Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My least favorite FOUR LETTER WORD!!!!!

Sometime's the F-bomb can be really offensive to people, so cover your ears if you don't want to hear me say it, but I HAVE to get this out!

My least favorite four letter word when it comes to weddings is
F-A- K-E !!!!!!

I don't care if you have a lower budget wedding, or you want to preserve your bridal bouquet, or Aunt Cecilia wants to sit at home for months before the wedding making your centerpieces, there is NO excuse for using fake, artificial, plastic, silk flowers in your wedding.

In this down economy and the DIY phase of wedding may be tempted. DON'T do it. This is the most important day of your life and you should have fresh, beautifully designed flowers for yourself and your guests. If you can't afford to have a florist create centerpieces for all your tables, have them make your gorgeous bouquets, and use candles and rose petals for the reception, DON'T decide to throw some Hobby Lobby/Michael's rendition of a floral arrangement on your guest tables.

I'm not a fan of DYI'ing your wedding either. This is a day for you to be pampered, spoiled, loved, doted on, and beautified. You don't need to spend it working! The cost differences are not enough for you to have added stress on a day that will last a lifetime. These pictures show you super inexpensive ways to decorate your tables without having F-A-K-E off.

This moment will remain with you forever, and your florist can help you make economical decisions that are right for you. Don't do it yourself. Don't go F-A-K-E yourself either.

Adding fabulosity, not FAKE-ness to your flowers, Tiffany

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