Thursday, September 9, 2010

Love on Labor Day Weekend!

Circle City Designers was honored with four beautiful brides and four fabulous weddings this past Labor Day Weekend!!! Four venues on four corners of town and four distinctly different couples! One thing that I really noticed about each one, was how we were able to truly capture the bride and groom's personality, style and love for one another. I just LOVE THAT!

It's so important that the design elements you incorporate into your wedding reflect who you truly are. One of our couples were planning their second marriage and it was important for them to leave out the pomp and circumstance, and truly embrace their friends and family who had been down a long road with them. They had traveled all over the world, learned to love wine, great food, and live music, and made many friends around the globe. They knew they wanted ALL of them close by to celebrate their great love and wanted to highlight the things that had brought them together! It made perfect sense to forgo the traditional reception hall and minister, and find a place that held intimate surroundings for their VERY important and select guest list. That place had to serve GREAT food and wine that true connoisseurs could appreciate. Simple, but truly emotional and inspiring "I Do's" were spoken in a quaint courtyard outside one of Indy's finest Italian restaurants, Sangiovese. The reception, held at Sangiovese would have given any formal banquet hall a run for its money. Wine inspired decor really knocked out guests. The groom, who is quite the handy man, turned wine bottles (that the bride and groom worked diligently on emptying throughout the year) into fabulous lighting sources for the tables. We created curly willow grapevine centerpieces with fresh grapes and flowers at each table, and the wine served was hand selected by the couple from across the globe. A live band topped off the perfect night to get people up dancing. Each detail was carefully planned, not only because the couple LOVES wine, great food and music, but because their guests do too, and ultimately it was their friendships that were the most important thing to the both of them. And those details were heartfelt by their traveling guests.

When planning YOUR "I Do's," remember first to pick a palette that tells us who you are on the inside. If you are a bit of a tomboy, don't choose pink because you're getting married in spring or because that is what your mom thinks you should choose. Choose the colors that reflect YOU!

Second, choose a venue that represents what you like to do! Don't pick a traditional venue when you want your reception to feel like a "club" for dancing. If you aren't dancers, consider choosing a more modern venue and bringing in a casino company and let your guests gamble the night away!

Finally, let's your guests know YOU. Remember that they typically only know either the bride or the groom. Find ways to show them who you are TOGETHER. Bring in pictures of you two, places you have been, your dogs or cats, or favorite foods and hobbies. We have had brides name their tables after cities they have visited, or by random numbers that reflected meaningful time frames to them (i.e. 317 days we have been together, 24 baseball games we have been to, 36, number of dates we had before he proposed, etc.) It's so great to find a way for your guests to learn something about you!

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Annette Swetnam said...

Fabulous tips. Gorgeous ideas for choosing colors!

AnnetteIndyMakeup said...

Fabulous tips. Gorgeous ideas for choosing colors!