Thursday, September 8, 2011

All good things begin with CHANGE!!!! How to bring the season into your wedding!

No matter what part of the country you live in, there are brides trying to incorporate that outdoor, natural feel to their wedding. It is a timeless, classic take on the casual wedding. There are a million ways to bring the outdoors in, and one of our four wedding last weekend did just the most unlikely place. I wish we had professional photographs, because my cell phone didn’t do it justice!!!

The Crowne Plaza is almost majestic with it’s high ceilings and beautiful windows. The trains and the downtown location make it feel like a busy hub with a beat of it’s own. Usually brides pick this place because they want an over the top, BIG wedding...but Jennifer was a little different! Her and her fiance had a love for this state because of the four seasons. Not too many areas of the country allow you to experience such drastically different weather patterns, and their travels left them loving home. Circle City Designers wanted to bring that feel into their wedding. The father of the bride was a photographer and took the couple many places throughout the year, photographing the couple in each of the seasons. We used those photos for place card holders and cocktail table decor.

The room was divided into four distinct sections, each transforming gradually into the next. Hence, the changing of the seasons. We created trees that would serve as centerpieces that would showcase this change, and honored the space by being REALLY BIG!!! They were fantastic!!!

The bride brought in many other elements, like lemonade stands for summer, pies and warm desserts for fall, hot cocoa station later at night for winter, and gave away seed packets for spring as her favors. The entire wedding was unexpected, unique, and honored the love the couple had for the midwest and its four seasons! It is SO important to find those elements that are really important to the couple, and find a way to share them with your guests.

Congratulations to Jennifer and Brandon! Thanks for being part of the CCD family!

Adding fabulosity to your florals, Tiffany

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