Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sarah + Dusty = New Friends

Sarah and Dusty

September 17,2010

The Montage at Allison Pointe

So, I know I'm a little behind with blogging weddings but this one has been a little difficult for me. Not because it wasn't a FABULOUS wedding, but because I loved them so much, it was too hard to simply be "all business" with them. The beginning of the planning process was much of the same, but something happened during the last half of planning. I invited them to my house to watch the fireworks (which I've never done with a client before). We all had such a great time that we decided to get together again for wine tasting and dinner. I can't lie, we did bore my husband with wedding details, but the four of us had a blast!! We were becoming friends!!! I usually say my favorite part of a wedding day is when the father and daughter walk down the aisle, but for this wedding, it was different. My favorite part was that my husband and I had a new buddies!

And to top it off, Sarah and Dusty's wedding was simply AMAZING. Everything was inspired by the couple's love for wine. The ceremony setting was perfect. There were genuine wine barrels at the entrance with gorgeous floral designs on top of them. On all the cocktail tables we placed wine bottles with pictures of Sarah and Dusty growing up. The placecard table was super cool. We used more wine barrels and piece of plexiglass for wine cork placecards to sit on top. The ballroom was spectacular!!! It was a mix of low floral centerpieces, all in rich burgundy tones, and lush, tall curly willow branches with votive candles hanging from them to knock out the room. The officiant was inspiring, the dinner was amazing, and the entertainment was rocking. Another great wedding and two new found friends!!!

Thanks to all who made this wedding a success- Freddie from the Montage, Jeremy with DJs Direct, Tiffany of Circle City Designers, Jack and his Antique Limo, Kathy with Faces by KLM, my Circle City Planners team and not to forget my newest photographer friend Studio Rebekah Photography.

CONGRATULATIONS Sarah and Dusty- See you in October at Oceanarie

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