Monday, February 28, 2011

The big Oscar BASH-(ing) All the things you WANT to say but won't hear :)

WOW! This year's Oscar's couldn't possibly have disappointed me more. I was so excited to get home, fix something yummy to eat, plant myself on the couch and watch the pre-game all the way to the finish. This year, I did just that, but with a dirty look on my face. Shame on you Oscars!!!! We deserved better.

First of all, is it just me or did "Inception" just get swept right under the red carpet? No one even showed up from the movie. Guess they are wishing they had released it a little closer to the awards time : ) This by far, was the most creative, visually interesting, well acted movie of the year. Big BOOOO on you, Oscar, for hardly thinking of them. Black Swan was a DEFINITE close second, but the King's Speech was a snore fest. Love you, Colin, but your movie was B O R I N G.

Anne Hathaway and James Franco? Why didn't they just ask me and Darcie to host it? We could have done a much better job, with far fewer outfit changes. Was everyone interesting just super busy this year? OH! And the stats are out! This year had the highest payroll for seat fillers at the show. Guess all the stars decided to stay home. How many times did I have to see the same five dresses on the red carpet? Where WAS everyone?

Next, the Red Carpet entrance is always my favorite part of the show! BIG KUDOS to Mila, Penelope, Jennifer, Natalie and Sandra. But what the heck were some of these gals thinking? Gweneth? Was Mork from Ork your date for the evening? Cate Blanchett? We'll deal with YOU later. See below for our CCPINK feedback on her dress. All in all, the guys had swagger, but how hard is it to put on a tux? I did love Robert Downey Jr.'s white on white though....nice!

All in all, I was left completely underwhelmed. I guessed every single winner for every single category. There was maybe 2 giggles during the opening sequence, but those were for Alec Baldwin.

Red Carpet Critique? Red was the hottest color this year, "sparkliness" being a close second. Everyone seemed to play it safe, very tame. Subtle makeup, perfect hair, great detail in the dress, and minimal jewelry sums up the trends. Where is Gaga when you need her?

CATE BLANCHETT'S DRESS? Here's what CCPINK had to say about THAT!

Darcie: "It looked like a very well decorated cupcake."

Joely: "Cate Blanchett's vintage-inspired Givenchy gown last night really threw everyone for a loop. She's absolutely beautiful and I think the dress is equally as stunning. The silhouette and framed shoulders give it a unique element and the bright yellow beading really make it pop around her face! The detailed gown looks beautiful, all but for the big circle in the front which makes me think of a coin or dollar front. All in all, I think it's a pretty controversial piece, but she pulled it off!

Tiffany: "Her dress reminded me of the famous talking mirror from Snow White. Cate, it's saying 'this is most UN-FAIREST dress in the land!!!!' "

Tonya: Because she is a good person, and doesn't like to say negative things, we let her off the hook and let her NOT comment on Cate's dress :) "So my niece is in town and we spent 6 hours looking for the perfect PROM dress on Sunday. It is her senior year, so the dress has to be JUST RIGHT. After hundreds of dresses (well it felt like 200+) we found the perfect one. The OMG it’s the ONE! I get home to watch the Oscars (after Darcie reminded me) and put myself in the shoes of those actresses. Think how much pressure they have to find the ONE?! Scarlett said it best when she said they hadn’t eaten for days and had to bring snacks in their purse for the low blood sugar. Not eating for days! WOW now that’s pressure! Favorite dress was the one worn by Jennifer Lawrence. Calvin Klein (simple but so stunning)!

THANK GOODNESS for Natalie Portman winning her ever deserving Oscar for Black Swan!!!! Stellar performance, and it makes me even MORE excited for us to unveil our designs for Art of the Table this week!!! Come join us at the Columbia Club, Sunday March 6th, from 12-4 pm!

go to for more information!

(All in all, these are just my OPINIONS, and they don't reflect all the girls' in the office!)

Love and pink hugs! Tiffany

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