Friday, July 23, 2010

Regal Royal Wedding

Ragan & Gary
July 17,2010
Scottish Rite Cathedral
Gosh, I don't know how even to begin this blog post. I met Gary and Ragan over a year ago when I was planning Ragan's mom’s wedding, Sylvia. Sylvia told me that her daughter would be getting married soon and wanted me to plan that wedding as well. I was psyched to say the least! So a few weeks after her mom's wedding Ragan called me and we started the planning the process! Finding a date was difficult - Ragan is in medical school and with Gary's football schedule, I think we changed the date at least 6 times. Finally July 17th STUCK. So our first hurdle was overcome. After getting to know Ragan and Gary a bit more, I was able to get a sense of how they wanted their wedding. And it was going to be FABULOUS. Because of the couples' busy schedules I relied on Morgan, Ragan's sister a lot. Morgan and I became fast friends. We had numerous phone consultations and countless emails back and forth between us.
Our plan was to totally transform the Scottish Rite Cathedral into something that has never been done before. AND WE DID!!!!
Preparations began for the event on Friday. The setup crew worked around the clock. Since the ceremony and reception were taking place all in the same building Gary and Ragan were able to see the rooms half way setup. They were thrilled at what they saw but I assured them that everything will be far better looking tomorrow!!! I was so glad that their photographer, Andrew Scalini and videographer Bob Ridge were able to come to the rehearsal. Ragan was given her wedding gift and it was captured with photos and film!!! After the rehearsal, the couple and their friends and family enjoyed an evening at the Skyline Club.
On Saturday the ladies started hair, makeup and nails at 5am. Which I thought was crazy but between 12 ladies needing to get ready they needed every minute and even a bit more. Once the ladies arrived I rushed them down to the wardrobe room to get dressed. Ragan’s dress was amazing!!! Once Gary and the groomsmen arrived things were in full swing. He took a quick peek at the ballroom and said "WOW, I can't believe it." Then he was ready to see his bride-to-be. It was great that the couple wanted to see each other before the wedding because it gave us plenty of time to do pictures. When pictures were over everyone had a quick break, and then it was ceremony time!
I was worried that we would run late starting the ceremony and we did, but only by 2 minutes!! When Ragan walked down the aisle with her mother it was magical. I couldn't hold back the tears. The ceremony was meaningful and personal. After the ceremony guests mingled upstairs at the cocktail hour while the bridal party hung out in our "lounge" area. Everyone enjoyed tasty munchies and delicious drinks. Guests then made their way downstairs to the ballroom for dinner. We had them take the back staircase because we wanted the lounge area to be a surprise. When everyone was seated DJ Limelight and his crew announced in the wedding party!! After one of the most delicious wedding meals I've had, we did toasts, cut the AMAZING cake and did the father/daughter dance. Ragan danced with Robert while Gary danced with their daughter Brie. So touching. Then we did a quick wardrobe change with Ragan for the start of the PARTY. Our plan was to start the dancing off with a New Orleans tradition of the Second line. Morgan grabbed the microphone and explained to everyone what was about the happen and to come and join in. It was great! Gary and Ragan lead everyone around the dance floor twirling their umbrellas. Such FUN!!!! Then, it was time to open "the lounge!” It was entirely too cool. White leather lounge furniture, purple carpet and monogrammed white panels and yummy desserts and late night snacks. Guests were loving it along with the FLIP BOOKS! The evening was FABULOUS!!!
I will be honest with everyone.. this was an AMAZING wedding. Tons of hard work went in to pulling it together but it was sooooo worth it. I got a call from Ragan's mom today and she told me that she doesn't know what she is going to do but the next party she has she wants me to be a part of it!!! THE entire family was a joy to work with. Everyone was so very gracious of work that we did for them. Which means so much to me.
I didn't do this wedding alone, I must give a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that played a part in this one. Andrew Scalini, Bob Ridge, Ashley Long, DJ Limelight, Alan Thompson, Renee Miner and the Thomas Catering staff, Brebeuf music department, Underground Groove Band, Karen White, Jennifer Swathwood, Indy Photo Booth, Akua Makeup artist, Evans Audio/Visual and of course my staff - Randi, Carrie, Tonya and Jen. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for an AMAZING, UNFORGETTABLE event!!!!!!
With a wedding like this, I see another Super Bowl win next season!!! Go Colts!!!


Making Your Event Special said...

That is the greatest feeling, to know that you did a wedding fabulously and to actually have the clients tell you!!!

Teresa said...

Darcie, These pictures are beautiful! Your blog is great I felt like I was right there! I am so proud of you and the wonderful work you do! I am so happy you love what you do for a living! This was a special wedding for you and you did an amazing job!