Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Story of CECIL

Matt and I decided that we wanted to adpot so I starting researching and found the cutiest little puppy on petfinder.com We called and setup a time to go and see all the pups. On the way down to see them we decided that we wanted a boy puppy and its name was going to be Cecil. When we got there, I immediatley fell in LOVE! The lady in charge told us that another family called 5 minutes before we did and wanted the same puppy as we did and asked if we had a second choice. I was a little dissappointed but would never want to spoil a little 5 year olds dream of HER puppy so... I looked down and saw another pup that was lying on my feet. It was very calm unlike the one we orginally wanted and so I said "This one was is just as cute, We will take him!" I picked him up and that's when I realized he was a girl! It didn't matter this one was THE ONE! We still named her CECIL and she has turned out to be the best dog we could ever ask for!!!

-Darcie K.

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