Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SEASONS greetings! A four season wedding at the Crowne Plaza!

When Jennifer and Brandon came to us, they had this beautiful idea to incorporate all four seasons into her late summer wedding. The couple just loved that Indiana provided us with all these dynamic times of year, and that is why they call Indiana...HOME. Their love for the changing of seasons seemed like a stretch to "theme" their wedding around, and Jennifer was ready to toss the idea aside...till we got ahold of her! We love nothing more than to find the personal, unique element that a couple share and bring it into their wedding. This was a challenge, but it was worth it!!!! We decided to create four trees that would serve as centerpieces, each changing slightly from winter, to spring, to summer, to fall. Each section of the room was devoted to one of the seasons, and the end result was AMAZING!!!

A BIG thank you to both Jennifer (for supplying the photos) and to Gail Werner Photography for taking such great images. It was a pleasure working with you both!

Monday, September 26, 2011

100 degrees of HOTNESS!!!

We had the pleasure of planning the wedding for this very special couple this summer, in less than a month. AND, it was a secret! It was a mere 104 degrees the week of the wedding, but that didn't stop us from making it magical for Kerri and her groom. The wedding took place on their gorgeous property and the reception was tented in the back yard. We blogged about it earlier this summer, and we are STOKED to finally to be able to show you some amazing photographs from the lovelyKatherine Scheele!!!!

Flowers were created with a Southern Belle flair and not a single detail was overlooked. The chandeliers, walkways, steps, and tables were all adorned with gorgeous yellow garden roses, white hydrangea, feverfew and billy balls.
What really made this wedding special (other than the fact that it was a SURPRISE to all the guests!) was all in the details.....From chandeliers, to lanterns, to custom straws and horse and carriages, this was one wedding I will NEVER forget!

Big thank you to Hoaglin Catering, A Classic Party Rental, and Evans Audio Visual for providing the essentials to making this wedding FABULOUS!!!

Hugs, Tiffany

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

7 years isn't so shabby

A few weeks ago Matt and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary. Before our 1st anniversary, Matt and I came up with a special way to celebrate! We decided that each of us would plan an anniversary. I would plan the odd years and he would plan the even ones. We could do anything but whatever we did had to be on August 28th and the evening must end by us looking at our wedding album. So this year, I had planned for us to go to an early dinner at Cooper Hawk and afterwards we would go up in a hot balloon during sunset. August 28th was beautiful (unlike our wedding day 7 years ago. On our wedding day, it was super hot and an 80% chance of rain. But we still got married outside! I thought everything was going to be fine for our balloon ride but I was was too windy. Matt and I were disappointed but we thought we would make the most of not having our daughter, Isabella, so we went to a movie instead. My best piece of advice that I could give brides and grooms is to make your own traditions and enjoy every minute of your wedding day.

Monday, September 19, 2011

ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! Rain inspired blogging. :)

I have been sitting at my desk for nearly six hours now and I would SWEAR that Noah and his Ark going to swoop right down Main Street to pick me up any minute. I love a rainy day and all, but this weather is FLOODING my mind with all sorts of gloomy thoughts. It has literally prevented me from being able to think today. (Hence, the blog NOT being written and posted first thing this morning!) So I finally said, forget it! I am just going to write about the rain.

As a person in the event industry, EVERY time the weather "affects" us, I immediately worry about my brides for the upcoming weekend. As much as I tell every girl that the day she gets married will be 72 degrees and sunny, it just doesn't always ring true. Here's every bride's RAIN PLAN.

* MAKEUP: be sure to bring small towelettes to dry off, powder and sponges to touch up washed away makeup, and Q-tips to clean up any runny mascara.

*SHOES: If you are getting married in the rainy season, buy yourself a blinged out pair of rubber boots. If you are taking pictures outside, or simply have to travel once you are in your dress, you will want to save your ceremony shoes from getting wet and dirty. Here's a great place to buy em: Hunter (THEY HAVE JIMMY CHOO's!!!)

*HAIR: Consider having a up-do plan with your stylist in the event of rain. Even after it rains, the dampness in the air can give you fly aways and ruin a fantastic blow out.

*BRIDESMAIDS: Buying your girls cute wedding coordinated parasols or umbrellas for the wedding day is a great, albeit practical gift. They also make the cutest pictures! For fun, have them monogrammed with you and your fiance's initials. So cute~ Bella Umbrella, check em out!
*PHOTOGRAPHS: Here's the great news, photographers will tell you that you are BLESSED to have inclement weather! The lighting can be better, and you are bound to get some great, unique shots that won't get on a nice sunny day. Buck up and embrace nature! You and your groom will be singing in the rain, and the photographs will be timeless and amazing!

*LUCK: Some people deem a rainy day a sign of bad luck for the bride and groom, others say it is a sign of a long and blessed marriage. I choose to believe the latter. Rain is a symbol of unity, prosperity, and even fertility. Even though you weren't praying for it, if it rains, remember this Italian saying, "Sposa Bagnata, Sposa Fortunat." What does this mean? A wet bride is a lucky bride.

Happy planning and here's to "wet" feet!!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Video Hightlight from Sara and Luke's wedding

Sara and Luke, Wedding, 5-7-2011 from MVP on Vimeo.

Thanks Troy at Movie Tyme. This was an amazing wedding.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For the GROOM! Education and Etiquette for your groomsmen!

Ninety nine percent of weddings is "all about the girl"....but you have a big responsiblity too, and not many resources to tell you how to manage your "groomhood." We are here to help! From helping in the planning process, managing your best man and groomsmen, to handling the in-laws, we have advice that is a must read for our young grooms.

*What is your role during the planning process? If you are the average guy, you want to have a say in a few things, but mostly, you want your bride to have the wedding of her dreams. It is a great idea to take a few things off her plate. Offer to handle transportation and DJ details so she has a few less things to worry about. You should also handle making the arrangements for the honeymoon (but where you go should be a decision you make together!) The rehearsal dinner is traditionally something your parent(s) handle, so chip in on the planning there, keeping your future wife's preferences in mind. It is important that you give input when it matters to you. Don't be afraid to step in and say how you feel.

*It can be tough to appease everyone on both sides of the family when planning such an important affair. When your parents try to get too involved, or go against what your bride wants, try to stay on her side. It is important to be united even before the "I do's" and you will have a happier, less stressed bride if you always put her needs first. Make sure you handle communication with your family.

*How do I choose my best man and groomsmen? When you have a big family, it can often be expected that you choose family members to stand up for you. Your bride may wish for you to include some of her male friends or family. It is important that whomever you choose, that they are responsible and respectful enough to fulfill their duties for the wedding throughout the process. Being in the party is more than showing up for the ceremony :)

*The groom's party is expected to pay for and be measured for their own attire. Tux rental is relatively inexpensive and most places are nation wide so that you may be fitted wherever you live.

*It is expected that the groomsmen attend all the couple's pre-wedding festivities, including the engagement party, couple's shower, bachelor party and rehearsal dinner.

*The groomsmen should help plan the bachelor party and be respectful of what the groom wants. Make sure your friends and family involved know your expectations. Tip: NEVER have your bachelor party the night before the wedding!!! Give yourself a week to recover :)

*They are expected to be courteous, show up on time, where they are expected to be, ready and able to serve their duties. They may be asked to seat your guests, answer questions or directives from vendors, guests, or family members. They are to be a part of your pictures, toasts, dances and videos of the day, so make sure you have chosen guys who will stay in "good shape" for the entire event.

*You are going to be a much happier groom if you spend time throughout the planning process pampering your bride. Every few weeks or once a month, take her out for a special dinner, get her a massage or spa day, bring home her favorite wine and some takeout and have a romantic her a special present or bring her flowers (REMEMBER what she is using in her bridal bouquet, and send her THOSE to work as a preview!)

*You should get your parents, groomsmen, and future bride a gift for the big day. These serve not only as "thank-you's" for being there for you, and helping pay for and participate in the wedding, but also as a gift from the heart that reflects your gratitude for the role they play in your life. Give this loads of thought, and get your bride's input. The parents should receive their gift at the rehearsal dinner the night before, the groomsmen should get their gifts while getting ready with you, and your bride should have a surprise delivery the morning of the wedding (or while she is getting ready) of your gift with a sweet love note :)

*After all your efforts, you will have a wonderful wedding to remember! If during the process, you find you or your bride seem overwhelmed with the details, consider hiring a planner :)

Happy Planning, Tiffany

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tragedy and Celebration.....Smiling despite the sadness.

I won't ever forget that day 1o years ago when the Twin Towers were hit. Of course, I was affected like the rest of America was affected, but it was also my sister's birthday (the next day). It was so difficult to celebrate and share with her the a day that every person enjoys year after year. It felt disrespectful to our fallen Americans to put up the balloons blow out the candles. Yet, my sister can't simply change the date, or ignore her birthday every year. This weekend marked the ten year anniversary of that fateful day, and it can still feel strange to celebrate in the wake of 911. However, this weekend, brides all across the world said "I DO", and many have in the years before. There are a million reasons to celebrate on September 11th, and only one reason to mourn. Share your love, the day of your birth, or any anniversary you may have, because it is in our living that we honor those who have died......

So, to all of you who had a reason to celebrate this weekend, I hope you did. I hope you toasted to the memories, shared in your love, felt gratitude, danced, laughed, smiled.....and remembered.

xoxoxox, Tiffany

Thursday, September 8, 2011

All good things begin with CHANGE!!!! How to bring the season into your wedding!

No matter what part of the country you live in, there are brides trying to incorporate that outdoor, natural feel to their wedding. It is a timeless, classic take on the casual wedding. There are a million ways to bring the outdoors in, and one of our four wedding last weekend did just the most unlikely place. I wish we had professional photographs, because my cell phone didn’t do it justice!!!

The Crowne Plaza is almost majestic with it’s high ceilings and beautiful windows. The trains and the downtown location make it feel like a busy hub with a beat of it’s own. Usually brides pick this place because they want an over the top, BIG wedding...but Jennifer was a little different! Her and her fiance had a love for this state because of the four seasons. Not too many areas of the country allow you to experience such drastically different weather patterns, and their travels left them loving home. Circle City Designers wanted to bring that feel into their wedding. The father of the bride was a photographer and took the couple many places throughout the year, photographing the couple in each of the seasons. We used those photos for place card holders and cocktail table decor.

The room was divided into four distinct sections, each transforming gradually into the next. Hence, the changing of the seasons. We created trees that would serve as centerpieces that would showcase this change, and honored the space by being REALLY BIG!!! They were fantastic!!!

The bride brought in many other elements, like lemonade stands for summer, pies and warm desserts for fall, hot cocoa station later at night for winter, and gave away seed packets for spring as her favors. The entire wedding was unexpected, unique, and honored the love the couple had for the midwest and its four seasons! It is SO important to find those elements that are really important to the couple, and find a way to share them with your guests.

Congratulations to Jennifer and Brandon! Thanks for being part of the CCD family!

Adding fabulosity to your florals, Tiffany