Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday

Circle City Designers LOVES today because it's the day we get to talk ALL about flowers! As local Indianapolis florists, we are constantly looking for the best and brightest hot flower trends to share with our wedding clients. Thank you for taking part in our Facebook poll letting us know that peaches, oranges, and classic ivories are the perfect fall wedding colors. I agree with you! Since it's fall right now, everyone is probably sick of looking at orange, red and yellow things, so the flower I want to showcase today is Blue Thistle! I LOVE this works great as a filler, a focal flower, or a fun addition to boutonnieres, corsages, and bouquets. The last few years, the floral industry has been inspired by some western/earthy/organic designs that have helped make thistle more popular here in the midwest. If you love blue, remember this flower because it is one of the very few blue choices you have! In fact, I forget about it! And it's just too darn cute to forget about :)

Traditionally a weed, thistle has become more loved by florists in the last several years as varieties are grown to be richer in color, and softer to the touch. Some varieties have been used to flavor foods and others have been used for medicinal purposes. Some thistles come in oranges, purples, and lavenders, but blue is my favorite. I love that thistle looks nearly the same even after it dries, making it a VERY long lasting cut flower. If you are a creative DIY'er, thistle is perfect for making your fall and winter wreaths.

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