Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How do you choose the RIGHT bouquet?

I have been doing weddings here in Indianapolis for nearly 20 years and I have seen lots of trends go in and out of style, only to come back again. So many of our Circle City Designer brides come into my office with pictures of the PERFECT bouquet only to have me tell them that the flowers in it are out of season for their wedding. There are so many things to consider when choosing your personal flowers....What time of year is it? What is the style of your wedding, casual, formal, modern, etc...What color is your dress? What is the length and style of your dress? How tall or short are you? What are the bridesmaids wearing? You are the focal point of the day, and what you carry is just as important as the jewelry you wear, the way you do your hair, and the shoes on your feet! (At least I think so ;) )

First: Season

Unless I can get a bride to wait to choose her date until she chooses her flowers....HA! than you are going to be at the mercy of the season. Fortunately most flowers are available all year round, and most brides are more concerned with color and texture than a specific flower type. As your wedding florist, it is my job to help you choose the flowers that are the best choices for your wedding date. If you are in love with a specific type of flower, or if they carry special meaning, you might considering calling me as you are choosing your dates so I can tell you when they are available. Peonies, anemones, ranunculus, and sweet pea tend to be the most common flowers that brides want when they can't have them. Makes me so sad!!!! Early summer (May and June) tend to be the BEST time to get most everything your heart desires.

Second: Color

I believe that most weddings photograph better under one of two scenarios.....I love lots of color, OR if you do soft colors or all it right. Bright colors photograph best against your white or ivory gown. Color shows less damage, wilting, or flaws on the flowers. If you choose to go all white or very pale in color, you will want to use sturdy, hardy flowers like calla lilies, roses, or orchids. They hold up better if you are going to have a long photography session, take outdoor photographs, or have a gap between ceremony and reception. I think if you use softer colors for your bridal bouquet, monochromatic, but multi-tonal bouquets photograph better than a mixture of pastels. If you are looking for the sentiment of the "bride should have white"...then I recommend doing a colored bouquet rich in color with pops of white and keeping your bridesmaid's bouquets all colored.

Third: Shape

Body type and dress impact your bouquet shape more than anything. if you are a petite girl, a heavy, or long bouquet might overwhelm your look. If you are wearing a very ornate dress, or a long train, you should go ahead and take liberties with your flowers too, like holding a cascade, adding lots of jewels or feathers. If you have a simple, delicate dress, consider carrying a smaller than normal bouquet, possibly all one type of flower. Discuss stem length, and dimension with your florist to make sure they know your preferences. If you want a tightly compacted, round look, make sure you aren't getting a garden style bouquet with lots of height changes!

Fourth: Price

In my experience, a bride is willing to fork out the bucks when it comes to her own bouquet. So choose the things you love the most. You don't have to incorporate your same bridal flowers in your centerpieces or church decor, so if something is expensive and love it: keep in your bouquet and keep it out of everything else. Your bridesmaids should carry bouquets that compliment the bridal, but not mimic it. Here is another place to save, certain flowers are more expensive than others. If you are worried about cost, the ones to avoid for your girl's bouquets are stephanotis, peonies, gardenias, sweet pea, certain orchids, calla lilies, and catteleya and lady slippers. A cost saving tip on using the flowers you love is to create bouquets of all one type of flower. Mono-floral bouquets can have bigger impact when using fewer flowers.

Fifth: Meaning

We are always trying to help our clients make their wedding more personal. Whether the couple enjoys the outdoors, or gambling, or loves the color red, we help them find ways of including these passions into their decor so they can share it with their guests. One way to do that is by including the meanings of the flowers you are using. For instance, white roses indicate purity, love, and youthfulness. Maybe he bouquet you lilies after your first date. You could name different tables at your reception by the meanings of different flowers and use those flowers as the centerpiece. Or maybe your beloved grandmother loved daffodils and you want to include a homage to her by placing them in your bouquet. Whatever the significance, it is fun to add another layer of meaning into your decision making process. Circle City Designers can help you choose the right flowers that say the things you are trying to say!

Happy Planning! Tiffany

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genny verna said...

Such gorgeous photos of Flower Bouquets!! My cousin just tied wedding knot and she had hired florist of our city for arranging her wedding bouquet and decorations. The florist did just wonderful work. The bouquet she arranged was so eye catching.