Saturday, August 15, 2009

AH Moment in Canada!

From Alberta, Canada

Today I was able to see the most beautiful scenery. It was one of the most beautiful moments in my life. As I was running in the gym I realized I needed to take advantage of the outdoors, so I went outside in my shorts and tank top in 45 degree rainy weather and took in the mountain air (forgot to look at the forecast). The lake here at Chateau Lake Louise (Alberta Canada) is like none I've never seen. As I first began my run I began to tighten up a bit. I thought about the unknown territory, I was alone, I didn't know the area, it was early, it was cold, there might be grizzly bears! My mind started to control my emotions. I continued on my unknown path listening to my music to comfort my uncertainties. As I continued down the path a little uneasy, suddenly I STOPPED! I turned off my music and took in a breath of fresh air. The sound of the trickling water and nature was so surreal, absolutely breath-taking. I reflected back at the castle where I was staying and remembered a childhood dream of mine. I always wanted to stay at a place like this, things you only see in the movies. And now here I was in the middle of Canada granting a childhood wish of mine. WOW! It was so powerful to fulfill this wish. This relaxing moment made me stop and smell the roses and appreciate not only the beauty around me but see a dream of mine come to life. Then I realized not only had I fulfilled one dream of mine, but two. As a business owner I often forget how lucky I am that I created something from nothing. That I have something to call my own. I can be the super mom, wife, and business woman that I had always dreamed of. Here was at right in front of me. The unknown path, the happy path, the JOURNEY!

My business path was much like my run that morning. Sometimes we start down a path, scarred unknown, afraid of the outcome, but if we just take a moment take in the beauty around us and reflect our journey, we appreciate the footsteps behind us. Don't deny your wish...reflect the footsteps and keep pounding the path ahead.....sometimes the unbeaten path is the best road of all. Love those Canadian Rockies. The freshest breath of air in the world!

As my new Canadian friends would say "EH!"

Wedding Love and Hugs,


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