Friday, November 11, 2011

FABULOUS finds Friday!

It's almost the weekend! I love Friday's because you are looking forward to what is happening NEXT...Today I am going to tell you what I think is happening NEXT in the wedding biz! I spend a lot of time reading blogs, magazines, and watching wedding related television so I am a self appointed EXPERT on what the wedding trends will be for 2012. :)

First, DITCH the word "elegant"....weddings have long since been described this way, and it isn't enough to describe the look and feel of your whole event. Replaced next year with "ROMANTIC!" This still isn't enough to get the whole vibe going...but it's a nice start, and this year is going to be FULL of hearts and rosettes, and soft, sweet, girly things that scream romance. Weddings are going to be more formal, traditional, and sweeter than they ever have before.

Second, I really think the bold, vibrant colors of 2o11 (purples, hot pinks, and oranges) are going by the wayside and letting in the softer, paler counterparts...lavenders and pastels, soft blues and teals, and peaches are going to be the new palette starters.

Next, I think themes are going to become more important than ever. Brides want to make their wedding day tell a story about themselves and their groom. Decor is personal, detail is important, and brides want to literally do the "work" to get the look they are going for. This is why and Pinterest have become so popular. (In fact all of these pictures on the blog today were taken from my Pinterest account. Girls love to buy custom, hand made things that SAY something about them and help provide a unifying theme to the wedding.

Say goodbye to the candy bar! You can keep your Snickers in your desk drawer, but brides are going to skip doing a display of various candies at the wedding. The "bar" has been raised to creating custom dessert stations. I think this will also dim the lights on the specialty cupcakes we grew to love in 2011....nothing is more romantic than a beautifully designed wedding cake, and

Lastly, photographers are going to be as creative as ever. Staging the cutest, perfect, meaningful shots, brides and grooms are really going to let THEIR personalities out in their wedding, engagement and trash the dress sessions. They are displaying cute messages, using props to capture romantic moments, and bringing their pets in on the game. This will be the best year yet for amazing wedding photographs.
Cant wait to see if I am right! Happy planning, and happy FRIDAY!!!!

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