Monday, August 17, 2009

Julia and Beau August 15, 2009

Julia and Beau were married at the IMA this weekend. Boy was it HOT, but NO RAIN. Julia planned ahead and had fans for each guest as they united their vows in the beautiful gardens. Good thing we wore our comfortable shoes, being in and out of the museum getting the gang ready for the big wedding. Guests walked through the garden gates as they entered the ceremony area listening to the best jazz group I've ever heard play at a ceremony. The trumpet made the entire group (Thanks Clay from Souled Out), it was music to my ears. Randi and Laurenne took charge of the wedding as I was able to take a back seat and oversee the details. The most challenging task (which you know I love) was to blow up the balloons (36 inch balloons) and tie them to the weights with fishing line. I wasn't sure this was going to work out, but it was the best part of the decor. What a statement...look at her holding those balloons. It was straight out of a magazine. In fact, that's where the inspiration began. Julia had the latest Martha Stewart magazine where the bride was holding these large balloons looking like she was floating up in the air. Julia had a dream and we brought it to life. I was afraid that she might float away (Remember, Curious George story?) After the ceremony and the guests entered Deer Zink for cocktails, I had Julia hold the balloons on the bridge. Dave Mason grabbed the moment and Bob Ridge from Indy Visual captured every detail as the event unfolded. The orchids were to die for created by Rosemari from McNamara and the final details were completed by Vanessa at the IMA and my WEEKENDER's TEAM. It was the perfect vision for Julia and Beau. Jenny from Kahn's dazzled our tastebuds with a tasty salad and mouth-watering chicken. The cake was soooo good (I loved that whipped icing). Souled OUT rocked the house past the event time. They begged for more. My favorite thing from the wedding was the candy bar. Yes, we do lots of candy bars but since Julia and Beau are both dentists they had personalized toothbrushes and toothpaste at the end of the bar for the guests. The line was curled around the corner as the guests gathered their sweet treats. The next morning Julia called me to personally thank me for a great wedding. She was so thankful (I love those calls). I really have to thank my new WEEKENDER's Team for a great event. For the first time Laurenne and Randi, I was able to leave after the ceremonial events and go home at a decent hour. I have waited years for this moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Off to Maui for a wonderful honeymoon, have fun!

WARNING: Don't let them talk you into a timeshare. You can buy mine.

Wedding Love and Hugs,



Darcie said...

WOW those balloons are so cool. I love it!!! GREAT JOB!! CCP Weekenders!

KCambridge said...

Martha's got nothin' on CCP. :)

Anonymous said...

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