Monday, September 19, 2011

ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! Rain inspired blogging. :)

I have been sitting at my desk for nearly six hours now and I would SWEAR that Noah and his Ark going to swoop right down Main Street to pick me up any minute. I love a rainy day and all, but this weather is FLOODING my mind with all sorts of gloomy thoughts. It has literally prevented me from being able to think today. (Hence, the blog NOT being written and posted first thing this morning!) So I finally said, forget it! I am just going to write about the rain.

As a person in the event industry, EVERY time the weather "affects" us, I immediately worry about my brides for the upcoming weekend. As much as I tell every girl that the day she gets married will be 72 degrees and sunny, it just doesn't always ring true. Here's every bride's RAIN PLAN.

* MAKEUP: be sure to bring small towelettes to dry off, powder and sponges to touch up washed away makeup, and Q-tips to clean up any runny mascara.

*SHOES: If you are getting married in the rainy season, buy yourself a blinged out pair of rubber boots. If you are taking pictures outside, or simply have to travel once you are in your dress, you will want to save your ceremony shoes from getting wet and dirty. Here's a great place to buy em: Hunter (THEY HAVE JIMMY CHOO's!!!)

*HAIR: Consider having a up-do plan with your stylist in the event of rain. Even after it rains, the dampness in the air can give you fly aways and ruin a fantastic blow out.

*BRIDESMAIDS: Buying your girls cute wedding coordinated parasols or umbrellas for the wedding day is a great, albeit practical gift. They also make the cutest pictures! For fun, have them monogrammed with you and your fiance's initials. So cute~ Bella Umbrella, check em out!
*PHOTOGRAPHS: Here's the great news, photographers will tell you that you are BLESSED to have inclement weather! The lighting can be better, and you are bound to get some great, unique shots that won't get on a nice sunny day. Buck up and embrace nature! You and your groom will be singing in the rain, and the photographs will be timeless and amazing!

*LUCK: Some people deem a rainy day a sign of bad luck for the bride and groom, others say it is a sign of a long and blessed marriage. I choose to believe the latter. Rain is a symbol of unity, prosperity, and even fertility. Even though you weren't praying for it, if it rains, remember this Italian saying, "Sposa Bagnata, Sposa Fortunat." What does this mean? A wet bride is a lucky bride.

Happy planning and here's to "wet" feet!!


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