Thursday, May 17, 2007

ICVA Event

At the beginning of the year Circle City Planners joined the Indianapolis Convention Visitors Association and on May 15th we participated in their annual trade show on Monument Circle. Tonya picked me up and on the way to the event we talked about how we both would like to get a little sun while out on the circle. But when we got there and found Chad all hope was lost. Our booth was in the shade and it was surprisingly very windy. We all helped set up the booth. We did an Indy 500 race themed table with flag colored napkins. Chad and Tonya pinned and tied down our Circle City Planners banner and I placed the custom made water bottles on the table. The original labels were pulled off of the water bottles and put a new ones on with the Circle City Planners logo. Of course, this event was designed to meet new potential clients but we decided to put a twist on things. We sold the custom made bottled water for a dollar and all the proceeds went to breast cancer research. At the end of the day we met many of new vendors, potential clients and wrote a $ 100.00 check to the Susan G. Komen foundation. All in all the day was quite successful just very,very windy.

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