Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fab Finds Friday: A Bride's MUST Have

So the other day, I was helping a bride get married and she pulled out the most amazing, cute little emergency kit. As a planner we are always ready for any emergency! We carry all kinds of stuff in our emergency kits to help you throughout the day. Sometimes we need to help someone sew on a button, get a stain out of a dress, safety pin everything, etc. But when this bride pulled out this cute little kit I had to find out what was inside. To my surprise this little kit had everything from ear ring backs, to a nail file, sewing kit, you name it you’ll find it in this kit. I have to buy one, it’s a must have for any bride and a planner who needs one in her car (for the just in case). Check it out. I found them personalized for brides at Francescas in Castleton Mall.

It’s inexpensive and something you should keep in your car for the just in case moments.


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