Monday, May 28, 2007

10 Year Anniversary

BIG NEWS: May 31st is my 10 year anniversary. How exciting! We are going on a big date tonight at our favorite restaurant Peterson’s in Fishers. Mike and I met when I was only 18 a freshmen in college. My roommate had a crush on him, so we went to a party that night and that’s the end of her story. Needless to say I don’t talk to that roommate any longer, and I fell in love. We dated for 6 years before we decided to get married. Marrying my college sweetheart has been the best thing in my life. I love this man! I love being married! I love LOVE! Marriage is a beautiful thing! This picture was taken in St. Kitts where we celebrated our anniversary.

Elissa & Andy

May 19, 2007

We were so pleased to help Elissa and Andy with their wedding at the Crowne Plaza Union Station on May 19, 2007. It was absolutely breath taking. The wedding was perfect. I was truly impressed with the service and the staff at the Crowne. We were ahead of schedule by 45 minutes and the chef made it happen. This doesn’t happen very often, but needless to say we were excited to have tell the bride and groom we were ready to go! We were able to coordinate everything and get the dancing underway. Dave and Rae were able to start the evening with their duo and later added the full band. The guests never stopped dancing. It was a long night, but very enjoyable. Elissa was so pleased with her perfect day. She even stopped by and dropped off a gift, how sweet. Sorry no pictures this week, my camera still has sand in it from St. Kitts J. I promise to have a new camera by the next wedding.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

ICVA Event

At the beginning of the year Circle City Planners joined the Indianapolis Convention Visitors Association and on May 15th we participated in their annual trade show on Monument Circle. Tonya picked me up and on the way to the event we talked about how we both would like to get a little sun while out on the circle. But when we got there and found Chad all hope was lost. Our booth was in the shade and it was surprisingly very windy. We all helped set up the booth. We did an Indy 500 race themed table with flag colored napkins. Chad and Tonya pinned and tied down our Circle City Planners banner and I placed the custom made water bottles on the table. The original labels were pulled off of the water bottles and put a new ones on with the Circle City Planners logo. Of course, this event was designed to meet new potential clients but we decided to put a twist on things. We sold the custom made bottled water for a dollar and all the proceeds went to breast cancer research. At the end of the day we met many of new vendors, potential clients and wrote a $ 100.00 check to the Susan G. Komen foundation. All in all the day was quite successful just very,very windy.

Monday, May 7, 2007

St. Kitts

The wedding was breath-taking. It was absolutely fabulous. The guests were taken to a remote beach area for the private sunset ceremony by car up through the mountain overlooking the island. Once the sunset, the guests were taken back to the reception at the property where a vervet monkey greeted them. The monkey participated in all the fun and we captured some great photos. One of the most important things for the couple was finding a minister who was personal and made the ceremony special. Our personal driver, whom we hired for the week, connected us to wonderful minister in town, who made the wedding perfect. There was not a dry eye on the beach once the couple stated their personal declaration to one another. It was unbelievable. I’ve done over 100 weddings in my career and this one by far topped them all. It was every girls dream wedding on the beach at sunset.

Obtaining the marriage license was very interesting. We followed the rules directly from the website, but that didn’t seem to apply once we got there. Luckily, our driver was able to guide us to the right people and the right places. The most hilarious thing that probably happened was when we entered the government center. They yelled at us for wearing our flip flops into the building. Later we found out that flip flops are only worn in the home, they call them house slippers. People in town continued to stare at our feet the entire time we were in the city.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Bouquet De Meridian

On Thursday April 24th, Circle City Planners helped J.P. Parker Flowers and Indy Healing Arts throw an open house. We called it Bouquet De Meridian. Attendees strolled through J.P. Parker’s beautiful new flower shop enjoying the gorgeous floral arrangements. In the adjoining building guests admired all the amazing artwork in Indy Healing Arts.
Although it rained, the night was a huge success but we couldn’t have done it alone. Thomas Caterers of Distinction served summer strawberry rolls, chilled cantaloupe and raspberry soup shooters and pear mojitos. Richard’s Kitchen displayed country pate with all the traditional accompaniments on a huge gold-framed mirror and also served shrimp croquets with a sweet Chile tamarina sauce. Downstairs in both buildings Mallow Run had 4 different kinds of red and white wines for guests to taste. Because of the rain, Savannah’s Catering moved inside to J.P. Parker’s downstairs area where they served a New Orleans themed fare, blackened rib eye with a brown butter sauce and shrimp and crawfish ettouffe with corn muffins. And of course we didn’t forget the dessert! Shapiro’s deli from across the street brought over a wonderful array of delicious sweets.
Anthony Wilson from On 3 Photography captured the night with photos and A Classic Party Rental provided all the tables, chairs and linens and even came through with a last minute tent. ELS Audio Visual beautifully lighted the downstairs area of J.P. Parker. Kim King-Smith Events also helped with the planning of the open house.
Guests left party feeling full from on the wonderful food and drinks and most left with their own bouquets in hand. Pam Parker the owner of the floral shop was so happy at the end of the night she couldn’t stop thanking Kim and I for all our hard work and making the party a hit!