how to feel. I was shocked, surprised, excited, and nervous all at once. Instead of calling Ross to question the text message, I called my mom. I ran outside so I could hear her and immediately explained the situation. Before I could even ask her for advice, she started laughing and said, “I’m on the other line with Ross, can I call you back.” (How dare she put me on hold at this point!! J) After their phone call, my mom called me back and explained that Ross was really upset and not exactly sure what to do. I asked her if I should pretend I never got the message and let him surprise me later. She explained that was not a great idea and that he would see right through it. Had I been in a sane frame of mind, I would have agreed. I decided not to call Ross since it would be awkward and put him on the spot. I went inside and by this time, my table mates had explained to our server what happened. She had been asking all the other female servers for advice on how I should handle the situation. It all became very public and I could not even see Ross which is all I really wanted. So, I ate about 2 bites of my food before ordering some food for Ross and deciding to leave. I called him to say I would be home in about 15 minutes and that we could just talk about things then.

Once I got home, Ross was sitting on the couch and watching TV. I sat down across from him and just smiled really big. He reached behind the couch and pulled out the ring and told me that he loved me and finally opened the ring. Obviously I said yes, and that was that.

Originally that text message had been intended for his sister, Alana, whose name falls next to mine in his phone book. And as for those “Saturday engagement” plans… Ross was supposed to be in Boston for work. I had a ticket to fly out to visit him for the weekend since he had the hotel already paid by the company, and it is a nice summer destination. Ross had planned to take me to my favorite east coast seafood restaurant that is right across the street from the ocean. After that he had intended to propose to me on the beach while having a string quartet playing.

This contest actually feels perfect for us – we missed our big romantic engagement evening and turning our engagement faux pas into a contest winning Valentines evening seems like a perfect ending to unique story. Good luck and congrats to everyone else entering.

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