Friday, September 24, 2010

My Maid of Honor: How Do I Choose and What Does She Do?

Check out this great article on how to choose your Maid of Honor by Colin Cowie!

Wedding Love and Hugs,

Your wedding day is one of life's sacred moments, surrounded by people you love and who love you. It's also an opportunity to honor women in your life who have meant the most to you. One way to show your affection and appreciation is to honor your closest girlfriend, by making her your maid or matron of honor (the former is single and the latter is married). Consider what your needs are and whether she could meet your expectations. Ask yourself if she will have the time or temperament to help. A friend or relative who has children of her own, or who lives far away, may not be able to assist with everything you require. If your needs are small and you are organized and self-sufficient, the role is more honorary than responsibility-related.

Often the choice is a sister or cousin to whom you feel close. Whether she is a devoted relative or a special girlfriend, an ability to offer advice without ever strong-arming you is one of the qualities you should look for.

Your maid of honor is there not only for advice and support, but to help with whatever tasks and details you need accomplished. This could be shopping for your wedding dress, hosting a bridal shower, organizing your guest list, addressing envelopes, arranging a bachelorette party, and even taking your dress to the cleaners after the wedding. She is your "best friend," with an open ear to listen to you and offer the smarts to guide you. That in itself is a wonderful comfort.

Most importantly, she's there by your side on your wedding day! She'll adjust your train and veil at the altar, hold the ring to be given to the groom until it is time to be exchanged during the ceremony, hold your bouquet while the rings are exchanged, and—as a great honor—sign your wedding certificate as a witness to the wedding. If need be, she can assist the photographer by ensuring everyone who needs to be photographed has his or her picture taken.

When it's time to make your speech and thank those who helped make your wedding dream a reality, be sure to thank her as well, with personal and heartfelt words.

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