Thursday, April 12, 2007

Radio Show

How exciting! Last Wednesday I was asked to be on the Radio Show "Too ManyCooks" on 88.7 at 9:30. It was so fun to be able to get on the air and talkabout what I love, WEDDINGS! Gary and Molly were wonderful hosts and mademe feel wonderful. They decided to put a different spin on the show byhaving Gary and I talk about the different food trends we are seeing in theWedding Industry, so here we were head to head discussing for 1/2 hour ourfavorite stories and taking calls. The callers made me a bit nervousbecause you never know what they are going to ask. (Boy, sure glad I acedSpeech 101 my freshmen year! You never know when it comes in handy.) It wasa blast! Too bad my husband forgot to listen :( but I got a cute pair ofpumps out of the deal. Till next time.......

Monday, April 2, 2007

Emily and Brian's Wedding March 31, 2007

Our first wedding of the season goes off with a bang! What a fun wedding. Emily and Chris were the perfect couple! They had their wedding at the Mavris Art and Event Center downtown. The day started off rainy, but ended with a beautiful sunset. The 4:30 ceremony was romantic with all the candles and wrought iron motif. The guests headed upstairs for cocktails while the jazz musicians started to heat up the night. Her theme was sky blue accented with chocolate and polka dots. Troy Hill was her photographer, Jason from Royal Oak Country Club was the caterer, and Jeremy from DJ’s Direct played the tunes for the evening. The two highlights that I loved were the cupcakes presented to the guests with sparkles lighting the way to celebrate Grandma’s birthday and the candy bar at the end of the night. We surprised the guests often and the clapping continued all night. What a fun couple! They both loved to dance. Thanks to our friend Amanda at Mavris, who said YES to everything we requested. Thanks gals for a great night!