Monday, February 28, 2011

The big Oscar BASH-(ing) All the things you WANT to say but won't hear :)

WOW! This year's Oscar's couldn't possibly have disappointed me more. I was so excited to get home, fix something yummy to eat, plant myself on the couch and watch the pre-game all the way to the finish. This year, I did just that, but with a dirty look on my face. Shame on you Oscars!!!! We deserved better.

First of all, is it just me or did "Inception" just get swept right under the red carpet? No one even showed up from the movie. Guess they are wishing they had released it a little closer to the awards time : ) This by far, was the most creative, visually interesting, well acted movie of the year. Big BOOOO on you, Oscar, for hardly thinking of them. Black Swan was a DEFINITE close second, but the King's Speech was a snore fest. Love you, Colin, but your movie was B O R I N G.

Anne Hathaway and James Franco? Why didn't they just ask me and Darcie to host it? We could have done a much better job, with far fewer outfit changes. Was everyone interesting just super busy this year? OH! And the stats are out! This year had the highest payroll for seat fillers at the show. Guess all the stars decided to stay home. How many times did I have to see the same five dresses on the red carpet? Where WAS everyone?

Next, the Red Carpet entrance is always my favorite part of the show! BIG KUDOS to Mila, Penelope, Jennifer, Natalie and Sandra. But what the heck were some of these gals thinking? Gweneth? Was Mork from Ork your date for the evening? Cate Blanchett? We'll deal with YOU later. See below for our CCPINK feedback on her dress. All in all, the guys had swagger, but how hard is it to put on a tux? I did love Robert Downey Jr.'s white on white though....nice!

All in all, I was left completely underwhelmed. I guessed every single winner for every single category. There was maybe 2 giggles during the opening sequence, but those were for Alec Baldwin.

Red Carpet Critique? Red was the hottest color this year, "sparkliness" being a close second. Everyone seemed to play it safe, very tame. Subtle makeup, perfect hair, great detail in the dress, and minimal jewelry sums up the trends. Where is Gaga when you need her?

CATE BLANCHETT'S DRESS? Here's what CCPINK had to say about THAT!

Darcie: "It looked like a very well decorated cupcake."

Joely: "Cate Blanchett's vintage-inspired Givenchy gown last night really threw everyone for a loop. She's absolutely beautiful and I think the dress is equally as stunning. The silhouette and framed shoulders give it a unique element and the bright yellow beading really make it pop around her face! The detailed gown looks beautiful, all but for the big circle in the front which makes me think of a coin or dollar front. All in all, I think it's a pretty controversial piece, but she pulled it off!

Tiffany: "Her dress reminded me of the famous talking mirror from Snow White. Cate, it's saying 'this is most UN-FAIREST dress in the land!!!!' "

Tonya: Because she is a good person, and doesn't like to say negative things, we let her off the hook and let her NOT comment on Cate's dress :) "So my niece is in town and we spent 6 hours looking for the perfect PROM dress on Sunday. It is her senior year, so the dress has to be JUST RIGHT. After hundreds of dresses (well it felt like 200+) we found the perfect one. The OMG it’s the ONE! I get home to watch the Oscars (after Darcie reminded me) and put myself in the shoes of those actresses. Think how much pressure they have to find the ONE?! Scarlett said it best when she said they hadn’t eaten for days and had to bring snacks in their purse for the low blood sugar. Not eating for days! WOW now that’s pressure! Favorite dress was the one worn by Jennifer Lawrence. Calvin Klein (simple but so stunning)!

THANK GOODNESS for Natalie Portman winning her ever deserving Oscar for Black Swan!!!! Stellar performance, and it makes me even MORE excited for us to unveil our designs for Art of the Table this week!!! Come join us at the Columbia Club, Sunday March 6th, from 12-4 pm!

go to for more information!

(All in all, these are just my OPINIONS, and they don't reflect all the girls' in the office!)

Love and pink hugs! Tiffany

Friday, February 25, 2011

Scratch the dream is coming true!

A little over 9 months ago, my husband called me with some devastating news. He had been laid off from his job. At first, I didn't know what we were going to do, but Matt knew that when one door shuts another one opens. Matt LOVES cooking and he has always talked about opening a his own restaurant. However, he knew a restaurant was just too big of a task. So he jumped on the food truck bandwagon. The idea was that he would cook upscale comfort food on a mobile food truck. Matt spent countless hours researching and writing a business plan. Finally, he was ready to go to the bank and ask for a loan. After meeting with 12 bankers, one said that believed in the business. It took over 2 months for the Small Business Association to review his business plan and last night we got the most exciting news to date- his loan has been APPROVED!
So within the next few months, be on the lookout for the Scratch food truck! Matt will be focusing on the downtown lunch crowd. However, food trucks are the hottest trend in weddings right now. So, you never know, I may be sending my husband a Circle City Planners' time line sometime soon.

Congratulations Matt- I'm so proud of you!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Come join us for Art of the Table!

Art of the Table 2011!

Join the Association of Bridal Consultants, Indiana Chapter for a delightful afternoon at The Columbia Club 121 Monument Circle, Indianapolis 7th Annual Art of the Table Sunday March 6, 2011 from Noon to 4 pm Tablescapes by the city's leading

Designers and Florists

Refreshments will be served!

Enjoy full-menu lunch in the beautiful Crystal Terrace Overlooking Monument Circle (not usually open to the Public)

For more details go to

Admission is $10 in advance, $12 Cash Only at the Door

Tickets by credit card available at until March 1 Cash The Columbia Club, 121 Monument Circle, Indianapolis Or send a self addressed, stamped envelope with check (made to ABC/IN) Before March 1, for number of tickets wanted to: ABC Indiana, c/o Jim Holland, 3144 Sandpiper Drive, South, Indianapolis, IN 46268

Circle City Planners had the honor of having their table scape from last year featured in a distinctive linen publication! We are so excited to show you what amazing ideas we had this year! You are going to be WOWED!

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Wedding in a Week? Yes, It CAN Happen!

For most weddings we have more than a year to plan, while other weddings are on the fast track with only a few months to plan. Recently I was challenged to plan Allison and Jim's wedding in just a week! Allison inquired through our website on Tuesday February 1st, the day of the ice storm. When I first read her inquiry I thought she wanted to get married February 11, 2012, but after speaking with her I quickly realized that I was wrong. February 11, 2011 was the date. Allison had nothing planned- no venue, no cake, no flowers, NOTHING. I loved the thought of this and I was up for the challenge. Tonya and I have always said that we could plan a wedding in a week if we had to and now was the time to prove it. Allison and I decided to meet on Friday. I already had many options for her as far as venues, photographers and officiants. She loved the Conrad Indianapolis! So that's where the ceremony and reception site was set. After a little tweaking of the photographer's package, Openfield Photography was chosen. Allison spoke with her fiance and they decided on Reverend Greg Smith for their officiant. Next up was ordering the cake, the flowers, booking the hair and makeup appointments, deciding on the reception menu, and finally, a special after-the-reception dinner for the couple and their kids. By Wednesday everything was set, and I devised a timeline for the wedding day and sent it out to all the vendors involved.
Thursday was a national holiday- MY BIRTHDAY and I took the day off. However, that evening, Jim had emailed me and he wanted a bouquet of roses delivered to Allison's hotel room. HOW SWEET!! I took care of getting the bouquet delivered on Friday morning and we were all ready to go for the wedding that night.
My assistant and I set up the ceremony and reception site, while Allison and her daughter had their hair and makeup done. After the ladies got back to the hotel suite, Allison told us the story of her wedding dress. Basically, Allison ordered it from J.Crew on Wednesday and had it overnighted to her. Lauren and I had to do a few alterations with safety pins but Allison looked AMAZING!!! Once Jim and the boys arrived at the hotel, we were ready to get the ceremony started. Jim's 7 year old son Drew stood up with him as Best Man, and Allison's daughter Madi and son David escorted her down the candle lit aisle. The ceremony was short and sweet but it still brought a tear to my eye. After the couple said "I Do", they went off for a short photo shoot. This gave me and the Conrad staff time to transform the ceremony space for the reception. The decor was simple but absolutely beautiful. Tiffany at Circle City Designers did a great job on such short notice. After the family sat down for dinner, the photographers and I left them to enjoy their meal. After dinner, the family took a horse and carriage ride around the city. It was a perfect end to a perfect evening.

Friday, February 18, 2011

How do I choose my bridal party?

Now that you are engaged, one of the most important decisions you can make as a bride, is picking the right bridal party. This is your team! Your cheerleaders, your support system for the planning process and your right arm for the wedding day. How many is a good number? Do you have to have the same number of bridesmaids as groomsmen? Do I need to have a flower girl or ring bearer? What ARE the roles of my Maid of Honor, and his Best Man?

Here are some great articles to help you make the tough decision you have ahead of you!

No matter how or who you choose to be a part of your special day, remember to cherish every minute of the planning process, all the way up to the "I do's".

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Did you say YES?

A Valentine's Day you will always remember; him, down on one knee, you, aflutter with excitement and joy! YOU'RE ENGAGED! This is the most thrilling time! You have called all your friends and family, purchased your first stack of bridal magazines, and posted pictures of your left hand on Facebook.

So, here's what happens next. You are about to get inundated with questions, ideas, and advice. Whether you have six months to plan, or 2 years, as soon as you put that ring on your finger, everyone wants to share in the process. And, while those tips and tricks and advice can seem helpful at first, over time, it can begin to impede the planning process. You could start to lose the YOU in your wedding.

Here are Ten Tips to make your wedding AMAZING!!!

Here at Circle City Planners and Designers, we are all about YOU. It is our goal to create once in a lifetime events that help capture the spirit of each one of our clients. We are here to help you tune out the voices around you, and hone in on your own. We are here to guide toward the right vendors to provide you the DREAM TEAM you deserve. We are here to offer our years of expertise and create a perfectly designed event, from the very beginning. We are here to support, inspire, create, guide, and handle all of your concerns.

When you are ready, we are here for you! Visit our website to get INSPIRED today!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

We're in the LOVE business!

Did you know that only 10 % of engagements each year happen on Valentine's Day? Trumped by Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and her birthday, Valentine's get's number five spot for telling that gal, "You're the One". That totally surprised me! I thought nothing said "I WANT TO SPEND MY LIFE WITH YOU" like Valentine's Day!

So the good news is, you've already been proposed to! The bad news is, you probably haven't gotten very far with your wedding plans. Thank goodness that we are in the LOVE business!!! As you sit back at that candlelight dinner with your fiance, sipping champagne, enjoying the flowers he got you, think to yourself, "It's time to start planning!" Here's a quick checklist for what you should have accomplished by now for your 2011 wedding.

*Hired a planner
*Bought your dress
*Bought your bridesmaid's dress
*Booked your venue, photographer, DJ, florist, and transportation
*Selected your wedding cake
*Began working or completed on your "save the dates" and invitation designs

For the 10% of you who aren't engaged, here's some FABULOUS ideas for the perfect proposal!
First, be sure that you have asked her father's permission. Even the most "untraditional" gal will find this gesture romantic, thoughtful, and a very "husbandly" quality. It's a must do. Second, the location of the proposal is just as important as the question. This is a story you will tell your lifetime, to your kids, grandkids, and friends and family. Make it story that is fun to tell, one that no one will ever forget.

Need some help with planning? Try this awesome service: The Heart Bandits ! This paid service helps provide with expertise in planning the PERFECT proposal.

Just want some tips? Try the Art of Manliness for a great article on how to pick the perfect spot.

Maybe you aren't quite ready to ask or say "YES!" and are just looking to have a nice romantic holiday. Use these cool IPhone apps to help you plan the perfect evening. Valentine's App.

Call us today to get help planning the perfect day. Circle City Planners and Designers, nothing short of FABULOUS!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Ok, ladies. For the last few months, I keep hearing about this latest fad....Jeggins. Or Pajama Jeans. I don't know the difference. I don't know if I want to know. But, before I offer my heart up to these leg covering trends, I have to recall my many other rejected relationships with failed fads. All I can think of are past adorations of stirrup pants, the beloved parachute pant, culottes, and cut off jeans. And, WHOA, who can forget when we were told by the fashion police that it was cooler to HEM those cut off jeans? Oh lord. That wasn't pretty. So, what is going to make me jump on THIS bandwagon?

Well, first, we have to know the difference between a "Pajama Pant" and a "Jegging". They are, by definition, very different things. A Jegging is really a legging, made with a denim, cotton blend. You can wear them as jeans, with the comfort of a legging. But, where you need to cover up your "tushy" when wearing leggins, the denim version allows you to bare all :)

The Pajama Jean is really a pair of pants, bootleg cut pants, made out of a more legging type material. So by definition, A Jeggin is the polar OPPOSITE of a Pajama Pant.

One is a pair of jeans disguised as a legging, one is a legging, disguised as a jean. But only one has my blessing. Only one actually serves a practical purpose. Only one shall find themselves on these legs for this years soon to be discarded fashion trend. Only one, shall be declared "suitable" for public viewing. If you own Pajama Jeans, you need to stay home.

Learn more here about Jeggins
Learn more here about Pajama Jeans

Monday, February 7, 2011

Your wedding is YOUR SUPER BOWL!

Most of you probably spent last night with family or friends, either at home, or at a party, cheering on the Packers or the Steelers. While those Steelers' fans may have their heads down today, the rest of us are reliving the funny commercials and reviewing the half time show. Have you ever thought about how your wedding is YOUR Super Bowl? You spend an entire year planning, preparing and envisioning your day in the spotlight. The other "team" could be stressors, parent's or friends that disagree with you, budget concerns, timing or planning issues, or maybe fitting into your dress. Who or what will be standing on the other side of that field, doesn't stand a chance, and you will be marching into the greatest celebration of your life.

Since most couples get engaged over the holidays, you are probably just beginning to prepare for your Super Bowl. Here are some great tips for "training"...Happy reading!

*Hire a planner. Not only do they help you design the wedding, tackle tough decisions, prepare and organize you, and coordinate and orchestrate the entire wedding day, but they typically SAVE you money every step of the way and pay for themselves. Not one thing will put your mind more at ease than having a planner you can trust. Go to Circle City Planner's website for more information.

*Get yourself a great TEAM! Vendor selection is key to a perfectly orchestrated wedding day. Ask each of them for referrals. It lets you know who they like to work with and builds trust between you and the vendor. They depend on each other to do a great job. The florist counts on the photographer to get great shots of centerpieces, the planner counts on the DJ to emcee a great event, the caterer counts on the event planner to make their place look amazing. The vendors really are a team, and its best when they all know each other and work together well.

*Take care of yourself. As you get stressed out during the planning process, its easy to comfort yourself with not so healthy food, or pour an extra glass of wine. Maybe you skip your regular workout routine because you simply "don't feel like it". Your body is your temple and it's even MORE important to treat it well during times of stress. Try getting involved in regular classes with your bridal party or fiance to stay in shape. Indy Bridal Boot Camp is a great resource for bride's specifically looking to drop a few lb's before the big day. They are hosting our March CCPINK event, and that would be a great time to check them out!

You've got to train, plan, and prepare for your Super Bowl and we are here to help. When he puts that "trophy" on your finger, you will know all that hard work and perseverance paid off!

Happy Planning!!! The Circle City Dream Team!
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Friday, February 4, 2011

Meaghan + Andrew=ONE SWEET VIDEO!

Thank you Bob Ridge from Indy Visual for sending us the highlights from one of our FAVORITE couples!!!!

The Crowne Plaza couldn't have offered a more beautiful backdrop for the "I Do's" of this sweet couple. Click here to see the VIDEO!!!!

Just one more reason to always have video at your wedding. I have yet to watch one of Bob's treasures without a tear dropping from my eye!!!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

These are a few of our FAVORITE things.......!

Grace Ormand's FIRST hardcover book, Wedding Style!

Click here to see a preview: Love Never Goes out of Style!

Two of Indy's local photographers (and our personal friends) are in this amazing book! Angela Talley and Nathaniel Edmonds had the honor of being a part of this awesome book!

We have it right here in our studio if you want to stop by, have a cup of coffee, meet with the Divas, and view this MUST SEE book!!!!!

Bridal Registry Woes? Try This!!

Lets face it.. No household needs five blenders, three toasters or six sets of salt and pepper shakers!

Bridal registries sometimes do more evil than good, and choosing not to use a registry can lead to an abundance of housewares and gadgets that no newlywed couple needs to deal with! So why not give your guests the opportunity to ensure that their gifts are used, AND maybe even save your budget at the same time?!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is an AWESOME resource if you are looking for a way to avoid gift chaos! The website ( features some of the most unique luxury boutique hotels from around the world. The best part? You can pick your favorite honeymoon spot (try looking at Greece or Indonesia!) and create a “bridal registry” through the site. Your guests can log on and pay off your dream honeymoon dollar by dollar, as well as buy a bottle of wine or flowers to be placed in your room before you check in!

Happy Honeymooning!

Something borrowed, something blue, something totally NEW! How cool are these napkin rings?

Check out The Cloth Connection to get inspired with fun linens, napkins and rings to create FAB table scapes for your wedding!

Just a few things we love! Come by and chat with us about YOUR wedding!!!