Monday, August 24, 2009

Lucia and Todd, Singing in the Rain

Lucia and Todd
August 21, 2009

Friday night weddings, I love them. There is something so classy and swanky about a Friday night wedding and this one was absolutely romantic. I was a little nervous about the rain, but actually it set the perfect mood for Lucia and Todd. As guests arrived at President Benjamin Harrison's home, they were greeted by the wait staff and escorted under the tent for an informal cocktail hour. The tent was decked out in purple and black as the tables were glammed up by Lucia's mother in law's garden flowers. They smelled wonderful. The ceremony took place 45 minutes later as the guests were asked to join us in the gardens. A little rain started spitting, and as many of you, I'm a risk taker. Sure enough, we were going to married outside in the garden unless I saw lightening. The rain lightened up as the sun shone down on Lucia and Todd during their vows. So romantic, I'm sure there was a rainbow somewhere blessing the couple. Mills Catering, Jesse and his crew, had an awesome spread as my jazz quartet led us in the classy tunes for the evening. The singer topped off the timeless affair! You know I always have a favorite thing about every wedding and this one tops it off for the 09 year. I had the prettiest cake (the cheapest cake, sorry I was told I couldn't reveal the price but you wouldn't believe it if I told you) of the season. It was good too! Very moist, of course I had to try both the white and the chocolate. Delicious...yum yum. To say the least, the rain later on didn't' stop the guests from a romantic, misty wedding evening. I love Friday night weddings. Blessings to my new friends Lucia and Todd. Here is what Lucia sent me on Sunday, how sweet. Thank you darling!

Wedding Love and Hugs,

Hi Tonya,
Wow, what a fast day and night. Everything, as far as I knew, was perfect. I've had more comments on how great the food was. One friend told me today that was one of the nicest weddings she has attended.

It really went so fast. I can barely remember how beautiful the tables were and I wish I took more time to enjoy the trio. They were phenomenal. I feel like I didn't talk to everybody but probably did :)

Anyway, I have to tell you I couldn't have done it without you! I really didn't think about it because I knew you were there. And Lindsay was fabulous. What a great help and great attitude!

Lucia Carter

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