Monday, October 24, 2011

Time of our Lives

Lauren and Tom
October 15,2011
St.Elizabeth Seaton and Grand Hall at Historic Union Station

Lauren and Tom are both super cute... and SUPER laid back. Tom was very involved with the all planning and Lauren was the crafty one.
The decor was so "Etsy"!!! Hand-made table numbers, clothes pinned place cards, and tree stumps used in fun and usual ways gave this wedding a very earthy, vintage garden vibe.
The weather was great, Jennifer Driscoll was able to get some AMAZING pictures. The Crowne Plaza looked FABULOUS. I was really excited to hear the reception entertainment, Cool 2 duel. They were a dueling piano band out of Michigan that Lauren and Tom had heard at one of their friends wedding. The band was fun and full of energy. For the first dance, Tom and Lauren reenacted "The time of our lives" from the Dirty Dancing movie. It was so cute!
Their cake added to the decor and tasted great! I'm still dreaming about another chocolate cupcake with peanut butter icing.
Thanks to everyone that helped in making Lauren and Tom's wedding successful.
Crowne Plaza, Circle City Designers, Jennifer Driscoll photography, Jake Stutzman video, True Colors,Yellow Rose Carriage and to Joely for tying 276 chair covers!!!

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