Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Starry Night

Marissa and JW
St. Joan of Arc and IMA
September 17,2011

When I first met with Marissa and JW, I knew that their wedding was going to be special. Marissa told me about a suitcase full of paper stars that her and JW brought back from India. At that moment, I knew that the stars were going to be the focal point of the wedding! We also incorporated some really cool ornaments as favors that were brought back as well.
JW is a total free spirit and enjoys every moment of life. At the church, I went up to check on him and found that he and his groomsmen were playing a friendly game of shoot the groom with Nerf guns. I just had to laugh because that's exactly how JW is. Marissa on the other hand, is calm, quiet and thoughtful. Both are in the medical field, he is a doctor and Marissa a nurse so needless to say they are SUPER busy. September 17th was a beautiful day for a wedding,everything went very smooth. The ceremony was full of love, music and a tear from me as Marissa and her dad walked down the aisle. The IMA looked fantastic. Dinner was amazing. But the 1st dance topped my night. At the very end of the song, I saw JW mouthed "Okay I'm going to lift you" and Marissa mouthed back "NO" but he did anyway and twirled her around and around at least 15 times. By the end of the song, both ended up falling gracefully. I was lucky to work with some great old vendors for this wedding including, Joe from Kahn's catering, Bob with Indy Visual, Jack with Antique Limo, Nicole at the IMA, Karen Hall and Co., Evan's Audio Visual and of course Tiffany of Circle City Designers. And some great new vendors Amanda and Nate with Turtlepond (awesome photos) and the Groove Essential Band.
It was pleasure working with Marissa and JW. The couple is back from their honeymoon and enjoying life as a married couple!

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