Friday, February 26, 2010

We are Roxy & Henry

We should win because we are unique looking and we both are technically muts, however people are always asking our parents where they can get a dog like us. We are snuggly, fun, love to play and always are there to cheer up our parents when they need us. We are super smart and are both graduates of The University of Petsmart....oh and we will eat anything. To date we are responsible for the destruction of a debit card, wallet and the cash inside it, a remote control, beer can and an entire large Papa Johns pizza!!!!! Pick us!!!!!!!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Rocket

Of course being photographers we could not pick just one picture....

Rocket is our lovable four and half pound Chin-Wa (Japanese Chin and Chihuahua). Rocket got his name for "rocketing" across the back yard because he is so fast and small. Rocket loves to cuddle and give kisses, he howls and makes the cutest little "O" with his mouth whenever we come home from work to tell us he has missed us. He loves to wear his Ugg jacket outside in the winter and his adorable t-shirts or polos in the summer. He is definitely a ladies man! We get told time and time again his the cutest dog people have ever seen, and of course we agree. We love our Rocket so much!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Kids- Lucy & Lacy

Lucy, or Goose, joined the family when Whitney and I met five years ago. She was a package deal :) Lucy is the laid back relaxed dog that loves time outside and sleeping in her big bed. Lacy, or Boo Boo, joined the family April 15, 2008. I couldn’t resist her when I went to go see her. Lacy is the baby. She requires lots of attention, sleeping in our bed, and cuddling every time we walk in the door. We treat our dogs like our children. They have everything from coordinating clothes to matching pink collars and treats all the time! We love them so much <3


Btw. Lucy is the beagle. Lacy is the puggle.

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Beau Beau

Beau was the best Christmas present 2 years ago. I always wanted one of those white fluffy persian kittens, and now I have one. He’s my true love and only kisses my nose. He sleeps at the foot of the bed at night. He helps me get ready in the morning and drinks from the sink. He comes down to say good morning when I get my morning coffee. And more importantly he is the first one to say hello when I walk in the door. He is the love of my life and the 4th child I never had. I love you Beau Beau. My husband is very jealous of my relationship with this man in my life. Xoxoxo Look how cute he is.

Wedding Love and Hugs,


More Goodies For the Winner of The Cutest Pet Competition

Dave Mason of ISPhotographic is offering a portrait session for you and your baby! Session can last up to one hour, you pick an Indy location or come to his studio in Lafayette! The First 8x10 is included.

For more information on Dave and his photography, please check out :

This awesome prize is in addition to the Free Event session we are offering for the Cutest Pet Competition (details found here)

We have received so many adorable pets and heartwarming keep them coming!

Wedding Love and Hugs,

Friday, February 19, 2010

Meet Tripp and Billie. My babies.

They are what we call Teddy Bear puppies, A mix of Shi Tzu and Bishon Frise's. For any of you who are Dave Matthew's band fans, you already know why they are named "Tripp n Billie"...its one of their most popular songs, and Eric and I just LOVE Dave Matthews. They came to us kind of by fate, and thank God they did. I've struggled with bouts of depression for years because I am not able to have more children. The desire to have a child even led to my divorce. I had never thought to get pets to replace that ache in my heart, but after a neighbor just happened to put up a sign for these guys as we were driving by, something tugged on me a bit, and we went to see them. There were five puppies in all, but this little boy and girl were special, and they seemed to need us just as much as we needed them. They came home with us that night, and will be in my heart forever! My little "babies" really and truly are my children. I wake up every day excited to run down and get them out of their crate (which is a posh designer play pen :) ) and when its cold outside, I put on their "gear" (which are little designer boy and girl outfits), and I take them everywhere with me, (in their little designer carrying case :) ) They have become the babies in the family and we just couldnt imagine life without them. And I haven't been depressed in months about not being able to have "real" babies!
Tiffany Mullen

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Top Ten Blogs Every Bride Should Read

There is so much information out there for brides to read. We have done the hard work for you by including blogs from professionals in the business. Hopefully, these blogs will get you started on your planning process and eliminate the hours of searching the internet.

1. For some brides, it hard to spend thousands of dollars on a dress they are only going to wear one day! This link gives you a list of “used wedding dresses” that you can purchase for less.

2. The next blog discusses avoiding over spending on the wedding of your dreams. We are girls…spending money is what we do! But, most brides do have a budget and here are some tips to help you stick to it!

3. Planning your reception can be tricky because you want your guests to have a good time...this blog gives you an idea of what guests don’t like at receptions. Check out the link below to read the blog.

4. If you need ideas or suggestions for the decor for you special day, check out this site. This link takes you to blogs that might give you inspiration for creating the decor for your wedding day.

5. Have you tried contacting a potential vendor for your special day and they STILL haven’t gotten back with you? Read the blog “Slow Responding Wedding Vendors” to help you decide if they are worth your time.

6. Beginning the design process can be an exciting time…read this blog on tips to design the wedding of your dreams!

7. The next blog discusses wedding etiquette for your special day. It includes not only etiquette your guests to follow but also the bride and groom.

8. Wedding planning can be very overwhelming at times…this blog discusses how to help you stay relaxed during a busy time in your life!

9. Wondering how to keep your future husband more involved with the wedding process? This blog post gives you five ways to keep him more involved.

10. Have fun with your wedding! If you enjoy doing creative little projects, put that energy to use while planning your wedding. Check out this blog on ways to be a DIY bride.

Adding Fabulosity to Your Florals....

Tiffany Mullen

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Story of CECIL

Matt and I decided that we wanted to adpot so I starting researching and found the cutiest little puppy on We called and setup a time to go and see all the pups. On the way down to see them we decided that we wanted a boy puppy and its name was going to be Cecil. When we got there, I immediatley fell in LOVE! The lady in charge told us that another family called 5 minutes before we did and wanted the same puppy as we did and asked if we had a second choice. I was a little dissappointed but would never want to spoil a little 5 year olds dream of HER puppy so... I looked down and saw another pup that was lying on my feet. It was very calm unlike the one we orginally wanted and so I said "This one was is just as cute, We will take him!" I picked him up and that's when I realized he was a girl! It didn't matter this one was THE ONE! We still named her CECIL and she has turned out to be the best dog we could ever ask for!!!

-Darcie K.

Cutest Animal Contest!

We are hosting the cutest animal contest with our brides. Tiffany just got her babies over Christmas and almost all of my brides are getting babies! Heck, I just bought Princess, my beautiful beta fish, and made her the office mascot this weekend.

How the contest works is so fun! You need to write a 100-word story about why your pet is the cutest baby in the world. Submit your pictures and story to admin@circlecityplanners. All entries will be posted on this blog. The winner will be announced on St. Patrick’s Day and will receive an EVENT DÉCOR SESSION for FREE(Value of $1250). All entries are welcome. Send those baby pictures to us!

PS. I know my cat, Beau, is going to win!

Wedding Loves and Hugs,


Friday, February 12, 2010

Carter and Brittany | July 10, 2010

A note from Tonya: As part of our blog, we thought we would share our couples we have the priviledge of working with here at Circle City Planners. I wanted you to read about how they met, their upcoming plans for the BIG day, and share a cute picture. Enjoy! Here are Carter & Brittany

Carter is…
Composed, Quiet, Calm, Inquisitive, Attentive, Reserved

Brittany is…
Loud, Rebellious, Impulsive, Emotional, Social, Silly

They say opposites attract, and in our case that is definitely true…but that is what makes us so perfect for each other. After dating Carter for about 3 months, I was pretty certain he was the man I would marry, and I can’t wait to start our life together!!

The story of how we met is quite ironic. Carter grew up in Indianapolis, where he went to Park Tudor High School and after graduating, attended Emory University, hence how he ended up in Atlanta, Georgia. Brittany grew up in….ha well where to begin. She moved around a lot growing up because of her dad’s job and consequently for 6 years, lived in Fishers, Indiana which is a suburb of Indianapolis. Brittany was best friends with a girl named Katie Dierdorf while living in Indiana and this will play a large role later in the story about how Brittany and Carter met. Anyways, Brittany moved away from Fishers after 8th grade and moved on to Rhode Island for High School and then eventually made it to Georgia to finish college at Kennesaw State University, hence how she ended up in Atlanta. After Brittany had been in Atlanta for about 4 months, she decided to Facebook her old friend Katie Dierdorf (they had lost touch through the years) and low and behold where did Katie live…..Atlanta, Georgia.

Brittany contacted Katie and they picked up right where they left off. She started hanging out with Katie and her boyfriend Dustin, who had a friend he worked with named Carter. Carter and Brittany were introduced to each other in June 2007. They started out as just friends, but after one rather in-famous night at CJ’s Landing in Atlanta, Georgia, things would never be the same. Carter proceeded to ask Brittany out on a date after that night and as people say….the rest is history.

We continued to date over the next 2 years, having a blast and sharing a lot of very special memories with each other. One day in January of 2009 Carter asked me if I wanted to go “look” at rings together. Of course I was ecstatic, but little did he know I had already been scouring the internet for a couple months. That was a fun and amazing day in our relationship and of course I started thinking that the proposal was going to happen soon. Pretty much every time Carter asked me if I wanted to go to dinner, go on a date, heck even take our dogs for a walk I thought it was coming….and for months nothing. Then on one Friday in June, June 12th to be exact Carter suggested we make dinner and stay in. As I was cooking the enchiladas I noticed there was champagne in the fridge, but really didn’t think anything of it. We proceeded to eat dinner and were relaxing with wine when he disappeared for a few minutes. When he came back he was acting kinda weird, but again didn’t think anything of it…..and then all of the sudden I look over and he is down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

We decided to get married in Indianapolis and immediately began planning our wedding for July 10th, 2010 with Tonya. We are so excited for all the amazing plans she has for our special day and are counting the days until July 10th!

To see Carter and Brittany's full wedding story...please visit their site!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love is in the Air at Northernlight Filmworks

Our friends, John + Jennifer, at Northernlights Filmworks are having a fabulous February "Love is in the Air" promotion.

February is the month of love so we decided to offer some love by offering a free upgrade to the first 3 couples that book with Northernlight Filmworks on or before February 28, 2010. This upgrade has a value of $500.00 (no monetary credit given). We often find that the more opportunities we have to obtain different “moments” during the day, the more creative we can be with our storytelling. Contact us as soon as possible and if your date is available and you are one of the first 3, you will have us for your entire wedding day.
--via Northernlight Filmworks

Randi & Whitney from Northernlight Filmworks on Vimeo.

We love their work and want to share this deal with our Circle City Planners brides.

Wedding Love and Hugs,


Friday, February 5, 2010

Tropical Storm Blue Expected to Hit New Orleans THIS Sunday!

The following warning was brought to the attention of Circle City Planners by Beach Bum Vacations.

Hello Fellow Beach Bums, I am at a loss for words seeing a tropical storm in the gulf this time of year, WOW. You will not believe what I’m seeing out there on the weather satellites. Tropical storm “Blue” has just passed the eastern tip of Cancun and the western tip of Cuba pushing at 22 knots north west. Looks like this tropical storm will hit mainland about 6pm Sunday night Feb 7th. People are talking all over the USA, asking “what is going on in the gulf”? So, I proceeded to do my research to see what I could find. This tropical storm system is a phenomenon but one thing I do know is “THE STORM IS BREWING”. I believe no one will be able to stop this organized, strong, focused and disciplined tropical cyclone. Please let all your people aware of this storm and to keep an eye out on Sunday for landfall. Hurricane bobby reporting 2010’s first “butt kicking” storm. Button down the hatches, get your popcorn, settle down to your TV’s and just hold on for this massive collection of blue turbulence. The Storm is brewing :)

Go Blue!

Wedding Love and Hugs,

Tonya + ALL of Indy

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to have a BEACH wedding in Indiana?

Many brides would love to have their special day on a beach in the tropics. Destination weddings can be expensive especially if you want to invite more than just close family and friends to your special day. If going to the tropics is out of the budget, try bringing the beach to you!

If you have your heart set on having a sandy beach wedding, Lake Michigan is just three hours away. There are many locations in Michigan that you can have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. If you want to stay in your local area, here are some ideas to help create an ambiance of the tropics.

The beach has beautiful natural elements that are easily transferred to create the beach wedding of your dreams in Indiana. Picture yourself in a tropical setting… what do you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel?

Most weddings are a formal event… so start with the invitations. Invite your friends and family to wear more casual linens rather than a suit and tie. The wedding party should also have a more casual attire. For example, allow the groom and groomsmen to wear white short sleeved shirts, khakis pants, and even sandals to the wedding! This will create an atmosphere of not only the tropics but of fun and relaxation.

Next, let’s consider some different options for location. If you want a completely outside event, try having your ceremony and reception poolside or by a lake. If you are nervous about the weather, try using a tent or having it inside a greenhouse. A greenhouse will have many different tropical plants and flowers and would be a fantastic place to capture the moments of your special day. Gardens at the IMA and the beautiful atmosphere at the Arts Garden are great venues to pick!

After you decide the perfect location for your wedding… start thinking about how you want to create your special day. Let’s go back to the five senses. What do you see at the beach? You would see tropical plants and trees, the beach, huts, boats, and people relaxing and enjoying a tropical drink. Try creating a tiki bar in the m0iddle of your reception area where people can enjoy a drink… if you are allowing kids at your reception, have Hawaiian shaved ice available for them. A great way to incorporate sand and keep the kids busy is to have one or two sandboxes available for them to play in.

The “flavor” of your wedding should replicate that of the tropics. Find a caterer that is willing to create dishes that you would find in Hawaii or the Caribbean. A cute idea for favors is to have a white macadamia-nut cookie in the shape of a pineapple. Instead of having a traditional wedding cake, have pina-colada or strawberry daiquiri flavored cupcakes decorated with your wedding colors.

One last touch to add to your beach wedding would be to hire a live band that will play South Pacific, Hawaiian, or Polynesian music… this would top off your event and allow your guests to dance the night away!

...adding fabulosity to your florals,