Friday, December 11, 2009

How to Avoid Wedding Remorse.....

The B word…..

Yes, Budget is on everyone’s minds especially this time of year. We set a budget, but sticking to it is another topic. After a relaxing time in New York last week, I had an “AH!” moment regarding the B word.

Here I was, in the midst of the holiday shopping extravaganza, thousands of tourists came to NYC for the Christmas cheer and SHOPPING. The long lines gave me time to take in all of the excitement as people were buying, buying, and buying! I got caught up in the moment too! But I stopped and thought to myself, “Will they have buyer’s remorse after the excitement is gone?” I know I did!

So will you have WEDDING REMORSE when your big day has passed? As you are planning your wedding and discussing the B word with your family, I thought this would be an excellent time to give you a few tips on how you can prevent WEDDING REMORSE and stay within your BUDGET (forward this article to your father, he will love it). I don’t want you to regret your past like I did. YIKES the credit card bill is coming soon!


1. Know your limits. Once you and your family agree on the budget, it’s important to respect the bottom line. You think it’s important at the time, but later you will look back on the money spent and realize that you didn’t have to have that custom made ice sculpture. Don’t go into debt to impress!

2. Make a list and check it TWICE! Find out what’s the most important part of the wedding for you and your groom. Is it the food? The photographer? The ceremony or reception site? The planner (YES)?! Spend the majority of your budget on what will enhance your overall vision and what takes top priority. The other details can be minimized without losing the IMPACT. PS. A good wedding planner will actually give you the look for less!

3. Cut the guest list. Yes, I said cut the list. I have found over the last year the most memorable weddings were the smaller intimate ones with less than 200 people. It gives you a chance to really visit with the guests. Not to mention it saves you almost $100 per person when it comes to your catering bill

4. Say NO to impulse purchases. When you are in the moment, we tend to JUST DO IT (as Nike reminds us) only later to regret our impulse purchase. Weddings are based on emotions, as our purchases. If you fall in love with something (like a great linen) think about it for a day or so before you say YES and make sure it fits within the budget.

5. Revisit the budget monthly. It’s important to respect the money that has been allotted for the wedding. Therefore, setting up a separate checking account and having a financial meeting monthly for the wedding is very important. Get everyone involved and discuss the money allotted for each vendor/item.

The most important tip is to say THANK YOU! Your parents have saved for years for this day. Probably the money originally allotted for your wedding, had to change when the market burned BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful event. It’s time to be appreciative for the things you have and the money they can give you. Going into debt for one day, isn’t worth it.

Don’t have WEDDING REMORSE! At the end of the day it’s about the two of you getting married, not what kind of cake you had.

Wedding Love and Hugs,



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