Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lizzie and Scott

Lizzie and Scott Alexander were married this past weekend at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. I originally had decided to meet the bridal party at the church, but after speaking to the mother of the bride I realized I needed to go to the house in the morning to see steam dresses, get everyone on schedule, and check out the nerves of bride and family. After arriving I realized we were a tad behind schedule, so I was determined to get the girls to the church in time. Everyone seemed very laid back and ready for the big day, but time for pictures was running out. We quickly went to Plan B taking pictures at the Teter home. Wanda from Glam etc. and Beth from Champagne and Lipstick had everyone looking great. Brandy from Brandy Cunningham Photography captured precious moments at the house. Lizzie was excited to get pictures in her backyard despite the fear of wrinkles in the dress; capturing those memories made her very happy. Happy brides make happy coordinators! Off to the church we went only to postpone the groom and his guys from seeing his bride. Here they were all dressed up and no where to go so what did they do? They went to Wendy’s all dressed in their tuxes (I wish I would have had a picture of that one Brandy?!). With everyone in their place, Laurenne (my new assistant… her) started to greet guests as they started to arrive. With a 3:30 start time, my wedding clock had to adjust from the usual 5:30 ceremony start time. The ceremony was very unique. Lizzie came to me several months ago and told me about this cool idea of having each guest light a candle and place it at the altar. Representing each guest as a part of the ceremony and the importance of each one in Scott and Lizzie’s life was quite the site. All those candles up on the altar were truly a symbolic picture. They were pronounced husband and wife as the storm came rolling in. Antique Limo waited outside as the guests formed an exit tunnel for the couple. Yes, we performed miracles when I asked the church coordinator, Carol, if the driver could pull up on the sidewalk. Here I had over 200 people forming an exit and I couldn’t send my couple out in the rain. So yes, the car pulled right up next to the door (see picture). I got the bride and groom out the door and high fived Mary, the mother of the bride. Wouldn’t you know the minute Jen put tulle on the construction fence outside (it was cute, yes tulle on the construction fence) of the Meridian Hills Country Club the rain clouds started in. In the rain, the guests entered the country club viewing the decorated bride/groom golf cart all decked out in bows and white tulle for the arrival of the couple. The weather final let up and the arrival of the bride and groom made a spectacular site as they captured moments on the golf course. Dinner began and might I say it was the BEST wedding meal I have ever eaten in my career. Thanks to Kevin and Kurt and their fine servers, everyone raved about the cuisine. We had a bit of a scare when an elderly woman passed out. We had to call 911; luckily Dr. Teter and his entourage were able to care for her until the paramedics arrived. Blaring sirens and eight fire fighters came barging in to check on the woman. She was taken to the hospital talking and responding. The night went on to the famous tunes of Endless Summer, Brian was great. The dance floor was packed and everyone had a great time. Right after dinner and things started to settle down I looked around and noticed a mother/father that I recognized. It was Eric and Ashley’s mom/dad, the Inman’s. 2 years ago their son, Eric was married at their home. It was neat to be able to visit and catch up with them and find out about the couple. Small world once again.

Another couple off to Hawaii, I can’t wait to go!

Have fun Lizzie and Scott!

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