Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Last day at work...starting to feel the STRESS!

I have prided myself on being pretty relaxed and stress-free as far as brides go. Just from working here at CCP I have seen my share of stressed out brides and I never understood how they were getting themselves so worked up...that is until now! With three days to go until the wedding the stress is starting to creep up! There are all these little things that I kept putting off...and now there is no more time to put them off! Now I am kicking myself for not listening to Tonya, and my mom, when they handed me a list and told me to get these things accomplished weeks ago! Luckily for me I have an AMAZING mother who has been running around like a mad woman getting every last minute thing, from votive candles, to garters, to ribbon for the programs.

The other issue that is beginning to wear on me is last minute guests changes. You know brides send out invitations and request that people send them back to them by a certain time for a reason. Seating arrangements don't just create themselves! I spent many hours arranging and rearranging my tables so that they were perfect, and everyeone was seated with friends. It was not easy with over 300 guests! Just this morning my mom called to let me know that someone who had send in their RSVP as "not coming" had changed their vacation around to make it to the wedding. While I appreciate them going to such lengths to come to the reception, and I am glad that they are able to come, I am now stuck with the task of trying to rearrange the tables to fit them in! Not an easy thing to do when you have your seating chart printed and tables at maximum capacity. This is also not the first person to do this either. I have had to change tables around 3 times since I sent my seating chart to the printers!

Haha and to top it all off...the weather forecast call for rain Friday and Saturday!

So to all you stressed out brides out their I apologize. I'm sorry i judged you for being so stressed because I am now beginning to feel you pain. Haha I also apologize for this blog turning into a place for me to vent, but I figured all you brides to be, or former brides would understand.

Oh and feel free to leave comments...and any advice you have, especially you former brides who have gone through this already!


Christy said...

I remember checking the weather forecast like crazy as well! Remember my day last month, it rained all morning and then became sunny just in time for pictures! Everything will be perfect and work out the way it is supposed to =) Hope you have an amazing wedding, you did such a nice job helping out with mine, you deserve it!
~Christy Maxwell

SwampBaby said...

Enjoy your day, it and you will be beautiful and even if the day isn't "perfect," it will still be perfect!

Whitney and Randi said...

The weather, or the guests, or anything else will not possibly ruin YOUR DAY! At the end of the day you will be married to the love of your life after 18 months of is all worth it! I can't wait to help out and see what an amazing event that has been planned! Thanks for allowing me to see the other side:) Randi <3