Monday, July 19, 2010

Brittany and Carter: July 10th, 2010

So when Brittany called me she said, “I’m looking to hire a wedding planner that can bring a design element to my wedding. I’ve been to three weddings this summer. One was $100,000, one was $45,000, and the other was $30,000….they were all nice but the $30,000 wedding really stood out to me. The $30,000 bride hired a wedding planner who brought another dimension to the wedding. That’s what I’m looking for, a designer and coordinator that can give me a magical wedding that has class and style.” I assured Brittany I was the planner for her and we soon began the planning process.

Throughout the process, Brittany and Carter knew exactly what they wanted. I love taking a reception site, and turning it into a wedding magazine cover! And that’s exactly what we did at the Skyline Club on the 36th floor in the AUL building downtown. Since Brittany and Carter live in Altanta, we did a lot of the designing through email and pictures. She would send me an inspirational picture, then I would send her something I discovered and the ideas started coming together. Soon the inspirational board was created and the final selections were made. As the design went underway the vendor selection took place. We stayed right on schedule, and booked the DREAM TEAM straight from the start. Traci from the Skyline Club, was on maternity leave so Amy, the intern, was there to assist us on the day of the event. Everything from the crystal chavarie chairs, the eggplant lamour shiny linens, and the crystals hanging over the dance floor brought this room to LIFE!

Guests were coming into the reception site during cocktail hour and grabbing a quick shot of the gorgeous room. The jaw dropping smiles made me realize we had really pulled this event into a DESIGNER masterpiece. I always say the hardest part as a designer is to get inside the head of your brides, but boy when you do MAGIC happens. I knew exactly what Brittany and Carter were looking for and we delivered. “Brittany is my kind of bride,” I told Tiffany from Nathaniel Edmunds Photography. Bob Ridge from Indy Visual was the fly on the wall capturing every romantic moment, Kira Lee from Eye Max completed the bride’s look, Brian Whitis kept the dance floor pumping, and Scott from Evans Audio Visual brought in the draping for the perfect head table. I knew these vendors would all work well together. With many weddings under our belt together, this day was bound to run smoothly. And sure enough, it was a perfect 14 hour day for this girl. I miss you Brittany!

I loved my text message on Sunday morning and that thank you was all I needed from you.

Wedding Love and Hugs,


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