Monday, August 31, 2009

What's your favorite color say about you?

Happy Monday!

I get inspired by the world as a designer, I love to run and just take in my surroundings and admire God's creation. Often even when I'm at church I find something that inspires me for my next event or outfit! So what color really inspires you? What does color say about your personality? After all when designing your wedding, your personality is the most important thing.

Color is what inspires me!

I love the world of color, there are so many choices. I had a client call me on Friday and was frazzled about her wedding design. "Tonya, that's my problem I love all colors!" So if you are one of those girls who often can't decide which color is for you, I want to tell you that it's okay not have one but many colors to represent who you are. There are ways a designer, like myself, can incorporate all of your favorite colors without it looking like a circus or masquerade ball. I ran across this color quiz (so FUN) and wanted to share what colors really say about you. I thought the results were amazing. No matter if your wedding color is the hottest trend right now, if you love it embrace it! Make it your own and play it up big!

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Wedding Love and Hugs,

PS. You have to take the color quiz to find out what color means to you. This is what it said about me today! I was amazed by this quiz. It was better than any horoscope I've ever read.

"Craves change and new things, always looking for new adventures and activities. Becomes restless and frustrated when she has to wait to long for things to develop. her impatience leads to irritability and a desire to move on to the next project.

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Anniversary

So today is mine and my husband's anniversary. Its been 5 years since we said I do. I will never forget when Tonya came bursting in our apartment said "Are you ready to married outside" even though it was forecasted for 80% of rain. Matt and I did say our I dos outside and it was wonderful. Matt and I have this great tradition for our anniversary. Every year we take turn surprising each other with what we are going to do and whatever we do it has to be on August 28th. Our first year, (I planned) and we relived our wedding day. We took a gondola ride on the canal then we up to the Skyline Club for dinner. 2nd year Matt took me out to dinner, 3rd year I planned a day trip for us to a casino. We had a couple's massage and played slots it was a great time. 4th year Matt took me to the pre-season Colt's game. So this year its my turn again. I hope he likes what I've planned! The other thing we always do is look thru our wedding album together. So here's to the next 5!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lucia and Todd, Singing in the Rain

Lucia and Todd
August 21, 2009

Friday night weddings, I love them. There is something so classy and swanky about a Friday night wedding and this one was absolutely romantic. I was a little nervous about the rain, but actually it set the perfect mood for Lucia and Todd. As guests arrived at President Benjamin Harrison's home, they were greeted by the wait staff and escorted under the tent for an informal cocktail hour. The tent was decked out in purple and black as the tables were glammed up by Lucia's mother in law's garden flowers. They smelled wonderful. The ceremony took place 45 minutes later as the guests were asked to join us in the gardens. A little rain started spitting, and as many of you, I'm a risk taker. Sure enough, we were going to married outside in the garden unless I saw lightening. The rain lightened up as the sun shone down on Lucia and Todd during their vows. So romantic, I'm sure there was a rainbow somewhere blessing the couple. Mills Catering, Jesse and his crew, had an awesome spread as my jazz quartet led us in the classy tunes for the evening. The singer topped off the timeless affair! You know I always have a favorite thing about every wedding and this one tops it off for the 09 year. I had the prettiest cake (the cheapest cake, sorry I was told I couldn't reveal the price but you wouldn't believe it if I told you) of the season. It was good too! Very moist, of course I had to try both the white and the chocolate. Delicious...yum yum. To say the least, the rain later on didn't' stop the guests from a romantic, misty wedding evening. I love Friday night weddings. Blessings to my new friends Lucia and Todd. Here is what Lucia sent me on Sunday, how sweet. Thank you darling!

Wedding Love and Hugs,

Hi Tonya,
Wow, what a fast day and night. Everything, as far as I knew, was perfect. I've had more comments on how great the food was. One friend told me today that was one of the nicest weddings she has attended.

It really went so fast. I can barely remember how beautiful the tables were and I wish I took more time to enjoy the trio. They were phenomenal. I feel like I didn't talk to everybody but probably did :)

Anyway, I have to tell you I couldn't have done it without you! I really didn't think about it because I knew you were there. And Lindsay was fabulous. What a great help and great attitude!

Lucia Carter

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Secret is out!!! TELL EVERYONE

I just love Secrets and Surprises. It's so fun to have a little secret and know that you have this unbelievable surprise for someone. I have been holding in this secret now since April. Behind the scenes here at CCP we have been working very hard on our new division Circle City Designers, Design Boutique.
Our new partnership with the Crowne Plaza is a marriage made in heaven. We love working with Jen, Megan, and Katie and the food that comes out of that kitchen from Chef Randy is mouth-watering. So when I had the big "AH!" moment I knew who I wanted to become the exclusive designer for......the CROWNE PLAZA, of course. As a planner for many years, I realized my favorite part of planning is the design aspect of the wedding. I love coming up with creative, cool ideas and then having the bride's vision come to life. Seriously, every event we create is so different and personal to each bride. I love to see it all come together. Transforming the Crowne into someone's dream is so exciting and fun to me! This is another dream come true. And now the secret is finally out. Circle City Designers is born.
Don't worry if you are not a CROWNE PLAZA girl, I have two options for you to take advantage of our new DESIGNER BOUTIQUE. First you could become a CROWNE PLAZA bride by hosting your wedding reception at the Historic Union Station CROWNE PLAZA (many great dates still available) OR you can take advantage of our COMPLIMENTARY 'Define Your Style' Session. Yes, our staff will sit down with you (no matter where you reception might be) and help you create your style for your wedding reception for FREE. That means you come into our office, meet us, and in 30 minutes we will help you DEFINE YOUR STYLE. No strings attached. We love the design process so much that we are willing to help you get started in finding your style and bringing your vision to LIFE.
Call today to set your up DEFINE YOUR STYLE appointment today. Tuesdays and Thursdays only (6-9PM). or call 317.770.4321.The secret is out ('s been killing me)
The secret is out!
Circle City Designers and the Crowne Plaza are thrilled to unveil their new exclusive wedding design partnership:
The Design Boutique
An all inclusive event decor design service tailored to each bride and groom, The Design Boutique is a complimentary service that ensures every detail of an event is a pure reflection of a couple. Created as a "one stop shop" for couples desiring a customized design experience from top style experts; designing a wedding has never been more magnificent!
So, how does it work?
Once a client books an event with the Crowne Plaza, they are introduced to
their very own Circle City Style Designer with The Design Boutique.
The couple's designer will provide a unique creative experience that begins with an inspiration session to discover one's personal style followed by a customized design selection process based on the couple's vision. Everything from artistic centerpieces to extraordinary lighting and decor will be tailored to their personal preferences and dreams.
A couple's journey with The Design Boutique ultimately concludes on their
special day when they walk into a setting that goes far beyond their wildest expectations.
From Vision to Reality...the Style is Yours to Create.

Established in 2001, Circle City Planners is a full service wedding and design production company that produces events around the world. With nearly 20 years of working experience in the specialty areas of theatre, fashion, and hospitality, The Design Boutique offers unparalleled inspiration and expertise.

Imagination is our only limitation.

Want to learn more about The Design Boutique?
or Call (317) 770 - 4321

Monday, August 17, 2009

Julia and Beau August 15, 2009

Julia and Beau were married at the IMA this weekend. Boy was it HOT, but NO RAIN. Julia planned ahead and had fans for each guest as they united their vows in the beautiful gardens. Good thing we wore our comfortable shoes, being in and out of the museum getting the gang ready for the big wedding. Guests walked through the garden gates as they entered the ceremony area listening to the best jazz group I've ever heard play at a ceremony. The trumpet made the entire group (Thanks Clay from Souled Out), it was music to my ears. Randi and Laurenne took charge of the wedding as I was able to take a back seat and oversee the details. The most challenging task (which you know I love) was to blow up the balloons (36 inch balloons) and tie them to the weights with fishing line. I wasn't sure this was going to work out, but it was the best part of the decor. What a statement...look at her holding those balloons. It was straight out of a magazine. In fact, that's where the inspiration began. Julia had the latest Martha Stewart magazine where the bride was holding these large balloons looking like she was floating up in the air. Julia had a dream and we brought it to life. I was afraid that she might float away (Remember, Curious George story?) After the ceremony and the guests entered Deer Zink for cocktails, I had Julia hold the balloons on the bridge. Dave Mason grabbed the moment and Bob Ridge from Indy Visual captured every detail as the event unfolded. The orchids were to die for created by Rosemari from McNamara and the final details were completed by Vanessa at the IMA and my WEEKENDER's TEAM. It was the perfect vision for Julia and Beau. Jenny from Kahn's dazzled our tastebuds with a tasty salad and mouth-watering chicken. The cake was soooo good (I loved that whipped icing). Souled OUT rocked the house past the event time. They begged for more. My favorite thing from the wedding was the candy bar. Yes, we do lots of candy bars but since Julia and Beau are both dentists they had personalized toothbrushes and toothpaste at the end of the bar for the guests. The line was curled around the corner as the guests gathered their sweet treats. The next morning Julia called me to personally thank me for a great wedding. She was so thankful (I love those calls). I really have to thank my new WEEKENDER's Team for a great event. For the first time Laurenne and Randi, I was able to leave after the ceremonial events and go home at a decent hour. I have waited years for this moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Off to Maui for a wonderful honeymoon, have fun!

WARNING: Don't let them talk you into a timeshare. You can buy mine.

Wedding Love and Hugs,


From our New Intern

Hello all! My name is Lindsey and I am the newest addition to the CCP family! I will be interning for the fall of 2009 and I am very excited for this opportunity I have with Tonya and Darcie! I just experienced my first wedding weekend with Darcie for Jennie Miles and John Fisher's wedding and let me tell you it was absolutely amazing! I began my first day on Friday setting up the Scottish Rite ballroom for the spectacular 308 guest reception; we set up a candy table, individual menus and special books about Jennie and John and also the favors and quote cards. Jennie chose lots of purples for her colors so if any of your have ever been in the ballroom at the Scottish Rite it went beautifully with the room! Next we had the rehearsal at the church and that is when I first met the amazing couple and families of Jennie and John! Saturday was a crazy busy day because Jennie and John chose not to see each other before the ceremony so it was a day full of making sure they did not see one another. I will never forget the facial expressions of Jennie and John when they first walked into their reception. They were amazed and it did look amazing! It was by far one of the most beautiful reception rooms I have ever seen. Dinner was great and also the cake! (my favorite part) The guests and the newlyweds danced the night away followed by a sparkler send off at midnight! For my first wedding it was a great experience and I am so glad that I got to celebrate this unforgettable night with John and Jennie! :)
Good luck to Mr. and Mrs. John Fisher! :) I wish you the best of luck

Lindsey Leffel
Circle City Planners Intern

Saturday, August 15, 2009

AH Moment in Canada!

From Alberta, Canada

Today I was able to see the most beautiful scenery. It was one of the most beautiful moments in my life. As I was running in the gym I realized I needed to take advantage of the outdoors, so I went outside in my shorts and tank top in 45 degree rainy weather and took in the mountain air (forgot to look at the forecast). The lake here at Chateau Lake Louise (Alberta Canada) is like none I've never seen. As I first began my run I began to tighten up a bit. I thought about the unknown territory, I was alone, I didn't know the area, it was early, it was cold, there might be grizzly bears! My mind started to control my emotions. I continued on my unknown path listening to my music to comfort my uncertainties. As I continued down the path a little uneasy, suddenly I STOPPED! I turned off my music and took in a breath of fresh air. The sound of the trickling water and nature was so surreal, absolutely breath-taking. I reflected back at the castle where I was staying and remembered a childhood dream of mine. I always wanted to stay at a place like this, things you only see in the movies. And now here I was in the middle of Canada granting a childhood wish of mine. WOW! It was so powerful to fulfill this wish. This relaxing moment made me stop and smell the roses and appreciate not only the beauty around me but see a dream of mine come to life. Then I realized not only had I fulfilled one dream of mine, but two. As a business owner I often forget how lucky I am that I created something from nothing. That I have something to call my own. I can be the super mom, wife, and business woman that I had always dreamed of. Here was at right in front of me. The unknown path, the happy path, the JOURNEY!

My business path was much like my run that morning. Sometimes we start down a path, scarred unknown, afraid of the outcome, but if we just take a moment take in the beauty around us and reflect our journey, we appreciate the footsteps behind us. Don't deny your wish...reflect the footsteps and keep pounding the path ahead.....sometimes the unbeaten path is the best road of all. Love those Canadian Rockies. The freshest breath of air in the world!

As my new Canadian friends would say "EH!"

Wedding Love and Hugs,


Monday, August 10, 2009

Jennie and John's Wedding

Jennie and John Fisher

August 8,2009

Tabernacle Presbyterian Church and Scottish Rite Cathedral

Jennie and John are MARRIED!!! The day was soooo amazing. This couple and their families were so great. Especially Annie, Jennie's mom she put her heart and soul into this wedding. So really all I need to say is PURPLE. The wedding ceremony was so inmate even though there was over 300 guests. And everything went off without a hitch. The day started early at 8am with hair and makeup. Then the girls took the limo church where they got dressed by the help of my wonderful seamstress Karen White. The ceremony setting was perfect Alan from McNamara did a FABULOUS job. After the ceremony Jennie and John sped away in a antique Rolls Royce from Antique Limo. At the reception, Alan out did himself once again with the amazing centerpieces! Jennifer at Thomas Catering and her staff was outstanding. Dinner was excellent. Evans AV brought everything together with the lighting of room and custom gobo. After dinner, the Endless Summer Band rock it out. The dance floor though it was small was jammed packed all night! The evening was packed with surprises. From the prom to promise booklet that Jennie's mom made explaining the John and Jennie's relationship to the pictures of families to the purple up lit candy bar, the late night snack of mini cheeseburgers and mac & cheese to finally the sparkler sendoff! This wedding was top notch and one of my favorites! I had a wonderful time helping plan this event. As soon Galleria Studios and Indy Visual post pictures and highlight video, I will post them as well. The couple are off honeymooning!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

FLIP your Reception

I thought this was a great inspiration idea and so I had to share it with you. Now you know that I'm always up for using a professional... so all my professional videographer please don't get upset with me.

Here's my idea: Hire a professional videographer to video your wedding ceremony then in-trust 5 or so of your friends and family to video your reception using flip cameras. Make sure you give them a list of all the important elements of your reception. After the reception take your flip footage back to your professional videographer and ask them to edit the footage. As for the flips give them to your bridal party as a thank you gift. In the end hopefully you will have a well documented wedding that you can enjoy watching on your anniversary!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Stephanie and Chad

Stephanie and Chad
August 1, 2009

So headed to Virginia last Wednesday for a wedding thanks to a great couple and an unusual circumstance! Stephanie and Chad hired me over the last couple of months, but our relationship started almost a year ago. Steph and Chad came into my office and wanted to get married in Indianapolis. They loved outdoors and loved the zoo however, there was something missing. As we were talking I found out they both went to veterinarian school in St. Kitts. Most of you know that St. Kitts is where our beautiful couple Jill and Kevin were married several years ago. With being such a small island, we had many exciting things to share with one another!
As time passed, they realized that Indianapolis didn't feel quite right. They postponed the wedding and didn't know exactly what they wanted but they knew it wasn't Indy. Time came and went and didn't hear a word from this cute couple. The most ironic thing happened when I sent her an email to check in with her, she told me they were going to get married on their horse farm in VA. I was so excited for them, considering they are both horse veterinarians. I told her I would love to come to the wedding to help her, and BOOM I was hired.
Flying into Dullas airport I had no idea was ahead of me. When you arrive in a strange city the first thing you want to do is find out where everything is located. In Upperville, a town of 600, anything you might need is only "20 minutes". For me that meant 50 because I didn't know where I was going. By day 2 of running errands, I was able to navigate my way around pretty quickly. Needless to say, it was so quaint and gorgeous. The rolling hills and the farms took my breath away.
Come wedding day, it was perfect weather (for all my outdoor brides out there). The farm was set up and ready to go. All 120 guests made their way to the ceremony performed at the top of the hill in the round. The horse and carriage picked up the bridal party and bride for this dramatic entrance. Afterwards the guests gathered under the tent for food stations and pink signature drinks out of mason jars. It was so cute. The rain came in around 11 as the last guest made their way to the house.
The next morning (after losing my phone) I went back to clean up the mess and reflected on the week. I know I say this every week, but I love my job. What a fun group of people, so laid back go with the flow kind of people. VA was good to me! Can't wait for my next out of state wedding. I promise pictures to come, Marco from NY will be sending those to me. I can't wait to share them with you. Since the phone disappeared so did my pictures.
Wedding Love and Hugs,