Monday, September 27, 2010

"10 Great Going Away Party Ideas"

It’s always difficult to say goodbye to a good friend when for various reasons they have to move far away from you. Even with all the great tools we have available to us today with Skype, Twitter, FaceBook, etc. It’s just not the same as hanging out in person with a good friend. If you need to find the perfect way to say goodbye to a friend or family that is moving here are 10 great going away party ideas to get you started:

  1. The Amazing Race theme. If you are a fan of the TV show you know that the contestants get clues and then race to various destinations (in order to get their next clue). I would recommend using clues that are special to the person or family that is leaving. A possible destination might be the scene of their first kiss, the place where they got married, their favorite restaurant, etc. In order for this to work and not be too chaotic the guest list has to be relatively small and people that will know the answer to the clues.

  2. Picture to Remember. If you want a more subdued party you can simply have a traditional get-together and hire a professional photographer to be there (or the best photographer in your group of friends) and then make sure each visitor gets their picture taken with the guest of honor so a scrapbook can be made of the event (traditional and/or digital).

  3. Hawaiian Party. Aloha is such an amazing word that carries so many meanings. As your friend(s) are leaving it’s a bittersweet time in their lives where they say goodbye to things they love and prepare to say hello to their new home where they hope to also be very happy. So, yes a Hawaiian party delivers this message complete with lays of course.

  4. Cruise Ship/Nautical. As your friend prepares to sail off into the sunset you can send them off nautical style with a cruise ship theme (there really are few places that are more fun and wild than a cruise ship). So this basically means lots of retro furnishings, nautical attire, and some really watered down mixed drinks made of every kind of fruit imaginable. Bon voyage!

  5. Vegas Party. Okay so one place that is full of chance and may actually represent the gamble being taken in real life is to throw a Vegas party with card games, slots, and the works. There are normally several places to rent a Vegas party that will include gaming tables and people to run them for you.

  6. The New State/Region Party. One really popular idea is to theme your party based on the city or State that the person will be moving to. So if your friend is moving to Seattle, WA you should find as many authentic things as possible about Seattle and put up posters, statues, etc. that represent Seattle. This is a great way to combine some of the old with some of the new in a proper send-off.

  7. “This is your life” Party. Have each visitor put together a statement about what they will remember most about their time with the person and then stage a “this is your life” style show at your party where you read them off and the guest has to guess which person wrote each one. It’s usually a lot of fun and a great way to bring back fun memories.

  8. Twilight Party. The Twilight series has rapidly built up a cult following. In this case the theme is appropriate as Bella moved to a new town and found herself almost immediately having amazing experiences. This tends to work best as a party theme for a younger crowd, but given the generations that love the show you may consider for all ages.

  9. Flashback Party. You can have a flashback party where people wear what they used to wear when they first met the guest of honor and then bring tons of photos that reflect their times with them. Ideally this is a second print or digital copy of the pictures that the guest of honor can take with them

  10. Progressive Dinner Party. You can have a progressive dinner party where you go to a person’s home or favorite restaurant for a multi-course meal. You can start off with a drink at one place, get an appetizer at multiple places, multiple main dishes, multiple desserts, and an after-dinner drink. The more stops the better but each should be meaningful to the guest of honor.

Whatever you do for a party theme it’s always important to keep the guest or guests of honor in mind. This is a celebration about and for them and you want them to have an absolutely amazing time. If they love to play games, then play the games they love the most. If they love to watch movies, then incorporate that into the party somehow. Make this a night that they will always cherish!

Sheryl Owen

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