Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tiffany & Brian

November 15, 2008

I decided to write this blog from my emotional, personal point of view. I’m sure you find it much more entertaining. If you would like more information about Tiffany and Brian’s vendors/venue please email me directly at tonya@circlecityplanners.com.
This is a hard one to write, I just adore the Cohen family. From the minute they came into my office, I felt a bond between us. When I say us, I mean the mom, dad, and Tiffany. And then came Brian, what a nice young man. He just adores Tiff, comes with a posse, and loves Jamaica patties (have you ever tasted one of these?). The Cohen’s came to me after they had to let their first wedding planner go. This unfortunately happens from time to time when the families and the planner just don’t click. Obviously, we had no trouble in that area. It was funny because every time we had a meeting there were always tears involved. Tiffany is laughing right now as she reads this because they were always happy tears but tears none the less. I love my job as many of you know, but this one was very special. I found myself wanting to make it PERFECT for them and doing whatever it took to make it that way. And yes, I have to admit it was perfect. There are always a few minor glitches, but that’s why we are there. But for the most part, it was an outstanding event. We are off from the wedding season until January, so this was definitely an exclamation point to my 08 season. It’s always bitter sweet when the bride and groom get married, we become so close with our girls that we know once wedding day is here it’s usually the end of our weekly encounters.Now for a few fun details about the Schiffany newlyweds. There were a couple of firsts at this wedding I have to document. The first one that really sticks out was the gigantic statue that was presented to Tiff and Brian at the reception. Brian’s fraternity boys or army (there were so many of them) started a tradition of buying a very large, unusual statue of some sort for their brother. Brian being the 4th fraternity brother to marry, the statues have become larger as time has passed. The statue has absolutely no significance to the brother or reasoning behind the gift. It’s just funny and very bizarre. When I say bizarre, did you see the picture yet? So in the middle of the dancing (which we blew the circuit breaker 2 times) the guys presented Brian with this statue. The point of the gift is to spark conversation, so every time a guest comes into the newlyweds home there will be this large obnoxious statue in the middle of their living room and people ask about it. It’s random, but so fun. Knowing Tiffany she will find the perfect, desolate spot for it in their new home. The other first happened when Laurenne decorated her first honeymoon suite. She went over to the Westin to surprise Tiffany and Brian and set up the romantic room with all the candles and rose petals. It’s just like what you see on TV, this is one of my favorite parts of any wedding. Then Judy wanted Tiffany to have her favorite cupcakes as a little surprise and then Tiffany wanted Brian to have his favorite Jamaica patties in there too. So to say the least even the romantic honeymoon was personalized for our couple. Have you ever heard of a Jamaica patty? When Brian spent some time living in Cabo San Lucas he fell in love with these patties. You can only find them at a little hole in the wall at 56th and Allisonville where else but Patties of Jamaica. So anyway I had to go and discover what all the craze was about. And sure enough the mystery meat isn’t half bad. I’m not sure I’d go back for seconds, but I see why he like the flaky pastry puff! That’s all for now, what a great event. Hats off to my 2 favorite ushers of the year Cameron and Cody and Tiff’s aunt Jen! They made the day so fun. A special thanks to my favorite vendors involved: Scalini, Indy Visual, Mona Breland and David, Ashley Long and Charlie, Dee from Thomas/Nina and Sean from Thomas, Bryan from Endless Summer, David from McNamara Broadripple, Taylor’s Bakery, A Classic (love ya Gary), BBJ linens/Jesse, Yellow Rose Carriage, and Justin from Carey. You guys make me look so good, right Laurenne?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lyndsey and David

Well after 15 months and 3 babies Lyndsey and David are husband and wife. Lyndsey's brother had 2 babies during the planning process and I of course had Isabella.

Lyndsey wanted November 8,2008 to be all about her and David. We put many hours in planning this wedding and reception and to see it all come together was beautiful. LITERALLY. I along with my team setup most of the ballroom and theater on Friday. Lyndsey's linens were stunning. The tables were done in a pink champagne lamour linen with a gold floral lace overlay then espresso brown napkin and pink champagne chair cover with an espresso chair tie. The ballroom looked STUNNING. Julie did all the flowers in shades of pink roses with accents of blush colored feathers.

The day ran smooth. The morning was dedicated to hair and makeup. Then Lyndsey and her maids dressed at the Scottish Rite. David and guys got there just in time for few pre-ceremony pictures. At the start of ceremony, Ken Knowles and Ann Conrad sang "The Prayer" as Lyndsey's aunt and her husband lit a remembrance candle. The ceremony was so personal. There was a reading from the Velvetine Rabbit. Lyndsey is a nurse at a local children's hospital. Lyndsey's Dad, Craig had a hard time giving her away. When the pastor asked "who gives this woman to this man?" There was 20 seconds of silence. Finally, Craig said "her mother and I. " Afterwards, guests went downstairs to the South Lounge where cocktails and hors d'ouvuers awaited them. We had a photo montage running as a trio played. At the reception, the 28 tables were all named after cities in Sicily. This was to pay tribute to David's family. Vince, and the rest of the Thomas Catering staff did an awesome job. Have I mentioned the cake yet? It was like something you see in a magazine. Lyndsey, myself and Paige from Sweet Seductions came up with a design it looked as if silk was draped over cake with pink and gold jewels as accents. Brian Jones kept the dance floor rocking all night. When it was time to toss the bouquet, I took Lyndsey upstairs to the 3rd floor balcony. Once all the single ladies were on the dance floor, Lyndsey hurled the bouquet it almost hit the chandler. My heart skipped a beat. At the end of the evening, the antique limo picked up Lyndsey and David and chauffeured them back you their hotel where we had decorated their suite in rose petals and votive candles. This wedding would of not been possible without my FABULOUS dream team. 19 vendors in all and everyone single one did a great job. So Thank You to everyone. Lyndsey and David are off to California for week of relaxation.