Monday, September 12, 2011

Tragedy and Celebration.....Smiling despite the sadness.

I won't ever forget that day 1o years ago when the Twin Towers were hit. Of course, I was affected like the rest of America was affected, but it was also my sister's birthday (the next day). It was so difficult to celebrate and share with her the a day that every person enjoys year after year. It felt disrespectful to our fallen Americans to put up the balloons blow out the candles. Yet, my sister can't simply change the date, or ignore her birthday every year. This weekend marked the ten year anniversary of that fateful day, and it can still feel strange to celebrate in the wake of 911. However, this weekend, brides all across the world said "I DO", and many have in the years before. There are a million reasons to celebrate on September 11th, and only one reason to mourn. Share your love, the day of your birth, or any anniversary you may have, because it is in our living that we honor those who have died......

So, to all of you who had a reason to celebrate this weekend, I hope you did. I hope you toasted to the memories, shared in your love, felt gratitude, danced, laughed, smiled.....and remembered.

xoxoxox, Tiffany

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