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Hello all from CCP minus one Tonya is on vacation this week so I am holding down the Circle City Planners fort! WRTV is having its annual A-List Awards and we have been nominated for Best Wedding Planner in Indianapolis!! In 2007 we won this title and in 2008 we were voted best so we would love to win again in 2009. Rock the Vote!!! Here is the link to vote for us: http://wrtv.cityvoter.com/circle-city-planners/biz/52926

Don't forget to post a comment and tell why you voted for us.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We are on THE KNOT


Oh my oh my check out this link. Kristen and Ryan one of our brides is featured on the knot web site of real weddings. We thought that this was super cool and wanted to share with all you.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mr.and Mrs. Matt & Laurenne Whistler

So finally on June 20, 2009 Matt and Laurenne were married. It was absolutely perfect. After 7 years of many great times and courtship, they are now officially man and wife. Off to New Jersey for a short celebration at her summer home and then off to Florida for the honeymoon. As many of you Laurenne is my personal assistant. She has helped me at the office, on events, and with my kiddos since September. She has been my bride, now my friend for over 18 months. Re-Re (her new nickname) was Kyle's first crush (my 4 year old son). It's going to be weird to have her back at the office as Laurenne Whistler. I told her the other day this was her last check as Laurenne Bishop. She already changed her name on FaceBook, how fun! I miss her already, come back soon.

Darcie and I decided right away that she had to be there at the reception to help celebrate, and she knew I needed help since my family was coming to the wedding (another CCP forever ago moment, we never work the same events). I've never had my entire family come to an event, it was so crazy. People often ask me if kids should attend weddings, I decided after being a wedding planner and a guest at this event the answer is NO! They were perfectly behaved, but ready to go right after they ate their delicious cake. Keep the kids at home.

The wedding took place at St. John's Catholic Church. Father Dan married the two of them and might I add did it 57 minutes with a full Catholic Mass and 310 people (CCP 1st). Record time Father Dan, thanks! We had a trolley come pick up the very large bridal party (20 + ushers) and whisk them away in the heat to the War Memorial for great photos. Andrew Scalini (so great might I add) grabbed some amazing shots of the couple after the wedding. I can't wait to see the shots of Laurenne at the hotel in front of the waterfall (see my facebook mobile pictures) it was right out of some magazine. Stunning.... One of the coolest parts was when 3 of my old brides (Randi, Kristen, and Tiffany) decided to come down and help Darcie with the set up at the ballroom (another CCP 1st). We needed everyone's help to make the room absolutely perfect. It was amazing and they rocked it. They loved being on the other side of fence to see how everything came together. Of course, I come into the room and start barking my orders so I have perfection in my mind. And there were my old brides and Jeff, the head banquet manager at the Roof, so accommodating and patient. He was there every step of the way bending over backwards to help. I had to apologize later (sorry ladies) for my strong persistence for perfection. Julie and her crew really out did themselves this time with the largest peonies I've ever seen in my life. Laurenne loved her bouquet so much she called me looking for it on Sunday (we found it). Helene, Laurenne's mother, was so thrilled with how everything turned out. She sent me a lovely note this morning raving about how thrilled she was about everything. She's off on vacation for the rest of the summer, I think she deserves it.

As the reception began the bridal party was introduced by a spotlight (CCP 1st) for their grand entrance. Being so professional, Brian Whitis not only rocked it all night on the dance floor he even introduced the bridal party's names correctly (that wasn't easy). The food was good and the cake was fabulous (Heavenly Sweets). I told you Laurenne only wanted the best of the best.

The kids and I decorated the honeymoon suite to surprise them at the end of the night. Jeff remembered to pack up a few leftover goodies for them, and I remembered to light the candles before they showed up for their romantic night.

Boy how 18 months can really fly by. Just 18 months ago the Bishops were my clients and now my friends. 18 months ago we had a bridal suite at the house and now we have an office. 18 months ago I wasn't sure about where the company was headed and now we are starting a new division. 18 months ago I met a bride who turned out to be my good friend.

For those just thinking 18 months is so far away it's really not. Just 18 months ago, Laurenne was just recently engaged and now here she is married and off to honeymoon. Enjoy every moment good or bad. Live in the moment today, your wedding will be here tomorrow! I can't wait to see the next 18 months. Here at CCP we are always full of surprises!

Happy Honeymoon Re-Re and Matt! Love ya guys.....

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 2......

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Only 3 days left....

Only 3 days left......getting a little stressed.

Had to up our numbers to 310 today.

Last day at work...starting to feel the STRESS!

I have prided myself on being pretty relaxed and stress-free as far as brides go. Just from working here at CCP I have seen my share of stressed out brides and I never understood how they were getting themselves so worked up...that is until now! With three days to go until the wedding the stress is starting to creep up! There are all these little things that I kept putting off...and now there is no more time to put them off! Now I am kicking myself for not listening to Tonya, and my mom, when they handed me a list and told me to get these things accomplished weeks ago! Luckily for me I have an AMAZING mother who has been running around like a mad woman getting every last minute thing, from votive candles, to garters, to ribbon for the programs.

The other issue that is beginning to wear on me is last minute guests changes. You know brides send out invitations and request that people send them back to them by a certain time for a reason. Seating arrangements don't just create themselves! I spent many hours arranging and rearranging my tables so that they were perfect, and everyeone was seated with friends. It was not easy with over 300 guests! Just this morning my mom called to let me know that someone who had send in their RSVP as "not coming" had changed their vacation around to make it to the wedding. While I appreciate them going to such lengths to come to the reception, and I am glad that they are able to come, I am now stuck with the task of trying to rearrange the tables to fit them in! Not an easy thing to do when you have your seating chart printed and tables at maximum capacity. This is also not the first person to do this either. I have had to change tables around 3 times since I sent my seating chart to the printers!

Haha and to top it all off...the weather forecast call for rain Friday and Saturday!

So to all you stressed out brides out their I apologize. I'm sorry i judged you for being so stressed because I am now beginning to feel you pain. Haha I also apologize for this blog turning into a place for me to vent, but I figured all you brides to be, or former brides would understand.

Oh and feel free to leave comments...and any advice you have, especially you former brides who have gone through this already!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 4 and Counting.......

Is Laurenne crazy? She is just too relaxed, look at her relaxing in the office. 4 days and counting........

Grace and Matt

June 13,2009

Castleton United Methodist Church

Eiteljorg Museum

What a lovely couple!!! Grace and Matt were sooo much fun! We've been planning this day for awhile and now their married. Grace had loved the color scheme of navy,green and white. Every single flower was white but everything else was in color. It was a very cool concept! Grace is such a DIYer its crazy. She made the programs, the round menu cards, the place cards, the favors and the cutest little bird seed packets to toss after the ceremony! The place cards were pretty unique we came up with the idea of using a screen instead of a table. Then we used straight pins to hang the place cards on the screen. And the cake ball favors were soo good and cute! It was a little chocolate ball with chocolaty goodness inside. I must admit I had more than one! Because the Eiteljorg is a museum they have a strict no candle policy and Sue (Grace's mom) didn't want to go without candle so at the church my lovely assistant Angie and I setup and light over 150 votive candles on the back ledge of the alter. It was amazing! The lights in the church we dimmed way down low and there was just a spot light on Grace and Matt and then the flicker of candles. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! The cocktail hour was planned to be outside in the gardens of the museum but the threat of rain brought us inside. Good thing because on our way down to the museum the skies let loose and it poured. Grace, Matt and all their friends and family danced the night way. After the reception the bridal party took a party bus downtown and danced and celebrated more at Ike and Jonesy. A big THANK YOU to my wonderful dream! Lauren, Robbie, Brian, Julie, Jenny, Jen, Angie, and Sarah. I will post pictures soon. I didn't bring my camara but Lauren promised me she would send me some very soon!

5 Days and Counting

Hey Ladies-

OK for those of you who don't know me, I am Circle City Planner's assistant Laurenne. I have been working here at CCP for the last 9 months, and now I am the bride! Pretty crazy. I have been planning my wedding for 18 months so the fact that it is now only 5 days away seems unbelievable. It's funny because people keep asking me how I am doing, and I'm really pretty calm (I think it annoys my mom that I am as calm as I am, because she is stressing!). I am more excited than anything. Almost everything for the wedding is done. We still have to put our programs together and organize the gift bags that we are putting in the hotel rooms, but other than that everything else has been taken care of. I think part of the reason that I am as calm as I am is because we have been planning for so long. I think that if I had tried to plan this wedding in like 6 months I would be panicking right now.

Anyway, last night I put together all the gifts for our bridal party which was a challenge because I have a dog (Bruno) who loves to eat wrapping paper. Today I am meeting with my amazing photographer Andrew Scalini for one last consultation before the big day to go over what types of pictures I want. I have worked with Andrew at several weddings, and I love his style of photography so I am so glad that he will finally be taking my pictures on Saturday!

I will be adding another countdown video today to check that out, and I will continue to update as the wedding countdown contiues!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Laurenne 6 Days and Counting

Laurenne and her mother, Helene came into the office today to go over the last minute details and timeline. They dropped off their personal items. 6 days and counting until the BIG DAY! Everyone seems very calm. Laurenne's phone is blowing up!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Laurenne's Countdown 8 Days Left

8 days left, let's find out what Laurenne is up to this weekend.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Laurenne and Matt's Big Day

So as many of you may know Laurenne, my assistant, is marrying her sweetheart Matt next Saturday the 20th of June. We have been planning her wedding for over 18 months. She is getting married at the Indiana Roof Ballroom, we can't wait. We decided to use our new FLIP camera to document the countdown to her big day.

This is the dress fitting on Day 14 at Saks Fifth Avenue. Notice my children at the fitting (Kyle 4/Kendra 6). We will be updating this continually. Check back often. Let the fun begin!

Wedding Love and Hugs,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flower Girl Dress

Okay I just had to post this cute picture of the flower girl dress from Grace and Matt's wedding this weekend. Grace fell in love with the BBJ's apple green linen so much that she wanted the flower girl to have a dress made out of it! So I called up our wonderful rep. Jesse and he was able to get me a yard of it. Then Susan Reed took over and copied the pattern from the bridesmaid dresses. I'll post more about the wedding on next week. Its going to be great! A traditional ceremony at Castleton United Methodist and reception at one of favorite venues The Eiteljorg Museum!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sally and Bryan

Sally and Bryan
June 6, 2009

As a wedding planner we work a lot of Saturdays, It’s just part of the job. This Saturday, June 6th was not only Sally and Bryan’s wedding day it was also my daughter’s 10th birthday. When the Dahm’s came into my office, I realized their wedding date and had to make a decision as to what to do. Needless to say, I really knew this would be the “wedding of the season” so I had to take this one on. Those decisions in life are NOT easy, but the show must go on and a big bash is planned for this upcoming weekend for Kate.
We had a great team with Julie on the flowers, Hether Miles on photography, Thomas Catering, Scottish Rite Cathedral, Carey for transportation, Evans Audio Video for lighting,Encore Entertainment for the cocktail hour, and the Flying Toasters for the main band. Thank you to all of you who made this event a special one. They loved it.
CATHOLIC 3:30 ceremony time
I couldn’t believe it when Sally told me that St. Mary’s was going to allow her and Bryan to get married at 3:30 with a full mass. Believe it or not, 290 guests made it through communion just in time for the 5:00 mass. WOW, that was a miracle. David Mantell filled the church with his amazing Ava Maria. Check out the video on my facebook. (FACEBOOK Tonya J. Shadoan)
Laurenne and I danced together amongst the guests who couldn’t get enough of the FLYING TOASTERS. They were absolutely amazing, playing every great song. It was one of those nights where you would say, “I love this song”. There seriously was never a moment where there were less than 50 people on the dance floor. In all my years, I’ve never seen a crowd who loved to dance like this crowd. We had to break down 3 guests tables throughout the night, so the guests had a bigger dance floor.
I had to order 290 gold chiavari chairs at the last minute, due to a mixed up linen order. Did I mention A Classic had them there in under 1 hour?
Got home at 2:22 AM to hit the hay after my husband came to help Laurenne and I break down. WINE
Had the best Cabernet (1 glass) in my life, what was the name of that Renee?
Here’s a quote I received today via email:
Ms. Marg Dahm, Mother of the Bride
“What a job you did! You made my life easy and you were a joy to work with. If you ever need a referral, don't hesitate to ask. You're right...that was one partying crowd!”
Wedding Love and Hugs,
PS. Knock ‘em dead this weekend Darcie, your turn………..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

YWD video

We never had a chance to share with you our LA Trip in April. Clip produced and provided courtesy of http://russellfowler.wordpress.com Russell Fowler Studios.

As some of you may know, Darcie and I elected to join a national wedding planners group called ROCKSTAR LEGENDS Group. There are 12 wedding planners across the country that have been selected to be in this program. Can you imagine 12 wedding planners in one room, talk about control issues!!!! It is incredible to sit and brainstorm with other planners across the country. Our mentor, Ciara, is from Canada. In fact in August, we are going to Canada for 4 days to have another conference (what a busy month). During our last trip to LA, we were able to go to a premiere magazine launch party,Your Wedding Day Magazine. They just released this cool video that I had to share with you.

Check back often to hear more about our group.

Wedding Love and Hugs,