Monday, November 21, 2011

Do you want a designer Christmas tree?

Everyone loves a great Christmas tree, but few of us know how to make them look sleek, professionally designed, and perfect. The truth is, ANYONE can do this! I have a few tips for you so that this year's tree will be your best yet!!!!

*Go artificial if you can. I know everyone loves the smell of fresh tree, and nothing says Christmas like pine needles all over your floor. BUT, the investment in a good artificial tree will save you money in the end and is the core base of a truly designer tree. If you go natural, your tree will lend toward a more rustic, earthy look.

*Buy a great, WIRED, 3 inch thick ribbon in your favorite color. It doesn't need to be silver, gold or red to feel Christmassy. My tree's base color is rust orange because that is what I have most of in my house. Starting at the top of the tree, slowly twist your branches together around fluffed pieces of ribbon that end at the base of the tree. V-cut the ends of the ribbon. No tree looks great unless you start with a beautiful ribbon base.

*Stick to one, two or three colors when you design your tree. Again, you don't have to take Christmas literally. My tree is rust, gold, and mustard yellow with natural brown, organic elements because that is what style is in my house.

*Hang your big balls first! Seriously, after your ribbon is placed and perfect, hang the largest ornaments you have next. Do all the same type of ornaments at a time. You want to balance them out all across the tree.

*Create depth. Larger, rounder ornaments should be hung towards the trunk of the tree, close to the branch. However, long, narrow ornaments should be hung toward the end of the branch so that nothing obstructs the "hanging".

*You do not have to hang every ornament you own, every year. You really only need about 5-6 different shapes and sizes of ornament to make classic, beautiful tree. The best trees have a fun, whimsical element such as feathers, silk flowers or sprays, lanterns, etc. Don't be afraid to use things that are meaningful to you like handkerchiefs that you collect, or long hanging crystals if you like a lot of bling. The trick is to use something large, and use enough of the same item to make an impact. Don't hodge podge your tree.

*Don't go for a traditional tree skirt. Go to the fabric store and buy a great fabric that matches your home and your decor to adorn the bottom of the tree.

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