Friday, January 8, 2010

How to Begin the Wedding Design Process

After you have booked your reception location, it’s time to begin the design process. By personalizing your décor, you are essentially sharing a piece of you as a couple with your guests. This makes your wedding unique and memorable.

But where will you even begin? Your classy and elegant wedding needs to have bits and pieces of YOU. Consider these resources when creating your design!

5 Tips on How to Begin The Design Process…

Design Binder

Before you begin deciding on colors, go out and buy a 3 ring binder just for your ideas. Keep
every inspirational idea in there.
When you sit down with your designer/florist you will be ready to start the design process and give them an insight on your style.

Color Schemes

It’s time to sit down with your groom and discuss colors. You want to make sure to get his input, so he feels comfortable with the overall “feel” of the reception. Pink can scare off the groom (not all but some), so you might want to consider a neutral color that both of you love. Purple, for example, can be a warm, inviting color. Make sure you love all shades of the color. Picking
a very specific color can be difficult to match up when it comes to your stationary, linens, and
flowers. Be flexible and have an open mind.

Bridesmaids Dresses

After you agreed upon a color(s) for your wedding, it’s time to go out and find a bridesmaids dress you love. Be open to colors and styles, you might be surprised on what you discover.
Make sure the color of dress you select is not a hard color to match up with your other décor
items. It is important you are able to get fabric swatches from the designer for future

Paint swatches

Go to your local paint store and find paint swatches that represent your color palatte. Look
for complimentary colors that will be good to use for accents.
Having an accent color can give you a dramatic look and feel. Pick up several swatches and play around with the colors. Have fun and don’t be afraid to be BOLD!


Magazines are a great way to get the creative juices flowing when it comes to design. Just one element in a picture can trigger a great idea. Tear out all of those pages and put them into your designer binder. Bring those with you to the designer meeting. It doesn’t matter if your color scheme is a popular trend right now. What matters is you love it (and so does the groom). Go
onto our website for more inspirational design tips

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Wedding Love and Hugs,
Tonya J. Shadoan

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