Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Abbie & Chris

WOW what a wedding! This couple was so much fun and so was there wedding. We started planning way back in the beginning of the year and on Saturday October 4th it all came together. I love weddings with color and this one was full of it. Abbie chose the color palette of navy and pink it was so pretty. The ceremony took place at Castleton United Methodist Church and Hiedi the wedding hostess was wonderful to work with. Kiralee Hubbard (makeup artist)did another fabulous job making all the ladies look great. The guys looked great as well. Especially Chris in is dress blues. Jennifer Discroll and her assistant Jordyn captured every moment with her fabulous photos. This was the first time that I was lucky enough to work with Jennifer and it was a blast.
Once Abbie and Chris were pronounced man and wife they did a short receiving line with just the two of them and then Chris arranged with some of his military friends to do a saber arch exit. (How COOL!!) Then they took off in their get-away transportation, a trolley. Chris's mom had Hawaiian leis flown in for her, Abbie's mom, Abbie and Chris. They smelled wonderful. Jim Cerone had the party rocking all night long. There was one minor glitch in the evening. Becky (Abbie's mom) had brought in an ice cream cake for Chris (its his favorite) and it was mistakenly put in the cooler instead of the freezer. It was a hot mess LITERALLY. But Sarah at the Marriott North called another Diary Queen and had one of the bellmen go and pick it another one up. Way to go Sarah! This wedding had it all great food, fun and the signature drink even matched the wedding it was called the Blue Q. During Abbie's and Chris's first dance I was able to take it all in and I said to Jim "The is nothing like a man in uniform and a woman in white dress." And Jim said "That's why we do what we do." And he is right it was a wonderful evening.

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Jennifer said...


It was wonderful working with you. You did a beautiful job and are a joy to spend time with. Very classy event! I had FUN.

Thank you for everything.