Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Linen Trends For Fall!

Its that time of year, the weather is changing and the leaves are falling.
Time for bright summer colors to cool down and be replaced with muted earth tones.

According to Pantone the fall color trends will include orchid purple, lagoon greens and dusty pinks.

Original Source and Pictures from: Cloth Connection, Nationwide Speciality Linen Rentals

Sarah + Dusty = New Friends

Sarah and Dusty

September 17,2010

The Montage at Allison Pointe

So, I know I'm a little behind with blogging weddings but this one has been a little difficult for me. Not because it wasn't a FABULOUS wedding, but because I loved them so much, it was too hard to simply be "all business" with them. The beginning of the planning process was much of the same, but something happened during the last half of planning. I invited them to my house to watch the fireworks (which I've never done with a client before). We all had such a great time that we decided to get together again for wine tasting and dinner. I can't lie, we did bore my husband with wedding details, but the four of us had a blast!! We were becoming friends!!! I usually say my favorite part of a wedding day is when the father and daughter walk down the aisle, but for this wedding, it was different. My favorite part was that my husband and I had a new buddies!

And to top it off, Sarah and Dusty's wedding was simply AMAZING. Everything was inspired by the couple's love for wine. The ceremony setting was perfect. There were genuine wine barrels at the entrance with gorgeous floral designs on top of them. On all the cocktail tables we placed wine bottles with pictures of Sarah and Dusty growing up. The placecard table was super cool. We used more wine barrels and piece of plexiglass for wine cork placecards to sit on top. The ballroom was spectacular!!! It was a mix of low floral centerpieces, all in rich burgundy tones, and lush, tall curly willow branches with votive candles hanging from them to knock out the room. The officiant was inspiring, the dinner was amazing, and the entertainment was rocking. Another great wedding and two new found friends!!!

Thanks to all who made this wedding a success- Freddie from the Montage, Jeremy with DJs Direct, Tiffany of Circle City Designers, Jack and his Antique Limo, Kathy with Faces by KLM, my Circle City Planners team and not to forget my newest photographer friend Studio Rebekah Photography.

CONGRATULATIONS Sarah and Dusty- See you in October at Oceanarie

Monday, September 27, 2010

"10 Great Going Away Party Ideas"

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a good friend when for various reasons they have to move far away from you. Even with all the great tools we have available to us today with Skype, Twitter, FaceBook, etc. It’s just not the same as hanging out in person with a good friend. If you need to find the perfect way to say goodbye to a friend or family that is moving here are 10 great going away party ideas to get you started:

  1. The Amazing Race theme. If you are a fan of the TV show you know that the contestants get clues and then race to various destinations (in order to get their next clue). I would recommend using clues that are special to the person or family that is leaving. A possible destination might be the scene of their first kiss, the place where they got married, their favorite restaurant, etc. In order for this to work and not be too chaotic the guest list has to be relatively small and people that will know the answer to the clues.

  2. Picture to Remember. If you want a more subdued party you can simply have a traditional get-together and hire a professional photographer to be there (or the best photographer in your group of friends) and then make sure each visitor gets their picture taken with the guest of honor so a scrapbook can be made of the event (traditional and/or digital).

  3. Hawaiian Party. Aloha is such an amazing word that carries so many meanings. As your friend(s) are leaving it’s a bittersweet time in their lives where they say goodbye to things they love and prepare to say hello to their new home where they hope to also be very happy. So, yes a Hawaiian party delivers this message complete with lays of course.

  4. Cruise Ship/Nautical. As your friend prepares to sail off into the sunset you can send them off nautical style with a cruise ship theme (there really are few places that are more fun and wild than a cruise ship). So this basically means lots of retro furnishings, nautical attire, and some really watered down mixed drinks made of every kind of fruit imaginable. Bon voyage!

  5. Vegas Party. Okay so one place that is full of chance and may actually represent the gamble being taken in real life is to throw a Vegas party with card games, slots, and the works. There are normally several places to rent a Vegas party that will include gaming tables and people to run them for you.

  6. The New State/Region Party. One really popular idea is to theme your party based on the city or State that the person will be moving to. So if your friend is moving to Seattle, WA you should find as many authentic things as possible about Seattle and put up posters, statues, etc. that represent Seattle. This is a great way to combine some of the old with some of the new in a proper send-off.

  7. “This is your life” Party. Have each visitor put together a statement about what they will remember most about their time with the person and then stage a “this is your life” style show at your party where you read them off and the guest has to guess which person wrote each one. It’s usually a lot of fun and a great way to bring back fun memories.

  8. Twilight Party. The Twilight series has rapidly built up a cult following. In this case the theme is appropriate as Bella moved to a new town and found herself almost immediately having amazing experiences. This tends to work best as a party theme for a younger crowd, but given the generations that love the show you may consider for all ages.

  9. Flashback Party. You can have a flashback party where people wear what they used to wear when they first met the guest of honor and then bring tons of photos that reflect their times with them. Ideally this is a second print or digital copy of the pictures that the guest of honor can take with them

  10. Progressive Dinner Party. You can have a progressive dinner party where you go to a person’s home or favorite restaurant for a multi-course meal. You can start off with a drink at one place, get an appetizer at multiple places, multiple main dishes, multiple desserts, and an after-dinner drink. The more stops the better but each should be meaningful to the guest of honor.

Whatever you do for a party theme it’s always important to keep the guest or guests of honor in mind. This is a celebration about and for them and you want them to have an absolutely amazing time. If they love to play games, then play the games they love the most. If they love to watch movies, then incorporate that into the party somehow. Make this a night that they will always cherish!

Sheryl Owen

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Friday, September 24, 2010

My Maid of Honor: How Do I Choose and What Does She Do?

Check out this great article on how to choose your Maid of Honor by Colin Cowie!

Wedding Love and Hugs,

Your wedding day is one of life's sacred moments, surrounded by people you love and who love you. It's also an opportunity to honor women in your life who have meant the most to you. One way to show your affection and appreciation is to honor your closest girlfriend, by making her your maid or matron of honor (the former is single and the latter is married). Consider what your needs are and whether she could meet your expectations. Ask yourself if she will have the time or temperament to help. A friend or relative who has children of her own, or who lives far away, may not be able to assist with everything you require. If your needs are small and you are organized and self-sufficient, the role is more honorary than responsibility-related.

Often the choice is a sister or cousin to whom you feel close. Whether she is a devoted relative or a special girlfriend, an ability to offer advice without ever strong-arming you is one of the qualities you should look for.

Your maid of honor is there not only for advice and support, but to help with whatever tasks and details you need accomplished. This could be shopping for your wedding dress, hosting a bridal shower, organizing your guest list, addressing envelopes, arranging a bachelorette party, and even taking your dress to the cleaners after the wedding. She is your "best friend," with an open ear to listen to you and offer the smarts to guide you. That in itself is a wonderful comfort.

Most importantly, she's there by your side on your wedding day! She'll adjust your train and veil at the altar, hold the ring to be given to the groom until it is time to be exchanged during the ceremony, hold your bouquet while the rings are exchanged, and—as a great honor—sign your wedding certificate as a witness to the wedding. If need be, she can assist the photographer by ensuring everyone who needs to be photographed has his or her picture taken.

When it's time to make your speech and thank those who helped make your wedding dream a reality, be sure to thank her as well, with personal and heartfelt words.

As always...more to come!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dusty and Sarah say "I Do!"

What a FABULOUS weekend of weddings!!! I saw the first signs of fall…Both of my brides embraced deep rich reds and burgundies and chocolate browns. That’s how you know summer is OVER!

Sarah and Dusty said “I DO” at the perfect venue for their wine inspired wedding. The Montage at Allison Pointe does such an amazing job, and Kahn’s Catering….delicious! For a nice twist, the bride decided to go with square tables, with rich chocolate linens, to create the perfect pallet for a romantic, candlelit evening. Darcie from Circle City Planners took the couple’s simple love for wine, friends, and family, and created an awe inspiring outdoor ceremony (How does she ALWAYS get perfect weather?) and a magazine ready reception. Sarah’s family brought in wine barrels and fresh grapes from their vineyard to add the final touches. PERFECTION!

Even though I hate to say goodbye to summer, fall brings me some of my favorite things. Black chocolate dahlias, Black Baccarra roses, hanging amaranthus, and the beauty and warmth of candlelit tables.

Big, big, BIG thank you’s to Jeremy Gearries fom DJ’s Direct for always bringing the “party” to the party, and I cannot wait to see images from Studio Rebekah Photography!!! Congratulations Sarah and Dusty!!!!

Adding fabulosity to your florals!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sally & Dale's BIG day

Sally and Dale
Sangiovese Restaurant
September 5,2010

When Sally first came into our office she told me the story of how her and Dale met. When she was finished there were tears in my eyes. Those same tears fell when Sally spoke her vows to Dale on the evening of September 5th. This wedding was not your typical wedding. We did things very differently. Guests arrived to champagne, hors d'Ĺ“uvres and Sally and Dale greeting them at the door. Afterwards, guests gathered outside Sangiovese's courtyard to listen to their amazing hand written ceremony officiated by Sally's sister. Anne did a fantastic job. Guests then came back into restaurant for more hors d'oevres and wine. Then, sat in the dining room for a fabulous dinner. The dining room's decor looked as if it was right out of Italy thanks to Tiffany and the Circle City Designers team. After dinner, Sally's daughter gave a heartfelt toast which prompted more family and friends to get up and give more toasts to the happy couple. Then the party really started!!! Everyone enjoyed the amazing sounds of Paul Thomas and the Cocktail Sax band.
I will admit everything didn't go exactly as planned but because of my GREAT team including Bob Ridge from Indy Visual and Jennifer Driscoll Photography the evening was a success.


Melissa & Steven 9.5.2010

Renaissance Hotel

Melissa and Steve are Mr. & Mrs.!!! Melissa was such a great bride to work with over the past couple months. She is very independent and very organized. From getting all the last details together with her and her mother Irene, I knew her and Steve’s day would be a great success!

Steve is very artistic so everything from the programs, to the ketuba, to the chuppah they stood under during their ceremony were hand-crafted by him. All of the personal touches were present in Melissa and Steve’s day, even the wedding present he gave her. So touching to see all of the thoughtfulness this couple poured in to their day.

Melissa looked ever so stunning in her satin dress and was adorned with such vintage style. Everything from her awesome shoes, to her jewelry, and her floral hair pin just made her look for her wedding day. Melissa and Steve shared a touching moment together then we were in full force for bridal party pictures and family pictures. I thought we would never get them complete but WE DID!! We even got done early so everyone had some time to relax and enjoy before the ceremony.

The ceremony was teary eyed as Melissa and Steve sealed their marriage with a kiss and the breaking of the glass. The party was ready to begin outside the ballroom with cocktail hour as the room was set for the reception. You could see the transformation as the browns and greens in the linens filled the room at the Renaissance. The parents of the bride gave a heartfelt welcome speech and the guests enjoyed dinner. Melissa and Steve decided they were not cake people, so instead they choose to serve mousse and berries. It was delicious!!! After dessert, dancing started with some special dances and speeches and then the party continued to rock through the night. It is a good thing guests had Monday off because this was a partying crowd!!!

Congratulation Mr. & Mrs. Williams!!! Enjoy your honeymoon this winter!!!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Dave and Ilka 9.4.10

Dave and Ilka were married on Labor Day Weekend. The day was absolutely perfect, the weather was cool but yet refreshing for the first fall day of the year. Dave and Ilka have a great love story. Their long distance relationship has stood the test of time and now they can finally be together after years of waiting. Check out a few pictures from the wedding. Congratulations!

PS. We served cheesecake for their wedding cake, it was so fun!

Wedding Love and Hugs,


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Love on Labor Day Weekend!

Circle City Designers was honored with four beautiful brides and four fabulous weddings this past Labor Day Weekend!!! Four venues on four corners of town and four distinctly different couples! One thing that I really noticed about each one, was how we were able to truly capture the bride and groom's personality, style and love for one another. I just LOVE THAT!

It's so important that the design elements you incorporate into your wedding reflect who you truly are. One of our couples were planning their second marriage and it was important for them to leave out the pomp and circumstance, and truly embrace their friends and family who had been down a long road with them. They had traveled all over the world, learned to love wine, great food, and live music, and made many friends around the globe. They knew they wanted ALL of them close by to celebrate their great love and wanted to highlight the things that had brought them together! It made perfect sense to forgo the traditional reception hall and minister, and find a place that held intimate surroundings for their VERY important and select guest list. That place had to serve GREAT food and wine that true connoisseurs could appreciate. Simple, but truly emotional and inspiring "I Do's" were spoken in a quaint courtyard outside one of Indy's finest Italian restaurants, Sangiovese. The reception, held at Sangiovese would have given any formal banquet hall a run for its money. Wine inspired decor really knocked out guests. The groom, who is quite the handy man, turned wine bottles (that the bride and groom worked diligently on emptying throughout the year) into fabulous lighting sources for the tables. We created curly willow grapevine centerpieces with fresh grapes and flowers at each table, and the wine served was hand selected by the couple from across the globe. A live band topped off the perfect night to get people up dancing. Each detail was carefully planned, not only because the couple LOVES wine, great food and music, but because their guests do too, and ultimately it was their friendships that were the most important thing to the both of them. And those details were heartfelt by their traveling guests.

When planning YOUR "I Do's," remember first to pick a palette that tells us who you are on the inside. If you are a bit of a tomboy, don't choose pink because you're getting married in spring or because that is what your mom thinks you should choose. Choose the colors that reflect YOU!

Second, choose a venue that represents what you like to do! Don't pick a traditional venue when you want your reception to feel like a "club" for dancing. If you aren't dancers, consider choosing a more modern venue and bringing in a casino company and let your guests gamble the night away!

Finally, let's your guests know YOU. Remember that they typically only know either the bride or the groom. Find ways to show them who you are TOGETHER. Bring in pictures of you two, places you have been, your dogs or cats, or favorite foods and hobbies. We have had brides name their tables after cities they have visited, or by random numbers that reflected meaningful time frames to them (i.e. 317 days we have been together, 24 baseball games we have been to, 36, number of dates we had before he proposed, etc.) It's so great to find a way for your guests to learn something about you!

Adding fabulosity to your florals,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gary & Ragan 7.17.2010

Ragan & Gary - 7.17.10 from IndyVisual on Vimeo.

Indy Visual captured another AMAZING wedding as Gary and Ragan were married on 7.17.2010. This couple was so fabulous to work with and I enjoyed every minute of planning their wedding! To read the full blog on their special day, follow the link below!

Regal Royal Wedding!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tiffany & Ed 6.19.10

Check out another fabulous video from Indy Visual!!! Tiffany and Ed were a blast to work with! Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your special day!

Randi :)

Tiffany & Ed - 6.19.10 from IndyVisual on Vimeo.