Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Celeste and Kent

Celeste and Kent were married in Hawaii the week of October 4th (more pictures to come). Kent is stationed there in Hawaii. As you can see, the ceremony was very intimate and breath-taking. Celeste wanted simple and romantic; she accomplished without a doubt. When they returned Kent and Celeste invited their friends to join them at a more casual cocktail reception at the new Indianapolis Public Library. This celebration was my first at the new Library with my friend Nora! The pictures don’t even do this venue justice, it was a true, QUICK transformation and beautiful. You would never be able to imagine the quick alteration that FLICK (the exclusive catering company on-site) implemented from 5-7. The tables were rolled out, the information desk was transformed into a bar, and the check out center served as the perfect gift table. As the guests entered they were greeted by our staff directing them into the main lobby and up to the information desk/bar. Cosmos were the drink of the night, and boy did everyone love them. Topaz Entertainment, Vicki Richmond and her band, were outstanding rocking the night with their 70’s and 80’s tunes. The evening was very laid back and informal BUT FUN! David Jaynis captured the best memories from up above (see picture). The food was delicious, Kathleen and Daniel did a great job keeping the food stations going and interactive for all the guests to enjoy. My favorite part of the evening was the dessert station full of different varieties of cupcakes (carrot, red velvet, peanut butter, vanilla, and chocolate) and one HUGE single cupcake for the first cupcake cutting. So cute. PS. I ate two cupcakes they were so good, I think I could have polished off 1 more. All and all the couple had wonderful time and enjoyed being relaxed socializing with their friends and family. Off they went in a horse and carriage at the front steps of the library and then off to Nicky Blaine’s for the after party. Congratulations to my couple!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Neha & Warren

Neha and Warren were married at the Eiteljorg Museum on October 11,2008 for the second time!!! They had a Hindu ceremony earlier this summer. Neha was all about the planning. At our first meeting I asked when and how did Warren propose. She told me it was Saturday night ( we were meeting on the following Thursday) and she had already secured the venue! I knew right then that this girl wasn't wasting any time and she didn't have a lot of time to waste. Neha and Warren are both doctors and their schedules are demanding. From the very beginning, Neha was worried about the weather. I would always try to calm her down telling her its going to be beautiful whether the ceremony is outside or inside. But when we got down to the final two weeks before the wedding Neha couldn't keep her eyes off the . Warren and I finally had to limit her to only checking once a day!!!! When October 11th rolled around it ended up being a beautiful day. Who would of thought 85 degrees in the middle of October needless to say we didn't use the outdoor heaters! The day started out with girls getting their hair and makeup done at Savvy Salon. Savvy has a great (private) room for bridal parties. The girls sipped mimosas and snacked on fruit while having hair and makeup done. Julie stopped by to show Neha and the girls their bouquets. Then the ladies went back to Neha's apartment to get dressed while the guys got ready across the canal at the Residence Inn. Jen (my wonderful assistant) and I set up everything we could in ballroom while the museum was open then Jen transferred things out outside. Warren didn't want to see Neha before the ceremony so getting them both to the Eiteljorg at the same time was a little tricky but of course we pulled it off. The ceremony area was beautiful and the ceremony started right on time. The sun was setting and The Village Trio started to play it was so romantic. After Neha and Warren were pronounced man and wife guests had Gavinitis ( their signature drink ) and hors d'oeuvres in the upper circular garden. The one thing we didn't plan for was mosquitoes!! They were terrible! So we had to change plans up a little bit. The couple wanted to take pictures on the canal but we ended up taking them inside. Kahn's Catering the exclusive caterer at the Eiteljorg rang the dinner chimes and The Wendy Reed Band announced the bridal party. Dinner was fantastic. Guest had a choice of salmon or chicken. Warren's brother Bryan sang while Neha and Warren danced their first dance and husband and wife. If was so touching. I love it when weddings get personal. I think that is what makes every wedding unique. The band played while guests mingled with each other and danced until Midnight. Once the Jen and I had cleaned up we joined the couple for a drink at an impromptu after party at Nicky Blane's. Neha didn't change out of her wedding gown so everyone was coming up to her congratulating her and Warren. A special thanks to everyone that helped me with this wedding. Cara from Kahn's, Sarah at the museum, Julie and her gorgeous floral creations, Stacy and Mary the fabulous photographers and Bob and his video camera. This wedding was definitely one to remember. Neha and Warren are taking a late honeymoon to Mexico in February. I'm already jealous just thinking how COLD its going to be then!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sonia and Chris

Sonia and Chris were married on October 4, 2008 at the Scottish Rite Cathedral and then went up north to the Montage for a great reception (party)! Sonia and Chris came to me less than 2 months ago and needed to take action right away. I knew this wedding was going to be fantastic, so I had to give special attention to my new couple. We found them a photographer, created a d├ęcor plan, met with my magician friend Scott Evans for uplighting and draping, booked my friend the greatest videographer on the planet Bob, got them connected to Jose and Sons for ice, and our favorite designer Julie from Royal Creations to create a miraculous event. WOW, it is rewarding when everything comes together. The couple found pictures and more pictures to give me ideas on their style, we nailed it to a “T”. Everything was so unique, Sonia is from Jordan and Chris is from San Antonio; They come from different backgrounds and different family beliefs. In Jordan, weddings are so glamorous. When I say glamorous, I mean GLAMOROUS. Chris wanted the fairy tale wedding Sonia had always imagined. We called him the “DOUBLE IT MAN” by the end of the planning. When I suggested a bag piper at the exit, he would say “DOUBLE IT” (we ended up with 6 bag pipers and 4 drummers). We suggested a 3 tier cake, he would say “DOUBLE IT”. They were so sweet and really wanted to put on a party. The theatre was amazing as Julie created the perfect canopy tent to frame the stage and couple. Sonia’s uncle married them (We love you Uncle Dick). He told me from all the weddings he has ever performed (over 300) there were only 2 that went off in time and I was one of the 2, YEAH! Crowe’s Eye Photography grabbed beautiful images of my couple as they made their grand exit down the front stairs of the Scottish Rite listening to the grand bag pipers and drummers. 2 limos and 2 town cars lined Meridian Street for a proper send off. As guests arrived at Montage they were directed through a wine pipe and drape tunnel leading straight to the Champagne room. The perfect red color toned uplights transformed the room as the jazz band (a new one for us, thanks to Andy) oozed the guests into the atrium. Once they reached the bar the most amazing bar and ice luge was awaiting the guests with the couple’s name etched into the ice. Scott Evans did a great job capturing Chris’ vision for the bar. The main room awaited the guests as my helpers Angie and Laurenne escorted each guest to their table. Way to go girls! The main dinning room was pin spotted and up lit with white LED lighting, truly an “AWE” moment. The main focal point was the head table as the hedge of roses made a true statement. Each centerpiece had an individual ice sculpture encompassing a rose inside. The guests were talking all night about those sculptures. Of course, the Montage wouldn’t be the Montage without the magical fireworks. Darcie was at the Marriott North with her couple and called me asking if that noise was from my fireworks. Chris, of course, DOUBLED the show to make it truly GLAMOROUS! Everything was smooth and great. I am going to miss this couple. Next time I’m in Vegas I’m going to shout out “DOUBLE IT” and think of my friends Sonia and Chris!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Abbie & Chris

WOW what a wedding! This couple was so much fun and so was there wedding. We started planning way back in the beginning of the year and on Saturday October 4th it all came together. I love weddings with color and this one was full of it. Abbie chose the color palette of navy and pink it was so pretty. The ceremony took place at Castleton United Methodist Church and Hiedi the wedding hostess was wonderful to work with. Kiralee Hubbard (makeup artist)did another fabulous job making all the ladies look great. The guys looked great as well. Especially Chris in is dress blues. Jennifer Discroll and her assistant Jordyn captured every moment with her fabulous photos. This was the first time that I was lucky enough to work with Jennifer and it was a blast.
Once Abbie and Chris were pronounced man and wife they did a short receiving line with just the two of them and then Chris arranged with some of his military friends to do a saber arch exit. (How COOL!!) Then they took off in their get-away transportation, a trolley. Chris's mom had Hawaiian leis flown in for her, Abbie's mom, Abbie and Chris. They smelled wonderful. Jim Cerone had the party rocking all night long. There was one minor glitch in the evening. Becky (Abbie's mom) had brought in an ice cream cake for Chris (its his favorite) and it was mistakenly put in the cooler instead of the freezer. It was a hot mess LITERALLY. But Sarah at the Marriott North called another Diary Queen and had one of the bellmen go and pick it another one up. Way to go Sarah! This wedding had it all great food, fun and the signature drink even matched the wedding it was called the Blue Q. During Abbie's and Chris's first dance I was able to take it all in and I said to Jim "The is nothing like a man in uniform and a woman in white dress." And Jim said "That's why we do what we do." And he is right it was a wonderful evening.