Monday, October 13, 2008

Sonia and Chris

Sonia and Chris were married on October 4, 2008 at the Scottish Rite Cathedral and then went up north to the Montage for a great reception (party)! Sonia and Chris came to me less than 2 months ago and needed to take action right away. I knew this wedding was going to be fantastic, so I had to give special attention to my new couple. We found them a photographer, created a d├ęcor plan, met with my magician friend Scott Evans for uplighting and draping, booked my friend the greatest videographer on the planet Bob, got them connected to Jose and Sons for ice, and our favorite designer Julie from Royal Creations to create a miraculous event. WOW, it is rewarding when everything comes together. The couple found pictures and more pictures to give me ideas on their style, we nailed it to a “T”. Everything was so unique, Sonia is from Jordan and Chris is from San Antonio; They come from different backgrounds and different family beliefs. In Jordan, weddings are so glamorous. When I say glamorous, I mean GLAMOROUS. Chris wanted the fairy tale wedding Sonia had always imagined. We called him the “DOUBLE IT MAN” by the end of the planning. When I suggested a bag piper at the exit, he would say “DOUBLE IT” (we ended up with 6 bag pipers and 4 drummers). We suggested a 3 tier cake, he would say “DOUBLE IT”. They were so sweet and really wanted to put on a party. The theatre was amazing as Julie created the perfect canopy tent to frame the stage and couple. Sonia’s uncle married them (We love you Uncle Dick). He told me from all the weddings he has ever performed (over 300) there were only 2 that went off in time and I was one of the 2, YEAH! Crowe’s Eye Photography grabbed beautiful images of my couple as they made their grand exit down the front stairs of the Scottish Rite listening to the grand bag pipers and drummers. 2 limos and 2 town cars lined Meridian Street for a proper send off. As guests arrived at Montage they were directed through a wine pipe and drape tunnel leading straight to the Champagne room. The perfect red color toned uplights transformed the room as the jazz band (a new one for us, thanks to Andy) oozed the guests into the atrium. Once they reached the bar the most amazing bar and ice luge was awaiting the guests with the couple’s name etched into the ice. Scott Evans did a great job capturing Chris’ vision for the bar. The main room awaited the guests as my helpers Angie and Laurenne escorted each guest to their table. Way to go girls! The main dinning room was pin spotted and up lit with white LED lighting, truly an “AWE” moment. The main focal point was the head table as the hedge of roses made a true statement. Each centerpiece had an individual ice sculpture encompassing a rose inside. The guests were talking all night about those sculptures. Of course, the Montage wouldn’t be the Montage without the magical fireworks. Darcie was at the Marriott North with her couple and called me asking if that noise was from my fireworks. Chris, of course, DOUBLED the show to make it truly GLAMOROUS! Everything was smooth and great. I am going to miss this couple. Next time I’m in Vegas I’m going to shout out “DOUBLE IT” and think of my friends Sonia and Chris!

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