Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winter Wedding Bliss

Nicole and Justin were married on December 9, 2011 at Saints Peter and Paul's Cathedral and their reception was held at Historic Union Station. Meeting Nicole for the 1st time, I was taken back to learn both her and her fiance', Justin were both in the military. To say the least, I was honored to plan their wedding with them.
Even though Nicole wore camos she was a girly, girl at heart. The decor made some changes through the planning process but ended up being a beautiful mix of pink, white and silver. There were crystals, candle light and white feathers in all the centerpieces. And Nicole found her inner Martha Stewart by painting some vases and by hand making most of her wedding stationary items. Her ceremony programs were especially pretty.
About a month before the wedding, Nicole called me and said that we had went a bit over budget on some of the decor, so she wanted to change the silver chairvi chairs to chair covers and take out the silver charger plates. I was fine with the chair cover change even though it meant my team and I would have to tie 200 chair cover ties. But I just couldn't see how eliminating the chargers was going to work. So I decided that I would surprise Nicole with chargers the day of the wedding.
On Friday, everything was going smooth, the ballroom was starting to take on Nicole's vision so I asked her if she wanted to have a sneak peek. When Nicole saw the room, she was stunned. The 1st words out of her mouth was "the chargers" and I said SURPRISE, HAPPY WEDDING DAY! She gave me a big hug and said, "You're Amazing".
The ceremony was beautiful it ran a bit long but was very heartfelt. After the church pictures, Nicole and Justin and the rest of their bridal party came back to Union Station and had a private cocktail reception while their guests were enjoying hors d'oeuvres and drinks downstairs. Then it was time for their big announcement into the ballroom. Once announced, Mike, Nicole's dad said his welcome speech and Alex, her brother said the prayer it was time for dinner and I was starving! But the Jeremy, our DJ said and now Nicole would like to say a few words. SURPRISE TO ME, this wasn't on the time line! Nicole said" Without Darcie we couldn't of done this" and then asked me come up on the dance floor with her. Nicole gave me a thank you card and big hug. I was so touched and honored. I kinda felt like David Tutera!
Thanks to all that was involved that made Nicole and Justin's wedding a success. Jennifer Driscoll photography, Jeremy with DJs Direct, Katie and Megan from the Crowne Plaza, Classic Cakes of Carmel, Rebecca from True Colors, Kathy Moberly from Faces by KLM, LSG limo service, and of course Tiffany with Circle City Designers.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Starry Night on video

Check out this amazing video highlight from our friends at Indy Visual . Watching this brings back great memories of this amazing wedding and a starry night! Thanks Bob

Monday, November 21, 2011

Do you want a designer Christmas tree?

Everyone loves a great Christmas tree, but few of us know how to make them look sleek, professionally designed, and perfect. The truth is, ANYONE can do this! I have a few tips for you so that this year's tree will be your best yet!!!!

*Go artificial if you can. I know everyone loves the smell of fresh tree, and nothing says Christmas like pine needles all over your floor. BUT, the investment in a good artificial tree will save you money in the end and is the core base of a truly designer tree. If you go natural, your tree will lend toward a more rustic, earthy look.

*Buy a great, WIRED, 3 inch thick ribbon in your favorite color. It doesn't need to be silver, gold or red to feel Christmassy. My tree's base color is rust orange because that is what I have most of in my house. Starting at the top of the tree, slowly twist your branches together around fluffed pieces of ribbon that end at the base of the tree. V-cut the ends of the ribbon. No tree looks great unless you start with a beautiful ribbon base.

*Stick to one, two or three colors when you design your tree. Again, you don't have to take Christmas literally. My tree is rust, gold, and mustard yellow with natural brown, organic elements because that is what style is in my house.

*Hang your big balls first! Seriously, after your ribbon is placed and perfect, hang the largest ornaments you have next. Do all the same type of ornaments at a time. You want to balance them out all across the tree.

*Create depth. Larger, rounder ornaments should be hung towards the trunk of the tree, close to the branch. However, long, narrow ornaments should be hung toward the end of the branch so that nothing obstructs the "hanging".

*You do not have to hang every ornament you own, every year. You really only need about 5-6 different shapes and sizes of ornament to make classic, beautiful tree. The best trees have a fun, whimsical element such as feathers, silk flowers or sprays, lanterns, etc. Don't be afraid to use things that are meaningful to you like handkerchiefs that you collect, or long hanging crystals if you like a lot of bling. The trick is to use something large, and use enough of the same item to make an impact. Don't hodge podge your tree.

*Don't go for a traditional tree skirt. Go to the fabric store and buy a great fabric that matches your home and your decor to adorn the bottom of the tree.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fab Finds Friday: A Bride's MUST Have

So the other day, I was helping a bride get married and she pulled out the most amazing, cute little emergency kit. As a planner we are always ready for any emergency! We carry all kinds of stuff in our emergency kits to help you throughout the day. Sometimes we need to help someone sew on a button, get a stain out of a dress, safety pin everything, etc. But when this bride pulled out this cute little kit I had to find out what was inside. To my surprise this little kit had everything from ear ring backs, to a nail file, sewing kit, you name it you’ll find it in this kit. I have to buy one, it’s a must have for any bride and a planner who needs one in her car (for the just in case). Check it out. I found them personalized for brides at Francescas in Castleton Mall. http://www.francescascollections.com/

It’s inexpensive and something you should keep in your car for the just in case moments.


- T

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My least favorite FOUR LETTER WORD!!!!!

Sometime's the F-bomb can be really offensive to people, so cover your ears if you don't want to hear me say it, but I HAVE to get this out!

My least favorite four letter word when it comes to weddings is
F-A- K-E !!!!!!

I don't care if you have a lower budget wedding, or you want to preserve your bridal bouquet, or Aunt Cecilia wants to sit at home for months before the wedding making your centerpieces, there is NO excuse for using fake, artificial, plastic, silk flowers in your wedding.

In this down economy and the DIY phase of wedding creating...you may be tempted. DON'T do it. This is the most important day of your life and you should have fresh, beautifully designed flowers for yourself and your guests. If you can't afford to have a florist create centerpieces for all your tables, have them make your gorgeous bouquets, and use candles and rose petals for the reception, DON'T decide to throw some Hobby Lobby/Michael's rendition of a floral arrangement on your guest tables.

I'm not a fan of DYI'ing your wedding either. This is a day for you to be pampered, spoiled, loved, doted on, and beautified. You don't need to spend it working! The cost differences are not enough for you to have added stress on a day that will last a lifetime. These pictures show you super inexpensive ways to decorate your tables without having F-A-K-E off.

This moment will remain with you forever, and your florist can help you make economical decisions that are right for you. Don't do it yourself. Don't go F-A-K-E yourself either.

Adding fabulosity, not FAKE-ness to your flowers, Tiffany

Monday, November 14, 2011

Too early for RING-ING in the New Year???

Nope! It's engagement season! And rings will be presented to lovely brides to be from now until Valentine's Day!!! I am happy to announce, that I AM ONE OF THEM!!!!! I am so excited! For nearly 20 years now I have been in the floral industry, sending hundred of brides down the aisle, and NOTHING is better than that moment when she steps out for the first time, walking toward her groom.

Most couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day, and we LOVE to hear all about our bride's engagement stories. It is so important to get it right, because that moment will last a lifetime! Eric got our "moment" JUST RIGHT!!! Every year my friends and I have what we call "Friends Thanksgiving" as a way to celebrate and be thankful for each other before we get caught up in the holiday hustle that is usually devoted to family. I love my friends as if they were my family, and our tradition spawned from the idea that we were closer than blood, and in a sense, they WERE my family. Years of being there for each other, watching careers change, marriages happen, celebrating births of children, struggling through divorces, and millions of other ups and downs that have happened along the way, has bound us all together for a lifetime. When Eric and I met four years ago, my friends embraced him as one of "us" right away. This hadn't happened with previous relationships. I was always thought of as being on my own. Invitations didn't come for me and my significant others, just "Tiffany". It became assumed and quite common that when we had a get together, I would show up alone. This always seemed fine to me, because this was my family, a place where I belonged and I knew I fit right in. It didn't feel like there was a piece missing there. When I met Eric, he quickly became my best friend. He was a part of me, one half of a whole, and ALL my friends felt just the same way I did, and before he knew it, he was in the club!

That is why it was so PERFECT that he took this year's "Friends Thanksgiving" to ask me to marry him. It is really tough to surprise me, so there was no way he could do the birthday, Christmas, or family get together route....that's why this was perfect. He had all my friends in on the surprise, and as we gathered around the table, he was purposefully placed in the spot where he would share what he was thankful for...last. As we went around the table, everyone shared their thankfulness for each other and other things in their lives. I shared that I was thankful for creating "Friends Thanksgiving" and that over the years some faces had changed, and we had some additions and subtractions, but that THIS year, I knew that everyone standing there would be there year after year. We were ALL in the right place.

Then, it was Eric's turn, and I was NOT expecting it! He turned to everyone, thanked them for welcoming him into our "family" and asked me to spend my life with him.

That's why this is the perfect start to engagement season! What a great memory we will always cherish, and I am so grateful that some of the people I am closest to were there to witness it. I am going to marry my best friend, and my family is going to marry him too. That's how I know this is the right one. My Mr. Right, Mr. Wonderful, Mr. Fix it.....and I can't wait to be MRS. SCHNELLER!!!!!!!!

Adding fabulosity to your florals, Tiffany

Friday, November 11, 2011

FABULOUS finds Friday!

It's almost the weekend! I love Friday's because you are looking forward to what is happening NEXT...Today I am going to tell you what I think is happening NEXT in the wedding biz! I spend a lot of time reading blogs, magazines, and watching wedding related television so I am a self appointed EXPERT on what the wedding trends will be for 2012. :)

First, DITCH the word "elegant"....weddings have long since been described this way, and it isn't enough to describe the look and feel of your whole event. Replaced next year with "ROMANTIC!" This still isn't enough to get the whole vibe going...but it's a nice start, and this year is going to be FULL of hearts and rosettes, and soft, sweet, girly things that scream romance. Weddings are going to be more formal, traditional, and sweeter than they ever have before.

Second, I really think the bold, vibrant colors of 2o11 (purples, hot pinks, and oranges) are going by the wayside and letting in the softer, paler counterparts...lavenders and pastels, soft blues and teals, and peaches are going to be the new palette starters.

Next, I think themes are going to become more important than ever. Brides want to make their wedding day tell a story about themselves and their groom. Decor is personal, detail is important, and brides want to literally do the "work" to get the look they are going for. This is why www.etsy.com and Pinterest have become so popular. (In fact all of these pictures on the blog today were taken from my Pinterest account. Girls love to buy custom, hand made things that SAY something about them and help provide a unifying theme to the wedding.

Say goodbye to the candy bar! You can keep your Snickers in your desk drawer, but brides are going to skip doing a display of various candies at the wedding. The "bar" has been raised to creating custom dessert stations. I think this will also dim the lights on the specialty cupcakes we grew to love in 2011....nothing is more romantic than a beautifully designed wedding cake, and

Lastly, photographers are going to be as creative as ever. Staging the cutest, perfect, meaningful shots, brides and grooms are really going to let THEIR personalities out in their wedding, engagement and trash the dress sessions. They are displaying cute messages, using props to capture romantic moments, and bringing their pets in on the game. This will be the best year yet for amazing wedding photographs.
Cant wait to see if I am right! Happy planning, and happy FRIDAY!!!!

Don't forget to call Circle City Designers if you are a bride needing help with her wedding flowers. We are the best in the business! 317-770-4321 ext 2 or email us at tiffany@circlecitydesigners.com

Don't forget to call Circle City Planners if you are a bride looking for extra help for your wedding day! 317-770-4321 ext 1 or email darcie@circlecityplanners.com

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday

Circle City Designers LOVES today because it's the day we get to talk ALL about flowers! As local Indianapolis florists, we are constantly looking for the best and brightest hot flower trends to share with our wedding clients. Thank you for taking part in our Facebook poll letting us know that peaches, oranges, and classic ivories are the perfect fall wedding colors. I agree with you! Since it's fall right now, everyone is probably sick of looking at orange, red and yellow things, so the flower I want to showcase today is Blue Thistle! I LOVE this flower....it works great as a filler, a focal flower, or a fun addition to boutonnieres, corsages, and bouquets. The last few years, the floral industry has been inspired by some western/earthy/organic designs that have helped make thistle more popular here in the midwest. If you love blue, remember this flower because it is one of the very few blue choices you have! In fact, I forget about it! And it's just too darn cute to forget about :)

Traditionally a weed, thistle has become more loved by florists in the last several years as varieties are grown to be richer in color, and softer to the touch. Some varieties have been used to flavor foods and others have been used for medicinal purposes. Some thistles come in oranges, purples, and lavenders, but blue is my favorite. I love that thistle looks nearly the same even after it dries, making it a VERY long lasting cut flower. If you are a creative DIY'er, thistle is perfect for making your fall and winter wreaths.

If you are planning your Indianapolis wedding and are in need of a FABULOUS florist, give Tiffany a call today to set up your complimentary design session in our studio. 317-409-0989 or email us at tiffany@circlecitydesigners.com

Make today FABULOUS!

Friday, November 4, 2011


It's Friday and that means it is time for us to show you the FABULOUS fun things we are in love with this week!

As Indianapolis Area florists, we are always looking for the latest trends, and try to start a few ourselves :) Happy reading!

First thing we are LOVING this week is PINTEREST! It is a great place for brides to organize the images that inspire them for their wedding. I love it when I can follow a bride of mine on Pinterest and see how her vision for her big day sharpens as we make more and more plans. It is great way for your florist or planner to get to know you! Follow Circle City Designers on Pinterest here! Re-pin our favorite pics and get inspiration for your Indianapolis area wedding on line!

Next, I can't stop watching David Tutera's "My Fair Wedding" on We TV. He takes a bride's everyday, sometimes dreadful vision for their wedding and turns it into something AMAZING just three weeks before the big day! The bride gets NO say in what he does for them, but I love how he uses his planner-psychology to find the real heart and soul of his bride and always aims to please their inner bride, even if the outer bride doesn't know how to execute it. It a show that shows you the importance of hiring PROFESSIONALS to help you, and I just love how much heart he puts into his job. We aspire to treat our clients in much the same way around here at Circle City Planners and Designers.

Finally, I love it when I can find a way for a bride to save money. I would always rather you spend the money where you need it, and cut corners where you can. That's why I LOVE this website. Its called Rent the Runway, and you can finally rent designer dresses for your bridal party. They are amazingly affordable, and TOTALLY chic. As a bride you could rent a change out dress for your reception, or something funky and fab for your rehearsal dinner, and spend only a fraction of the cost! LOVE. WEAR. RETURN. SO FAB!

Adding Fabulosity to your Fridays, Tiffany

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday!

Fall is my favorite time of year for Indiana weddings because its time for the rich, deep, bold colors to come out! I love the dark purples, greens, oranges, yellows and reds you just don't see any other time of year. Centerpieces can become so interesting and textured as we incorporate things like kale, wheats, cattails, berries and fruits and vegetables like peppers, pomegranates, and artichokes. No other time of year do you see such diversity in floral centerpieces.

Since most brides tend to plan about a year in an advance, I want all my Indiana brides getting married next fall to consider your fall color scheme. I believe your venue for your reception should be decided upon before you choose your colors. I DO think it has the biggest impact on the style, vibe, and color scheme of the wedding. Considering that most girls want their wedding to feel elegant, classic, romantic, and formal, I wanted you to consider a slight slant on traditional fall colors. Circle City Designers took a poll on Facebook, and we found that peaches, orange with classic ivory are the new wedding fall colors! I love this look and it can be paired with silver accents for a more modern vibe, or golds for a more formal feel. It still feels very BRIDAL, which I love, and has a neutrality to it while honoring the season.

We had the opportunity to pull off this look a few weeks ago at the Eiteljorg Museum downtown and it was FABULOUS! Clean, classic ivory linens, lush, full peaches, oranges, ivories (with a hint of green) in the centerpieces, and loads of modern (silver) accents all throughout the extra touches. LOVE IT!

Happy Planning! Tiffany

Friday, October 28, 2011

FABULOUS finds Friday!

Every so often we focus on things we LOVE in the wedding industry and share them with you on Friday! This week, I thought I would try something a littttttle different....Although, what I am going to share IS fabulous!

It's US! Did you know that Circle City Designers is it's own company? Often times I think people are confused that Circle City Planners (the wedding planning team) and Circle City Designers (the florists) can not only work together, but they can also be separate! Just because you don't need an event planner to help you plan your big day, doesn't mean Circle City Designers can't come and provide you with the city's most FABULOUS floral centerpieces and bouquets.

We need our favorite vendors, venues, and clients to help us spread the word that Circle City Designers is simply THE source for the modern bride. EVERYONE needs flowers for their big day, and we focus SOLELY on wedding day florals.

As Indianapolis area florists, we know what it takes to pull off the perfect day. There IS a difference between a retail florist and a wedding florist handling your big day. YOU are our only focus, we don't have the distractions of daily deliveries, holidays, or walk in customers.
We handle everything from delivery, set up, assistance during your ceremony, to tear down, clean up and return of rentals. Whatever you need!

If you are planning a wedding, come see us NOW to get started designing your FABULOUS FLOWERS! email tiffany@circlecitydesigners.com to schedule and appointment!

Happy Planning, Tiffany

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How do you choose the RIGHT bouquet?

I have been doing weddings here in Indianapolis for nearly 20 years and I have seen lots of trends go in and out of style, only to come back again. So many of our Circle City Designer brides come into my office with pictures of the PERFECT bouquet only to have me tell them that the flowers in it are out of season for their wedding. There are so many things to consider when choosing your personal flowers....What time of year is it? What is the style of your wedding, casual, formal, modern, etc...What color is your dress? What is the length and style of your dress? How tall or short are you? What are the bridesmaids wearing? You are the focal point of the day, and what you carry is just as important as the jewelry you wear, the way you do your hair, and the shoes on your feet! (At least I think so ;) )

First: Season

Unless I can get a bride to wait to choose her date until she chooses her flowers....HA! than you are going to be at the mercy of the season. Fortunately most flowers are available all year round, and most brides are more concerned with color and texture than a specific flower type. As your wedding florist, it is my job to help you choose the flowers that are the best choices for your wedding date. If you are in love with a specific type of flower, or if they carry special meaning, you might considering calling me as you are choosing your dates so I can tell you when they are available. Peonies, anemones, ranunculus, and sweet pea tend to be the most common flowers that brides want when they can't have them. Makes me so sad!!!! Early summer (May and June) tend to be the BEST time to get most everything your heart desires.

Second: Color

I believe that most weddings photograph better under one of two scenarios.....I love lots of color, OR if you do soft colors or all white...do it right. Bright colors photograph best against your white or ivory gown. Color shows less damage, wilting, or flaws on the flowers. If you choose to go all white or very pale in color, you will want to use sturdy, hardy flowers like calla lilies, roses, or orchids. They hold up better if you are going to have a long photography session, take outdoor photographs, or have a gap between ceremony and reception. I think if you use softer colors for your bridal bouquet, monochromatic, but multi-tonal bouquets photograph better than a mixture of pastels. If you are looking for the sentiment of the "bride should have white"...then I recommend doing a colored bouquet rich in color with pops of white and keeping your bridesmaid's bouquets all colored.

Third: Shape

Body type and dress impact your bouquet shape more than anything. if you are a petite girl, a heavy, or long bouquet might overwhelm your look. If you are wearing a very ornate dress, or a long train, you should go ahead and take liberties with your flowers too, like holding a cascade, adding lots of jewels or feathers. If you have a simple, delicate dress, consider carrying a smaller than normal bouquet, possibly all one type of flower. Discuss stem length, and dimension with your florist to make sure they know your preferences. If you want a tightly compacted, round look, make sure you aren't getting a garden style bouquet with lots of height changes!

Fourth: Price

In my experience, a bride is willing to fork out the bucks when it comes to her own bouquet. So choose the things you love the most. You don't have to incorporate your same bridal flowers in your centerpieces or church decor, so if something is expensive and love it: keep in your bouquet and keep it out of everything else. Your bridesmaids should carry bouquets that compliment the bridal, but not mimic it. Here is another place to save, certain flowers are more expensive than others. If you are worried about cost, the ones to avoid for your girl's bouquets are stephanotis, peonies, gardenias, sweet pea, certain orchids, calla lilies, and catteleya and lady slippers. A cost saving tip on using the flowers you love is to create bouquets of all one type of flower. Mono-floral bouquets can have bigger impact when using fewer flowers.

Fifth: Meaning

We are always trying to help our clients make their wedding more personal. Whether the couple enjoys the outdoors, or gambling, or loves the color red, we help them find ways of including these passions into their decor so they can share it with their guests. One way to do that is by including the meanings of the flowers you are using. For instance, white roses indicate purity, love, and youthfulness. Maybe he bouquet you lilies after your first date. You could name different tables at your reception by the meanings of different flowers and use those flowers as the centerpiece. Or maybe your beloved grandmother loved daffodils and you want to include a homage to her by placing them in your bouquet. Whatever the significance, it is fun to add another layer of meaning into your decision making process. Circle City Designers can help you choose the right flowers that say the things you are trying to say!

Happy Planning! Tiffany

Monday, October 24, 2011

Time of our Lives

Lauren and Tom
October 15,2011
St.Elizabeth Seaton and Grand Hall at Historic Union Station

Lauren and Tom are both super cute... and SUPER laid back. Tom was very involved with the all planning and Lauren was the crafty one.
The decor was so "Etsy"!!! Hand-made table numbers, clothes pinned place cards, and tree stumps used in fun and usual ways gave this wedding a very earthy, vintage garden vibe.
The weather was great, Jennifer Driscoll was able to get some AMAZING pictures. The Crowne Plaza looked FABULOUS. I was really excited to hear the reception entertainment, Cool 2 duel. They were a dueling piano band out of Michigan that Lauren and Tom had heard at one of their friends wedding. The band was fun and full of energy. For the first dance, Tom and Lauren reenacted "The time of our lives" from the Dirty Dancing movie. It was so cute!
Their cake added to the decor and tasted great! I'm still dreaming about another chocolate cupcake with peanut butter icing.
Thanks to everyone that helped in making Lauren and Tom's wedding successful.
Crowne Plaza, Circle City Designers, Jennifer Driscoll photography, Jake Stutzman video, True Colors,Yellow Rose Carriage and to Joely for tying 276 chair covers!!!