Monday, June 22, 2009

Mr.and Mrs. Matt & Laurenne Whistler

So finally on June 20, 2009 Matt and Laurenne were married. It was absolutely perfect. After 7 years of many great times and courtship, they are now officially man and wife. Off to New Jersey for a short celebration at her summer home and then off to Florida for the honeymoon. As many of you Laurenne is my personal assistant. She has helped me at the office, on events, and with my kiddos since September. She has been my bride, now my friend for over 18 months. Re-Re (her new nickname) was Kyle's first crush (my 4 year old son). It's going to be weird to have her back at the office as Laurenne Whistler. I told her the other day this was her last check as Laurenne Bishop. She already changed her name on FaceBook, how fun! I miss her already, come back soon.

Darcie and I decided right away that she had to be there at the reception to help celebrate, and she knew I needed help since my family was coming to the wedding (another CCP forever ago moment, we never work the same events). I've never had my entire family come to an event, it was so crazy. People often ask me if kids should attend weddings, I decided after being a wedding planner and a guest at this event the answer is NO! They were perfectly behaved, but ready to go right after they ate their delicious cake. Keep the kids at home.

The wedding took place at St. John's Catholic Church. Father Dan married the two of them and might I add did it 57 minutes with a full Catholic Mass and 310 people (CCP 1st). Record time Father Dan, thanks! We had a trolley come pick up the very large bridal party (20 + ushers) and whisk them away in the heat to the War Memorial for great photos. Andrew Scalini (so great might I add) grabbed some amazing shots of the couple after the wedding. I can't wait to see the shots of Laurenne at the hotel in front of the waterfall (see my facebook mobile pictures) it was right out of some magazine. Stunning.... One of the coolest parts was when 3 of my old brides (Randi, Kristen, and Tiffany) decided to come down and help Darcie with the set up at the ballroom (another CCP 1st). We needed everyone's help to make the room absolutely perfect. It was amazing and they rocked it. They loved being on the other side of fence to see how everything came together. Of course, I come into the room and start barking my orders so I have perfection in my mind. And there were my old brides and Jeff, the head banquet manager at the Roof, so accommodating and patient. He was there every step of the way bending over backwards to help. I had to apologize later (sorry ladies) for my strong persistence for perfection. Julie and her crew really out did themselves this time with the largest peonies I've ever seen in my life. Laurenne loved her bouquet so much she called me looking for it on Sunday (we found it). Helene, Laurenne's mother, was so thrilled with how everything turned out. She sent me a lovely note this morning raving about how thrilled she was about everything. She's off on vacation for the rest of the summer, I think she deserves it.

As the reception began the bridal party was introduced by a spotlight (CCP 1st) for their grand entrance. Being so professional, Brian Whitis not only rocked it all night on the dance floor he even introduced the bridal party's names correctly (that wasn't easy). The food was good and the cake was fabulous (Heavenly Sweets). I told you Laurenne only wanted the best of the best.

The kids and I decorated the honeymoon suite to surprise them at the end of the night. Jeff remembered to pack up a few leftover goodies for them, and I remembered to light the candles before they showed up for their romantic night.

Boy how 18 months can really fly by. Just 18 months ago the Bishops were my clients and now my friends. 18 months ago we had a bridal suite at the house and now we have an office. 18 months ago I wasn't sure about where the company was headed and now we are starting a new division. 18 months ago I met a bride who turned out to be my good friend.

For those just thinking 18 months is so far away it's really not. Just 18 months ago, Laurenne was just recently engaged and now here she is married and off to honeymoon. Enjoy every moment good or bad. Live in the moment today, your wedding will be here tomorrow! I can't wait to see the next 18 months. Here at CCP we are always full of surprises!

Happy Honeymoon Re-Re and Matt! Love ya guys.....


KCambridge said...

Laurenne planned a beautiful event and kept CCP running smoothly in the meantime. What a bride! The decor was fabulous and I was thrilled to help with the setup! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Whistler!

Darcie said...

It was a absolutley fabulous event. Tonya you put your heart and soul into this wedding and saying GREAT JOB doesn't do it justice. I was sooooo happy I could be apart of it. Congrats
RE-Re and Matt!!!!

Whitney and Randi said...

What an event! It was just gorgeous! Thank you for letting me be a part of an awesome experience...I would do it anytime;) Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Whistler!

Lindsey L said...

I LOVED the pictures...Laurenne u made a beautiful bride! I cannot wait to see more pics!:) have a wonderful honeymoon!