Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5 Days and Counting

Hey Ladies-

OK for those of you who don't know me, I am Circle City Planner's assistant Laurenne. I have been working here at CCP for the last 9 months, and now I am the bride! Pretty crazy. I have been planning my wedding for 18 months so the fact that it is now only 5 days away seems unbelievable. It's funny because people keep asking me how I am doing, and I'm really pretty calm (I think it annoys my mom that I am as calm as I am, because she is stressing!). I am more excited than anything. Almost everything for the wedding is done. We still have to put our programs together and organize the gift bags that we are putting in the hotel rooms, but other than that everything else has been taken care of. I think part of the reason that I am as calm as I am is because we have been planning for so long. I think that if I had tried to plan this wedding in like 6 months I would be panicking right now.

Anyway, last night I put together all the gifts for our bridal party which was a challenge because I have a dog (Bruno) who loves to eat wrapping paper. Today I am meeting with my amazing photographer Andrew Scalini for one last consultation before the big day to go over what types of pictures I want. I have worked with Andrew at several weddings, and I love his style of photography so I am so glad that he will finally be taking my pictures on Saturday!

I will be adding another countdown video today to check that out, and I will continue to update as the wedding countdown contiues!

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