Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Melissa & Steven 9.5.2010

Renaissance Hotel

Melissa and Steve are Mr. & Mrs.!!! Melissa was such a great bride to work with over the past couple months. She is very independent and very organized. From getting all the last details together with her and her mother Irene, I knew her and Steve’s day would be a great success!

Steve is very artistic so everything from the programs, to the ketuba, to the chuppah they stood under during their ceremony were hand-crafted by him. All of the personal touches were present in Melissa and Steve’s day, even the wedding present he gave her. So touching to see all of the thoughtfulness this couple poured in to their day.

Melissa looked ever so stunning in her satin dress and was adorned with such vintage style. Everything from her awesome shoes, to her jewelry, and her floral hair pin just made her look for her wedding day. Melissa and Steve shared a touching moment together then we were in full force for bridal party pictures and family pictures. I thought we would never get them complete but WE DID!! We even got done early so everyone had some time to relax and enjoy before the ceremony.

The ceremony was teary eyed as Melissa and Steve sealed their marriage with a kiss and the breaking of the glass. The party was ready to begin outside the ballroom with cocktail hour as the room was set for the reception. You could see the transformation as the browns and greens in the linens filled the room at the Renaissance. The parents of the bride gave a heartfelt welcome speech and the guests enjoyed dinner. Melissa and Steve decided they were not cake people, so instead they choose to serve mousse and berries. It was delicious!!! After dessert, dancing started with some special dances and speeches and then the party continued to rock through the night. It is a good thing guests had Monday off because this was a partying crowd!!!

Congratulation Mr. & Mrs. Williams!!! Enjoy your honeymoon this winter!!!


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