Wednesday, September 21, 2011

7 years isn't so shabby

A few weeks ago Matt and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary. Before our 1st anniversary, Matt and I came up with a special way to celebrate! We decided that each of us would plan an anniversary. I would plan the odd years and he would plan the even ones. We could do anything but whatever we did had to be on August 28th and the evening must end by us looking at our wedding album. So this year, I had planned for us to go to an early dinner at Cooper Hawk and afterwards we would go up in a hot balloon during sunset. August 28th was beautiful (unlike our wedding day 7 years ago. On our wedding day, it was super hot and an 80% chance of rain. But we still got married outside! I thought everything was going to be fine for our balloon ride but I was was too windy. Matt and I were disappointed but we thought we would make the most of not having our daughter, Isabella, so we went to a movie instead. My best piece of advice that I could give brides and grooms is to make your own traditions and enjoy every minute of your wedding day.

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