Monday, February 7, 2011

Your wedding is YOUR SUPER BOWL!

Most of you probably spent last night with family or friends, either at home, or at a party, cheering on the Packers or the Steelers. While those Steelers' fans may have their heads down today, the rest of us are reliving the funny commercials and reviewing the half time show. Have you ever thought about how your wedding is YOUR Super Bowl? You spend an entire year planning, preparing and envisioning your day in the spotlight. The other "team" could be stressors, parent's or friends that disagree with you, budget concerns, timing or planning issues, or maybe fitting into your dress. Who or what will be standing on the other side of that field, doesn't stand a chance, and you will be marching into the greatest celebration of your life.

Since most couples get engaged over the holidays, you are probably just beginning to prepare for your Super Bowl. Here are some great tips for "training"...Happy reading!

*Hire a planner. Not only do they help you design the wedding, tackle tough decisions, prepare and organize you, and coordinate and orchestrate the entire wedding day, but they typically SAVE you money every step of the way and pay for themselves. Not one thing will put your mind more at ease than having a planner you can trust. Go to Circle City Planner's website for more information.

*Get yourself a great TEAM! Vendor selection is key to a perfectly orchestrated wedding day. Ask each of them for referrals. It lets you know who they like to work with and builds trust between you and the vendor. They depend on each other to do a great job. The florist counts on the photographer to get great shots of centerpieces, the planner counts on the DJ to emcee a great event, the caterer counts on the event planner to make their place look amazing. The vendors really are a team, and its best when they all know each other and work together well.

*Take care of yourself. As you get stressed out during the planning process, its easy to comfort yourself with not so healthy food, or pour an extra glass of wine. Maybe you skip your regular workout routine because you simply "don't feel like it". Your body is your temple and it's even MORE important to treat it well during times of stress. Try getting involved in regular classes with your bridal party or fiance to stay in shape. Indy Bridal Boot Camp is a great resource for bride's specifically looking to drop a few lb's before the big day. They are hosting our March CCPINK event, and that would be a great time to check them out!

You've got to train, plan, and prepare for your Super Bowl and we are here to help. When he puts that "trophy" on your finger, you will know all that hard work and perseverance paid off!

Happy Planning!!! The Circle City Dream Team!
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