Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Ok, ladies. For the last few months, I keep hearing about this latest fad....Jeggins. Or Pajama Jeans. I don't know the difference. I don't know if I want to know. But, before I offer my heart up to these leg covering trends, I have to recall my many other rejected relationships with failed fads. All I can think of are past adorations of stirrup pants, the beloved parachute pant, culottes, and cut off jeans. And, WHOA, who can forget when we were told by the fashion police that it was cooler to HEM those cut off jeans? Oh lord. That wasn't pretty. So, what is going to make me jump on THIS bandwagon?

Well, first, we have to know the difference between a "Pajama Pant" and a "Jegging". They are, by definition, very different things. A Jegging is really a legging, made with a denim, cotton blend. You can wear them as jeans, with the comfort of a legging. But, where you need to cover up your "tushy" when wearing leggins, the denim version allows you to bare all :)

The Pajama Jean is really a pair of pants, bootleg cut pants, made out of a more legging type material. So by definition, A Jeggin is the polar OPPOSITE of a Pajama Pant.

One is a pair of jeans disguised as a legging, one is a legging, disguised as a jean. But only one has my blessing. Only one actually serves a practical purpose. Only one shall find themselves on these legs for this years soon to be discarded fashion trend. Only one, shall be declared "suitable" for public viewing. If you own Pajama Jeans, you need to stay home.

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Darcie said...

Tiffany this is sooooo flipping funny!!!!!

bekahbex said...

LOL, Wonderfully put!

Kimberly said...

I'm with Darcie on this one - I can't stop laughing! :)

Pajama Jeans said...

Nice one.. Looking forward for more information.