Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Celeste and Kent

Celeste and Kent were married in Hawaii the week of October 4th (more pictures to come). Kent is stationed there in Hawaii. As you can see, the ceremony was very intimate and breath-taking. Celeste wanted simple and romantic; she accomplished without a doubt. When they returned Kent and Celeste invited their friends to join them at a more casual cocktail reception at the new Indianapolis Public Library. This celebration was my first at the new Library with my friend Nora! The pictures don’t even do this venue justice, it was a true, QUICK transformation and beautiful. You would never be able to imagine the quick alteration that FLICK (the exclusive catering company on-site) implemented from 5-7. The tables were rolled out, the information desk was transformed into a bar, and the check out center served as the perfect gift table. As the guests entered they were greeted by our staff directing them into the main lobby and up to the information desk/bar. Cosmos were the drink of the night, and boy did everyone love them. Topaz Entertainment, Vicki Richmond and her band, were outstanding rocking the night with their 70’s and 80’s tunes. The evening was very laid back and informal BUT FUN! David Jaynis captured the best memories from up above (see picture). The food was delicious, Kathleen and Daniel did a great job keeping the food stations going and interactive for all the guests to enjoy. My favorite part of the evening was the dessert station full of different varieties of cupcakes (carrot, red velvet, peanut butter, vanilla, and chocolate) and one HUGE single cupcake for the first cupcake cutting. So cute. PS. I ate two cupcakes they were so good, I think I could have polished off 1 more. All and all the couple had wonderful time and enjoyed being relaxed socializing with their friends and family. Off they went in a horse and carriage at the front steps of the library and then off to Nicky Blaine’s for the after party. Congratulations to my couple!

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Tonya said...

Thanks so much for all your hard work over the last year! You really kept your cool considering the library did not make it easy to work with. I thought the event turned out so well, I just wish it had lasted longer – I think I wanted to be a guest as much as I wanted to be a host. Take care and we would love to recommend you to anyone in the future.