Friday, February 19, 2010

Meet Tripp and Billie. My babies.

They are what we call Teddy Bear puppies, A mix of Shi Tzu and Bishon Frise's. For any of you who are Dave Matthew's band fans, you already know why they are named "Tripp n Billie"...its one of their most popular songs, and Eric and I just LOVE Dave Matthews. They came to us kind of by fate, and thank God they did. I've struggled with bouts of depression for years because I am not able to have more children. The desire to have a child even led to my divorce. I had never thought to get pets to replace that ache in my heart, but after a neighbor just happened to put up a sign for these guys as we were driving by, something tugged on me a bit, and we went to see them. There were five puppies in all, but this little boy and girl were special, and they seemed to need us just as much as we needed them. They came home with us that night, and will be in my heart forever! My little "babies" really and truly are my children. I wake up every day excited to run down and get them out of their crate (which is a posh designer play pen :) ) and when its cold outside, I put on their "gear" (which are little designer boy and girl outfits), and I take them everywhere with me, (in their little designer carrying case :) ) They have become the babies in the family and we just couldnt imagine life without them. And I haven't been depressed in months about not being able to have "real" babies!
Tiffany Mullen

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