Monday, September 28, 2009

Google Girl ties the Knot!

Julie and Jason
September 26, 2009

So many of you know that every bride of mine has a nickname, well Julie used to work for Google in California so naturally her nickname is "Google girl". Boy does Julie know her stuff and she definitely knew her vision for this Martha Stewart shabby chic wedding. When the planning began the location was undetermined until we found the perfect spot, her parents backyard. Linda and Doug just finished their new home on a beautiful farm out in Morristown (45 miles from Fishers). The perfect outdoor location for our country boutique wedding. After the ceremony, the guests were greeted by Elite Management Valet Service as the driveway was lined with 36" balloons welcoming everyone. The jazz band created the atmosphere as the fresh lemonade, ice tea, and flavored waters quenched the thirst and the hors d'oeuvres were bon appetit. Under the tent the English garden flavor was created by long family style tables, galvanized tins full of fresh blooms, and homemade pies accompanied each table setting. WOW, a CCP first....fried chicken, home style mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, rolls, and cole slaw topped off with a slice of pie. YUMMMMMMMM. It was so neat to see the reaction of the guests as they entered the tent and found their seats. It reflected Jason and Julie's true hospitality personality. After the ceremony, Julie really couldn't wait to visit with her guests. It was important to both of them to make sure everyone was having a great time. I didn't know this until it was time for the toasts, but Julie and Jason went to the same high school and then came back together later in life and fell in love. It made me think....tis the season to outdoor events (we are up to 7 this year) and to all of my high school sweethearts that were married this year. (You might not know this but Mike and I are college sweethearts, so this is very close to my heart). The Woomblies really had the party moving all night long. Hether Miles and her assistant (Joel, my friend) captured every moment including taking Julie and Jason out on the tractor in the middle of the field. I can't wait to see those pictures. Thank you Julie and Jason for sharing this day with me. And a special thanks to Linda and Doug (mom and dad) for making feel so welcome in their home. I had a blast! By the way Julie, the dress was worth every penny. Absolutely stunning!
Wedding Love and Hugs,

Monday, September 21, 2009

White Elegant Wedding

Ann and Mike

September 19,2009

St. Pius x Church and Columbia Club

WOW!!! What a classy event! I met Ann over a year ago back in August. They were unsure as whether they needed a wedding planner at the time, BUT as she was introducing at the rehearsal last week I was her lifesaver! So I guess I made a believer out of her! When we started planning Ann didn't have a clear vision of what she wanted for her wedding. She did know she wanted all white and to have a town & country feel. The Columbia Club was the perfect venue to start and accomplish all of these. AJ was absolutely wonderful and delightful, as usual. The floral decor was stunning, David from McNamara did a fabulous job. Ann's day started early with hair and makeup. The wedding was a full mass catholic ceremony that started at 2pm. We used motor coaches to bus guests to and from the church, Ann didn't want her out of town guests to worry about renting a car. With catholic weddings we did have a gap in between the ceremony and start of the reception. It just so happened that the Irish Festival was in town and it was a perfect thing for the guests to do to pass the time, especially since some of Ann's family traveled from Ireland! This time also gave Heather, Special Touch Photography, all the time in the world to take pictures. During the cocktail hour, guests mingled and enjoyed hors d'oeuvres we used the ice sculpture to display shrimp shooters. After the bridal party was announced Mike, Ann's dad, gave the best welcome speech I've heard all year. He even mentioned me (which was a little embarrassing). After dinner guests danced the night the away. The First Impressions Band was great! We used the ice sculpture again to display mini desserts. We also brought in a FUN treat for the guests, a cigar roller! The entire day went so smooth, I was amazed! Ann and Mike were a WONDERFUL couple to work with! They are off to Scotland for their Honeymoon.
Thanks to all who helped make this event one to remember!!! Even my assistant said, "Darice this looks like a picture out of a bridal magazine!" I found this to be the best compliment ever.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Circle City Planners going Green in the Indy Star

So as you know September 5th weekend was a very busy weekend. We had 3 weddings! But we didn't mention that I was in the Indy Star. Yes, Tonya usually does all the interviews for the media but she wasn't available to do this one so I took it. I LOVE seeing my name in print!!!The article was about Green Weddings. This is becoming more and more popular. Below is the article written by T.J. Banes Star reporter hope you all enjoy!
Billy Idol topped the charts with his 1982 release "White Wedding," but more brides today are opting for a green wedding.
From the registry to the reception, couples are saying "I do" with a commitment to each other and the environment.
According to Joyce Scardina Becker, author of "Countdown to Your Perfect Wedding" (St. Martins Press), about 30 percent of American couples are incorporating green elements in their nuptials. A recent survey by David's Bridal indicates 45 percent of respondents are making an effort to be environmentally conscious during their weddings.
"It's a good way to save money, and it personalizes the wedding," said Darcie Kornmeyer, a local wedding planner and vice president of Circle City Planners, (
There are many ways to create Earth-friendly weddings.
Online wedding registries such as 3r Living (www.3r and Natural Spaces ( offer everything from beeswax candles to recycled glassware.
You can save paper (and trees) by sending electronic invitations; rather than separate menus, display a menu board; replace individual place cards with one large seating chart.
"It depends on how green you want to go, but you can save upwards of $1,500 on printing costs alone," Kornmeyer said.
To save money and practice sustainability with wedding attire, Kornmeyer suggests borrowing a gown, recycling a family heirloom, or shopping at consignment stores.
She also recommends incorporating flowers that are in season and close to home.
Other tips from Kornmeyer include:
Choose outdoor settings such as the Vermont Street Plaza on the Canal, the Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens, or Garfield Park.
Consider hiring a shuttle bus or motor coach to carpool family and friends to the ceremony and reception.
Use flower petals or birdseed for the processional.
Choose unconventional favors for the wedding party, such as donations to the World Wildlife Fund, the Humane Society or similar organizations.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Flower Farm Wedding

Ashley and Brian
September 5, 2009
WHEW! We had 3 weddings last weekend, very busy around here at CCP. However, my couple tied the knot at a very special place, Parker's Flower Farm. In fact, it was a CCP First. A dear friend of mine, Pam Parker owner of JP Parker Florist, owns a beautiful flower farm. It is approx. 50 minutes from my house, thanks to Lindsey we didn't get lost. This outdoor delight was a slice of summer heaven. The sunflowers were in full bloom and the temperature was a perfect blessing on the wedding. Ashley loves black and white damask (a girl after my own heart), so we used our CCP Signature linens, hung chinese lanterns in the tent, and married the two of them in the round. Of course, Lindsey and I put our final touches on the decor as Pam added her personal touch with amazing smelling flowers. Matt Bowen captured the memories and Alan from Audio Magic created the atmosphere. It was full of friends and family from their high school days remembering the good old days. I love being a part of a great family and a great bride and groom. Off to Playa del Carmen, Happy Honeymoon!
Wedding Love and Hugs,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tea on the Green

Ashley and Chad
September 5,2009
East 91st Christian Church and Woodstock Club
When Ashley first came in our office, she brought wedding bag and said, "I need help". I loved Ashley's vision! She wanted a natural look nothing too flashy but not plain. The church was beautifully decorated as the ceremony went off right on time. The highlight of the ceremony was when Ashley and Chad poured their individual containers of sand into one as they were announced husband and wife. The harpist and organist played Bitter Sweet Symphony together; it sounded AMAZING! For the reception Ashley didn't want to serve alcohol, but her family did so she compromised and hosted an open bar after dinner. For the non-cocktail hour she came up "Tea on the Green", a non-alcoholic way to incorporate the atmosphere. It went over great!!! Outside on lawn Woodstock lemonade, ice tea and Arnold Palmers we set up in beautiful glass vessels for guests to help themselves. Waiters passed the most delicious hors d'oeuvres. We also set up bocce ball and croquet on the lawn for guests to play as the lovely sounds of a harp and bongos drifted through the air. After dinner was served Ashley and Chad cut their beautiful cake from Classic Cakes of Carmel and guests helped themselves to the unbelievable display on mini desserts and pastries. The Hackensaw Boys, a blue grass band from North Carolina, played throughout the evening. It was Chad's favorite part of the night! At the end of the evening Ashley and Chad ran through a line of sparklers then were whisked away to the hotel. Another great event!!
Thanks to all the wonderful vendors! Susan at the club, Kevin and his crew for the great pictures, John the videographer who stayed until the end of the night. Jan and Micheal for the great sounds and everyone else who helped make this wedding a success!